Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


NOTE: Enjoy with care! dont forget that!

wow shit , it did take 5 days...i was like omg you didnt do something since ages ...need....to....release... and i took a look at my blog and was like wtf 5 days.... only... anyway

this time i had to fight off a lot of shit again... >.< whyyyyy me....but i think i got things sorted again so lets start

In case of Interface i´ve worked more on the Tools floater based on user opinions and ideas , mostly just tiny things but hey its coming together nicely!...

so....there was also something about the Sidebar which i wanted to bring back , but again i failed , it was "working"....but somehow it didnt... it was on screen but not correctly aligned and shit still opened in floaters , so i had to give it up for the moment.... but i will re-try later on (Niran doesnt give up that fast) , i also wanted to bring you a hopefully working build again as 1.12 didnt work for a lot of people ....instant crash on login and i had no idea why...but i will go later on that

then... i´ve done....some experiments .... you know i like experimenting , thats why the Tools floater has been redesigned , just to find out how people like it , and so far people actually like it which i wouldnt have thought of , but this time i´ve done something you´ve seen in probably every game you´ve played... so i asked ...why doesnt SL have it? im talking about a Main Menu like it is in every game , you press ESC and viola it pops up and gives you some "button" to quickly go into preferences as example , i came to that idea when i was experimenting with a new fullscreen graphics panel which turned out to be ....cool....but it wouldnt look good on high resolutions ...sadly... so i´ve reworked it to a main menu which can be accessed by simply pressing ESC , the previous Shortcut "reset camera" has been moved to Shift + ESC because i want to make this game menu feel like a game menu and for that it must also use the same default key , i think you can understand me , just try it out , not everything works yet but its a good way to show you what can be done in SL!

cool eh? we will see....lemme know what could be done in there , the menu itself is also about to change , the "graphics" are just for testing purposes , later i want to add nice fading textures and a better background

another cool change i´ve done is that you can now use additional trigger keys for gestures , which are E Q R F I T Y Z G C V M O P and Space , you can set them in the Shortcut key combo NOT MODIFIER!

the snapshot floater has been completly re-aligned making it tiny and totally cute =3 , when Firestorm didnt want to merge it because of "Space" issues i could just smile and did my magic in there :) probably they will change their mind if they see my version which is smaller and has more features than the original one :P

for those that also havnt noticed (yea im talking about you Jay...as you were telling that Firestorms Vintage skin wants to come up with it too), i´ve Inventory Menus as DEFAULT since uhm... 1.00 or sooner i think.... maybe it was Beta already... anyway...take a look and you will see what i mean

my viewer also supports uploading .anim Animation files via Bulk Upload -> All Files* now, for testing purposes

yea...and the rest of what i´ve done in Interface were mostly translations for german in Inventory , Tools and Graphics floater

Well with 1.12 i´ve added some Shining fixes that seemed to cause initial freezes on login , but no ....its your Inventory! IF you freeze several times on login before World turns smooth , then your Inventory has been fetched , dont ask me why Inventory does auto fetching out of the sudden but , well it just does it , IF you want i can do an option to disable initial fetching , apart from that i´ve added a few other Shining fixes which fixed the Underwater Crash i´ve noticed when you look into the "void" (the blue water fog at the end of a SIM) and transparent meshes -> meshes should now render correctly when setting them to 1% transparence or having a transparent texture on them ...instead of vanishing completly. Beware , the bumpmap on mesh crash is still present , dont set bumpmaps on meshes except you want to crash , the bumpmap will be set after your relog

please do not ask me how im feeling , im feeling like crap , for everything , imagine you know a person and you are interessted in him/her but you have a fun partnershit atm like him/her , later you find out he/she was also interessted in you but thought you were unreachable for him/her like you thought he/she is unreachable for you and you begin to think that you still might have a chance , so you try getting closer to her , showing her how much you like/love him/her and suddenly you find out he/she already has someone since a few weeks...and you are all like NOOOOO WTF! , then they seperate again because of some rumors...and you think OMG this is my chance ...so you try even more to get him/her and this continues some months until they come together again.... and a few hours before new year you get told by someone else that they are together again since months and everyone thought you know that but you didnt so you tried to come together with him/her the whole time...you could cry...all the time...and to top that even more he/she likes you very much but loves the other person and wants to give her a second chance after this person betrayed him/her , so you are even more like WTF I AM THE RIGHT PERSON , but you have to kneel before someone that betrayed him/her and cried so much for a second chance that he/she gave it to this person ...so you start asking why and you tell him/her that you were interessted in her all the time.... but he/she thought it was more like a friendshit...so again a random crap that happened which prevented you from getting together with him/her , and now you are trying to show him/her that you still love him/her after a whole year that you find out it was ...pointless.... and he/she can just answer that he/she cannot just tell his/her partner to fuck off because of you , so you are trying and trying ...and getting a "slap" every day until day X in which both come together forever ....marry....n shit....and omgaw....these thoughts what this person will do with him/her....gruesome...im sick...really....sick...it makes me go BOOM especially when you were happy the whole year just because you had a hope to come together with him/her ...you continued...in the hope everything will go better...but in reality everything just went even more CRAP ....seriously ... and im not that kind of person that keeps saying or listening to those fucking stupid "everything will get better" sentences cuz they are fucking wrong , i tell ya ...WRONG...stop fucking telling people that shit , you make people HOPES they will probably never have , at the end they will fall even deeper into a hole of depression...sadness...and might loose trust in everyone like i did long ago...im also not that kind of person who just takes the next one or waits for him/her ...no! i´ve decided i want him/her , JUST HIM/HER no one else , end of story , and thats where the real fuck up begins....when you know you cant have him/her...
just a short write up about i felt in the past 20 days.... anyway... i let you free again....go and grab the download...thats probably everything you want... for those that offered me to talk to, now i dont need it anymore , you can read up everything here. Oh and nope it didnt help me writing this down it just reminds me again of what im thinking and seeing all the time...


  1. The download site still says 1.12

  2. love triangles fracking BLOW im sorry u had to deal with that bs -hugs- hope to see you around help public island more <3 :B btw its pexie quartz.

  3. "If I can't get ajob at taco bell or walmart, then there's not much hope for me here" -- xavierhusky on that first picture is a sad fuck, ey?

  4. hm.. Viewer keeps crashing at the loggin screen. Is this only happening to me? Other viewers e.g. dolphin working well.

  5. Well just reinstalled the 1.13 version and it works well.. so nevermind but still dont understand why this issue happened to me. :(

  6. sometimes the Viewer needs cache clear and clean settings to work properly , some shining fixes can cause options to behave differently every release