Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.8 "Manipulating Dragon"

So im going to push this as an "emergency" update. Consider this update absolutely mandatory if you downloaded 3.6.7.

3.6.7 had a big issue, a very few select people couldn't login anymore, something that appeared with 3.6.6 and i attempted to fix this, said fix however made it worse for some others. Here's the full story as posted on discord.

This kept me awake for the most part of this night, i suppose i can consider this a nightmare now.

3.6.8 changes the maximum character limit back down to 16 letters, this also means that everyone with a password "longer" than 16 characters should probably rethink their password to be exactly 16 characters long as any longer wont be accepted anyway. You can also just leave it as is but note that only the first 16 characters of your password are important, the rest is never used. Good job Linden Labs never telling us and superb job at not having the server handling a truncation automatically server side. Good thing Inspector Niran was on this case!

Apart from this really strange issue, there have been some changes (not all of them that i originally planned to add but most of it) regarding the UI, specifically the 'Display' tab in preferences. In an attempt to make the warnings a bit clearer the Viewer will now highlight potentially bad settings in red, in addition to showing the warnings which have now been moved down into the panels themselves. Originally i planned to add a generic warning counter to the tabs but since this is an emergency update i'll want to push as soon as possible, i didnt get around to do that yet. How this looks like can be seen below (note that the 'Quality Options' tab havent had its warnings moved down at that time)

The quickfloaters (draw distance, preset, media and sound) have had their background changed to a hopefully better one and a bunch of settings have been turned off by default that really shouldnt be on anyway. Pitch Invert for controllers are disabled by default now, automatic fly when holding jump is disabled now (this was causing controllers to insta-fly when pressing jump) and the selection range limitation has been disabled by default as well.

Also fixed should be missing clouds, long ago i changed the texture names to reflect the proper names for the type of cloud, i forgot to update the default cloud noise setting to reflect this new name, this caused all new users to default to a non existent cloud noise image which prevented clouds from appearing until you changed the cloud noise image manually, also the cloud noise image dropdown should now display the currently selected image properly and will no longer accept text entry (since the list is refreshed on reopen anyway).

Lastly i've had the time to try out Bakes-on-Mesh in my Viewer and make sure everything is working, as far as i can tell it does, i've also used the chance to change the bake tab in the texture picker to be a list (suggested by Liru Fears, thanks for that) which surfaced new issues with lists not properly creating their childs which was fixed (thanks to Liru again) as well.

The rest is minor fixes like the last 2 lines in mini-profiles not interactable, UI layout inconistencies and cleanup.

As always if you experience issues, report them to me, i will try by best to fix whatever issues you are experiencing. No report = No help.

By Beev Fallen
By Mal

Monday, November 18, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.7 "Manipulating Dragon"

Here comes another update!

The main focus in this update is the Object Manipulator overhaul, more buttons, more features, new layout, better sorting, easier access, bugfixes and so on. I would consider this version the "Final" version for now.

The Object Manipulator was something i wanted to add to give the whole manipulation features a home and an easier and faster method of permorning these manipulations on a large scale. Alphas and light sources are now seperately listed into 2 additional lists in their respective tabs, this should reduce the amount of searching drastically, in addition root prims are now written in bold (rather than attached prims) and root and linkset prims are now grouped together, this should make finding and identifiying a whole object consisting of multiple parts much easier.

Each tab only displays the button that are really important for said tab topic and the main Objects tab is now an "All Objects" list that simply acts as a list for misc features like derendering items.

Note still none of the lists will display your own items or those attached to you to prevent you from accidentally changing your own stuff and actually saving these changes.

Apart from the Object Manipulator getting its full implementation, there are a couple of fixes, binding keys should now work as expected again (the action list didn't show the actions for the currently selected mode so it was impossible to bind third person actions for instance), passwords longer than 15 characters should now be enterable, the about window should now show the actual set memory values (even with automatic memory management enabled) and trying to get the UUID from a linkset prim should no longer crash the Viewer.

Also a couple new patrons joined my Patreon. Thank You!

This update also merges all the latest LL Release code, lots of crash fixes mainly.

By Beev Fallen

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.6 "Baking Dragon"

Finally an update, was about time.

Last month was a very hectic and special month.

