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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new Year to all but me...

yea its again the end of a Year , this time it is 2011... it brought us a lot of good ....and a lot of bad things , but better not talk about the bad things...

As always i merged back and forth , tested , tried and fucked up my Viewer a lot of times , coming to the conclusion that its shit and i have to go back to the starting point , which leads me to that theres not much changed from PreRelease 1.02 to final 1.02 , all Major things were already included in 1.02 , but i dont want to come with empty paws so i´ve done atlast a few things here they are:

Tofu keeps playing with his SSAO and Shadows and i keep merging his stuff up to a certain point where he went backwards instead of forward , at this point shadows look the best with maxmimum quality and minimum shadow resolution , i´ve explained and shown that already in the final Release one that High equivs nearly Extreme (2.5x Resolution) Settings before Tofu´s changes , but thats not enough , he kept doing awesome stuff and thats where Multi-Level-Shadowing jumps in

as you can see , alpha objects will throw shadows aswell , full shadows from 0-20 transparency , half shadows from 21-70 and no shadows from 71 onwards

Bugfixes & Changes
as Silverdragon told me , group profile buttons vanish when hovering over them , that came from me not able to find a way to seperatly tell the Viewer that Friendlist etc has them and group chatter list has info button only , this is "fixed" now , i removed the profile button completly as it is useless anyway , you got 3 other ways to open his/her profile...Button , right click and inspector...

I´ve modified the IM Panel aswell ...again, this time the Namedisplay has been changed , from now on it will not show User Name (display.name) anymore , it will ONLY show User Name OR Display Name (when i figure out why both doesnt work anymore i will add that aswell) depending on if you enabled Display Names in IM found in Preferences - Viewer - UI Settings

Double Click TP Shortcut was fixed and a crash on logout with active notifications which some of you might have encountered without noticing

Well...and then there are 2 special things , number one is working Mesh Uploads! Thanks to Nicky Dasmijn
who made this possible (havnt tested yet, this is up to you for now)... Number 2 are the new Loadingscreens , i´ve thought long about adding the hide Progressscreen option , then i thought about reasons why people hide them? annoyance? boredom? probably both , now they arnt annoying anymore , instead they are HELPFULL! and they look cool too , have a look

and sometimes they even have a funny joke for you!

to close this post finally i´ve collected some... pics again for you to compare

Windlight (Left) and Deferred (Right)

the Download can be found as soon as it is uploaded here


Full Changelist:
-new Progressbarscreen with tips and pics (cycles through a few pics so there isnt always the same)
-working Mesh Uploads -fixed vanishing Group Icons (removed profile icon completly due to 3 already different ways to access profile...a 4. is not neccessenary)
-IM container doesnt show User and Display Name anymore , only one now depending on your settings
-CTRL + Shift + D for Double Click TP fixed
-Logout Crash caused by notifications left in sys tray

-better Linden Terrain texture quality from stock
-started some German translation in Preferences

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