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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Release 1.20

yayaaaayy... *rolleyes*

another Update, im somehow a bit lazy to write but i will try...

Direct Delivery:
I´ve merged the complete Direct Delivery Beta system , so from now on you can use it on Aditi as far as i´ve heard of the Open Beta... its totally up to date =D

with Direct Delivery a lot of ui has been affected , especially layout panels have been revamped nearly completly , this forced me to fix a lot of floaters , one of those fixed floaters is the Inventory , you will notice that i wont have bottom buttons anymore , and because i were editing some XMLs i though , well lets tweaks some other floaters i just randomly opened and so i made the Toybox floater with its buttons even smaller , i mean isnt it cute now?
you can also see the Outbox floater which is new and the Inbox Button in my main Inventory Panel which is pretty old... the topbar has had some tweaking aswell , please tell me if theres something wrong with hiding the favbar , also preferences had some tweakage because of the layout panel changes which fucked up Sound , Viewer , Chat and Setup panels...again please tell me if you still find something that looks broken!

this Build features all recent Shinings again , crash fixes , lighting updates etc etc

NOTE: im aware of the bug that lights (no matter if they are projected or not) act totally screwed up on alpha surfaces , will sort that out later, i already promised that there will be a 1.21 pretty quickly... cuz i fucked up something every big release

should/could be a little bit faster due to some little tweaks and optimisations coming from Shining

Memory caching behavior:
seems to be less aggressive now , it also looks like my Viewer finally learned to clean up some shit , i´ve started at 0.8 GB usage , jumped to Help Island Public with about 20 AVs , got 1.2 GB , jumped to Ahern with again around 20 AVs , got 1.3 GB and then jumped back to the Sandbox and dropped to 1.1 GB and with every sculpt/object that has been sucessfully loaded it dropped even more , ending up on 1.0 GB again , seems fine to me as i started on a empty space and ended up in the starting area which has a bunch of sculpts n textures

Tests have proven that SLKinect2 works , its buggy , but hell yea its alpha/beta software and might be a cool feature in future!

due to more and more people reporting Profile probs i´ve gone back to an old webkit version which didnt feature zooming which also fucked up my profiles with 1.2 UI size.... yea zooming was depending on UI size....what a crap feature...please report me if your Profiles do work now!

No more Linux Releases anymore , im sorry ... Miguael Liamano not just only gave up because my commits fucked up his releases (also his commits fucked up mine...) he also seems to have blocked me as i made a joke about slavery in my Group Chat today , he probably thought it was meant serious , now he left my Group , kicked me off his FL and yea seems to ignore me...sad that it has to end in "Kirsten"-style ... anyway i wish him good luck in whatever he does now , im sorry about the joke and i can just thank him for his Linux Releases which were reported to be fast...

Group Chat Log:

[2012/01/30 13:43]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): I tried to compile for linux.. Still broke.
[2012/01/30 13:43]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): instead of saying its broken , you could tell me WHAT is broken
[2012/01/30 13:44]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): I did.
[2012/01/30 13:44]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): u know i cannot even remember shit 5 minutes ago
[2012/01/30 13:44]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): I left a comment on bitbucket..
[2012/01/30 13:45]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): http://pastebin.com/ses3WqUk
[2012/01/30 13:46]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): looks like the nsl cpp is missing
[2012/01/30 13:46]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): will check that
[2012/01/30 13:46]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): ok ^^
[2012/01/30 13:47]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): no one said you can be happy again!
[2012/01/30 13:47]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): down with u
[2012/01/30 13:47]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): wth
[2012/01/30 13:47]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): lick my backpaws slave!
[2012/01/30 13:47]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): shush
[2012/01/30 13:47]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): down!
[2012/01/30 13:48]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): i said get the fuck down!
[2012/01/30 13:48]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): *grabs a whip*
------------------------------------------------------------<< about here he left the Group
[2012/01/30 13:49]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): nope
[2012/01/30 13:49]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): its there
[2012/01/30 13:53]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): lol



SH-2889 Add visual auto-muting controls
SH-2791 Use request class constructor/destructor for keeping track of concurrent requests
SH-2768 Put transparency checkerboard back in texture preview
SH-2684 FIX, SH-2716 FIX - bug was specific to running in non-english language
SH-2565 Move resetVertexBuffer operation to a consistent location
SH-1427 Fix for spot lights not working properly on alpha objects, and fix for alpha lighting of point lights not matching deferred lights.
STORM-1799 Object doesn't appear in Block list if trying to block from Remote object inspector
STORM-1798 'Block' menuitem title isn't changed after blocking item in object inspector
STORM-1796 Preferences->Privacy->Only friends and groups can call or IM me cannot be changed unless Voice Chat is enabled
STORM-1788 Clarify wording in About Land->Access and tooltips (and similar Estate panel)
VMRG-217 Direct Delivery Beta and all its 5 sites of commits
MISC-3 Use old Webkit
MISC-2 Gesture Panel tweaks
MISC-1 Inventory Panel tweaks

cuz i can! =D be envious of my graphics!

haha! i´ve hidden the download here cuz i wanna "force" you to read the whole blog! whuahahaha11!!1!
no seriously i will continue to do that in future to hopefully prevent reports and questions that have been answered in my blog already...

NiranV Dean (Amethyst)


  1. /me sighs

    As a Linux user I started to like Nirans, because of it was high-performance and good photography features. Well, now it seems it's time to move on... Thank you.

  2. Running great, just updated from 1.10. Having trouble uploading meshes, as it seems to crash. I even tried dae files that I uploaded fine today on 1.1 as a test. Have deleted all settings files, cache, and so on as I do each time I update a version. Gonna keep trying but thought I might give you the log, settings, dump and debug info. I hope it can help you with a bug fix that other people might need help with as well.


    -shadowfamicom Watanabe

  3. One dev cannot maintain endless versions of a viewer and I firmly believe each dev should work on a viewer that they enjoy working on and use when they go into SL. Thank you for the update, Niran.

  4. i will investigate Mesh uploading soon , since i merged functioning mesh uploads there were several updates which most likely fucked up functioning mesh upload