My computer started falling apart as you'd expect after almost 10 years... first my power supply died, which took my GPU with it (again RIP GTX 670) then my backup harddrive failed completely and took basically everything with it and before my last HDD dies as well i thought i should probably do something. Sadly i don't have the money to do anything (infact, i'm on the verge of not being able to pay even my internet anymore >.< with Coffee Lychrono dropping his patron and a few others following in on the absolute low end right now). Luckily for me a couple friends i've been playing the past 2 months extensively (which is why the updates were so slow and delayed) agreed to help me out on this, together they bought me much needed new parts.

They visited me end of last month to build the PC together with me. A Ryzen 5 3600, 64gb of DDR4 3000 RAM and (finally) a new mainboard with 5.1 sorround sound again i can absolutely rock everything that's coming at me for the next 5 years minimum. I've also got two SSD's (small 250gb ones) and reinstalled Windows (and down upgrapded it to Windows 10, sadly). With 10 basically throwing stepping stones into my way, sabotaging my every move, pissing me off more than i could have ever imagined and 10 behaving like a pile of shit, taking away my rights even for my own folders, wanting me to confirm confirmations of confirming confirmation confirmations and still not allowing me to do what was considered a breeze in 7... and 10 absolutely INSISTING on reactivating every single background app, stupid backdoor, disabled telemetry collection and basically undoing what i've been doing the past couple weeks trying to get 10 to... behave... it hasn't exactly been easy to stay focused on ... well doing anything. So far i've reinstalled and configured most of the things again to allow creating updates again, so today marks the first update since the upgrade. I sure hope everything is in the right place and doesn't blow up immediately.

But holy cow i can tell you i am NOT disappointed at all. This Ryzen fares exactly like i expected, twice as much FPS across the board (some places even far more). Hah i can basically turn off jellydolls and still run around with 30 FPS in Ark Club (though really that's the absolute maximum and i haven't managed to get more there... the place seems completely outdated and simply runs like crap sadly even without people around)

Anyway, enough of the story of my life, back to the Viewer. This update brings the Viewer back on track, all the latest changes from LL are included plus a few more bugfixes of reported issues and some tweaks as well as a new playtoy.

This new playtoy listens to the name of "Object Manipulator" (such imagination, much wow) and is basically an extended version (or is going to be) of the "Prim Manipulation" menu that was previously found in the My Useful Features - Shortcuts sub menu. Right now it allows you to see a list of all (and i mean ALL) objects the Viewer knows about currently, minus your own attachments (and objects in world, hopefully). You can double click items to highlight/select them and you can "manipulate" them just like you could previously do with the menu, you can force change their alpha mode between blending, emissive and masking and you can see whether an object is a light and casts a projector shadow, you can also manipulate these as well and turn their shadow casting off, this should make finding and eliminating shadow projectors much faster and easier and allow you to select the projectors you really want to cast shadows easier than ever, all in the name of machinima. Great.

What it means to change the alpha mode can be seen in this example:

From blending to masking:

This allows temporarily fixing the fuckups of creators without needing permissions. What this essentially means is i can turn... this mess:

into something absolutely beautiful with some masking and some setting tweaks:

Looks like someone applied reshade but i promise you this is a raw image. I don't do the editing.

Further the viewer version is now shown in both login and "About Black Dragon", both the actual code version and the version i use for my updates, no need to start a second instance of BD anymore. I hope this reduces confusion a bit. Checking for update now also brings you here and the "Release Notes" link should now properly link to the changelog page.

Apart from that i fixed the price spinner for objects on sale, you should be able to set a price again and the annoying "Hippos!" badge has had its shortcut removed because apparently people have been accidentally triggering it since its so close to the teleport home shortcut (who the fuck does this?).

I've still got a huge bunch of things planned but only time will tell when and how they get done... if they get done at all.

By Loverdag
By Clover Jinx
By 털덩이
By Kissmebaby Allen
By Spiritus Natus

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.5 "Baking Dragon"

Aaand another round of fixes.

More reported stuff has been fixed although i wish more stuff would have been reported and possibly faster. I'm trying to strike a balance between waiting to get some bug fixes accumulated and fast response releases, i don't want to go through the chore of making a whole new update just for one or two tiny little things, not only does it look empty but its also just wasting time.

Busy response is now disabled until you log in (prior to login it doesn't make any sense since it is an account setting), the head look issue with certain quad avatars has been fixed (again), worn items should now finally be copyable (wasn't properly merged), the toolbar buttons should now longer lay on top of the chiclet notifications and while i was on it i finally fixed a long standing issue with IMs and notifications being partly overlapped by the chiclet windows/menus and several experimental graphics changes have been undone as they haven't shown any noticeable effect sadly.

New in this update however is a new naming scheme for log files, they will no longer be saved as BlackDragon.log and then renamed to BlackDragon.old on the next run (while deleting the old .old file) but instead logs will now be named BlackDragon_[date].log. I realize this can quickly start to consume some harddrive if i fuck up and have some stupid error/warning/debug spam appear a million times in the log file but this should really mostly just affect me as i tend to remove these before i push updates but just in case (and for the cases i ask for it) i added a button to open the log folder directly from within the Viewer, this should make it easier for you to delete old logs if you want and give me the log files i so desperately crave for when you are having certain issues... hooray!

As always keep 'em coming!

By Clover Jinx

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.4 "Baking Dragon"


This update fixes all the reported issues with 3.6.3 (hopefully).

Biggest issue with 3.6.3 was most likely the spooky headspins most people were experiencing thanks to the newly introduced experimental headtracking. I expected issues, i expected some people to see a broken head, what i didn't expect was literally everyone breaking a feature i have been working on the entire month and testing up and down in less than 5 seconds. What has been working exceptionally well for me didn't work at all for everyone else it seems. That should give you an idea how worthless testing really is... i can test all i want, users will always break it in the most spectacular ways possible... in record time.

Sadly this means (as i was kinda expecting) that the headtracking has to go again... a whole month wasted on basically nothing, welp. But hey, we had a good laugh now didn't we? It was halloween and i added a fitting spooky headspin. SPOOKY.

Then there's the new toolbar layouts, they should have reset automatically to default due to loading errors and validation fails but apparently a "misformed" toolbars settings file is not properly seen as such and infact the entire thing didn't even seem to work at all skipping the basically the entire toolbar setup so i had to fix that as well and while i did i also randomly found out why the topbar was throwing warnings all these years... an inverted if check... all these goddamn years and it was a simple missing exclamation mark... this drove me mad for years.... guess it's fixed after all. PEACE after all.

Now then, the broken facebook button which could still be found in the toolbox is now gone too since facebook connect has been removed entirely by LL...

I suppose that's it for this update. Just a quick fix for the booboos. Nothing special to see here!

Aside from fixing i've also put some more work into the Discord server and added a FAQ section and recently also a welcome area that explains a few things, the FAQ was added to help people with frequently asked questions such as the infameous avatar turning and jellydolling.

As always, report any issues you see but make sure you're on the latest version before you do!

By Loverdag

Monday, September 30, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.3 "Baking Dragon"

The sloppy update.

I suppose this is how it feels having to wait ages for an update.

This update comes with a bunch of fixes and some cool new stuff. First off several issues that were reported have been fixed (there are still more on my list but need some deeper investigation), picks will no longer instantly delete their description when you create them and click into their description box after hitting save, headtracking options have been reduced to sane defaults especially eyes were notorious for rolling back into your head... creepy... graphic presets can now be deleted if they contain spaces but please note that this is not retroactive and will not allow you to delete already saved presets that contain spaces (due to naming differences)and a crash was fixed that could randomly occour when a bad number of faces has been received.

This version also comes with the latest Linden changes including a few highlights such as increasing the maximum sound file length to 30 seconds, animesh selection improvements, worn items can now be copied and a lot of fixes all over the place.

Most interesting however are the new additions in this release...

From now on by default (currently not an option) your headtracking animation will blend ontop of all your animations, this means when moving your mouse on screen, focusing on things or generally doing something that would make your head move, it will now do regardless of you using an AO. It will not however simply override your head and neck but instead blend in addition to the underlying animation, this means that if your AO makes you look down at your feet you can "alter" the look direction a bit by moving your mouse around, your head will still mostly look down but you can notch it around a bit. This works with all animations, all AO's and everything ever even while running you can now look around, crazy isn't it? Over are the times of your lifeless head staring straight forward at all times. In the future this might get an option to toggle it off for now however you can customize it with the already existing head/eyetracking options, they control how much your head is allowed to move additionally. Note that this is a completely seperate thing from all your animations, the headtracking animation has absolutely no access to the underlying animations and thus cannot check how far your animations rotated the head to prevent it from breaking your neck... e.g if your AO makes you look 90° to the right and you make it look 90° more degree to the right you'll end up looking backwards.... ouch... this should however rarely happen. Here's a video of the whole thing in action.

Don't worry, i know some of you will want my head on a plate for doing this. Do you want a silverplate or is a normal one sufficient?

But there's more. I've finally gotten around to do my super simple but quite efficient own way of aligning toolbars, no hacks no dirty tricks no sophisticated bullshit just very simple magic and it works really good too. You can now finally align the toolbar buttons to the sides, top and bottom can be moved left and right and left and right toolbars can be moved up and down. I guess you'll make some quite interesting setups with this. Something like this:

Note that these require you to redo your buttons completely, you will end up with an empty toolbar. You can do so by opening the toolbar editing window (Ctrl + Alt + B or via menu from Dragon - Edit - Toolbars)

Other than that there have been some changes to the left/right shoulder cam so it behaves and swings around like all other camera presets, fixes for crashes in the fast timer display, as well as fixes for cutoff labels, window transparency default buttons not working and more attempts to reduce costly calls to settings.

I've some cool things planned for the future, a proper "changelog" window that shows all changes between the version you last run and the new version you installed, as well as a window that gives you access to all machinima related options (outside of the Dragon menu), a window that shows all light and projector sources to quickly toggle them on/off, the option to rotate water (yes you heard that right), a tutorial and more help with options and more.

As always if you find something that isn't working, report it to me ASAP and i'll look into it.

By Ella
By Aeekay
By Spiritus

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.2 "Baking Dragon"

More Viewer care and feeding...

that dragon must be really fat now...

Only contains a bugfix for presets not being saveable. It turns out the Viewer can't create a folder inside a not yet existing folder, it has to create said top folder first, then create the sub folder. What do we live in, 1802? We're doing raytracing bullshit and can't even create a goddamn folder structure automatically.

By Kissmebaby Allen

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.1 "Baking Dragon"

Viewer care and feeding update.

Bugfixes as always.

I was sick of the old graphics preset system LL made so i made a new one from scratch, much simpler and with more control over what settings should be saved and when, i plan on using this in the future for a "backup" feature. Also the checkboxes finally tick now when a preset is selected! (that was actually the reason i did this new preset system)

The new preset system also means your old presets are now useless, sorry for the inconvenience, you could message me on discord and i can modify them for you to work when i get some time.

Aside from that more tiny optimizations and a fix for high res snapshots breaking (sorry about that).

By Loverdag
By Eros

Friday, August 30, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.0 "Baking Dragon"

The unexpected expected update.

I didn't expect to get back to working on the Viewer this quick... but if you know me you know that i can't sit still for too long. So before long i downloaded my repository and said fuck it i'm gonna make this update on my windows drive real quick... 

Oh well here we are. Bakes-on-Mesh update. Wohooo!

Aside from Bakes-on-Mesh not much stuff has been changed, i only just worked on this update a couple hours the past few days. Mostly working out the "everything-is-not-loading" issue.


There are some changes that you might find good, such as more optimizations to the selection outlines, they should be a tiny teeny mini bit faster now (probably).

Outside of that there were a few setting changes, a few defaults have been changed, projectors have been disabled (because they eat FPS just for being on... i'm investigating), FXAA has been enabled (why the hell is this even default off?), SSAO and shadow distance settings have been tweaked and SSAO has gotten twice as much smooth iterations now, SSAO should be a lot smoother now but will also behave a bit differently.

I sure hope i got all the bad crashing issues... but we'll see. As always report issues.

By Spiritus
By Kissmebaby Allen
By Ella

Sunday, August 18, 2019


Just making a quick note here that there won't be any update the coming days. I just recently lost one of my two harddrives (and i fear the other one might die soon as well) which contained pretty much everything (my games, videos, screenshots and the viewer source code and compiles). Before i can start setting up everything again i'll have to get a new harddrive the coming days. I hope to get some more bugreports by then, currently there aren't many of them (that's good isnt it?)