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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Alpha 2.3.2

It's time....tooooooo....UPDATE! or die.

I know i'm a bit slow atm but keeping the Viewer up to date, maintaining it, fixing stuff and basically redoing everything you've done already proves a bit more of a time waste than i thought, especially if you're feeling an increased need to play some games here and there.

This is also the last update before i will focus on heavier UI modifications, which also include totally redoing the Preferences floater, i'm not entirely sure if it will stay a floater this time or if i'm going to do that Sidebar thing i was originally planning.... but hey, we'll see.

So....this update comes with alot of CHUI bugfixing aswell as MAINT, NORSPEC (Materials) and general bugfixes (BUG and, CHOP) and ofcourse my own rotation of changes. See the changelog for a complete list of changes.


I squashed alot of bugs, like the Chat Range Rings not working correctly, the Topbar background going nuts on Mouselook/Minilocationbar switch, "Busy Mode" not working (its called 'Do not disturb' now), the empty Local Chat tab in Conversations beeing selected whenever you opent he seperated Local Chat floater among a few other things.

I also merged CHUI, Viewer Development, Cocoa and brought everything up to date.

Some cleanups inbetween (not too much right now as i will do that later in maintenance updates) and generally some small changes here and there that should give back a bit more of a 'Nirans' feeling...things like Reset View will not change your Camera Preset anymore, some layout changes in the Script floater and Machinima Sidebar aswell as some options that were removed due to them beeing obselete and/or not working anymore.


Best change for you probably is the implementation of Screen Space Reflections (again) from Tofu, which can also be toggled on/off just like before. Internally it is now using a permutation system (basically an shader file if/else system connectable with Debug Settings or Viewer internal code) which will also allow new little neat tricks in future :)

Also Tone Mapping defaults were slightly changed for a slightly nicer and especially brighter look to match non Tone Mapping a bit more.

Sometimes i would like to give the sky a slighly more blueish touch, not for me, just so you stop complaining about 'washed out' colors.


Anyway, enjoy this brand new update.


2.3.2 Alpha

Removed: Some Loadingscreen tips which don't show up-to-date information.
Removed: Old broken code.
Removed: Old Gamma Correction code leftovers.
Removed: High Precision toggle from Machinima Sidebar.
Added: Screen Space Reflections toggle to Graphics tab.
Added: Toggle for Screen Space Reflections using the Shader Permutation System.
Added: Screen Space Reflections feature from Tofu. Currently no way to disable it.
Added: Menu entries to toggle Minimap Chatrange Rings.
Added: Geforce GTX Titan to GPU Table.
Added: Translations for Windlight floaters and Inventory.
Added: Missing 'Play Chat Animation' option to Chat preferences.
Changed: Tone Mapping/Color Correction defaults for a slightly more finetuning overall look.
Changed: Disabled Physics Shapes menu entry as it crashes the Viewer.
Changed: SSAO/Shadow softening for less pixelation, also looks better on Avatars.
Changed: Make "Reset View" not change our camera preset.
Changed: Updated Special Thanks page in Viewer and marked all unknown or not fitting informations with a star.
Fixed: Topbar Background staying visible in Mouselook mode.
Fixed: MiniMapChatRing not correctly showing/hiding all rings, cleaned up code a bit and did a small performance tweak.
Fixed: Recent CHUI merge breaking forced single-line mode for IM tabs/Local Chat.
Fixed: Seperated Local Chat selecting the empty Local Chat tab in Conversation floater every time you open the Local Chat floater.
Fixed: Conversation tabs panel resizing incorrectly due to additional space values beeing added.
Fixed: 'Busy' (Do not disturb) mode not working.
Fixed: Machinima Sidebar overlapping the Topbar area.
Fixed: Script floater layout overlapping floater title bar.
Fixed: Top Toolbar Caret icon missing.
Fixed: Topbar background didn't hide when changing to Mini-locationbar.
Fixed: Missing Mini-locationbar background image.
Cleanup: Remove Tofu's huge amounts of unused/experimental outcommented code and prepare it for a toggling feature.
Merged: Up-to-date CHUI.
Merged: Up-to-date Materials Development.
Merged: Cocoa Project.
BUG-3605 / CHUIBUG-197 Don't create excessive amounts of string objects in LLNormalTextSegment::getNumChars.
CHUI-506 FIXED Don't change dropdown position if items are unchanged.
CHUI-748 (Right click does not produce context menu for landmarks in Trash in Places Floater)
CHUI-759 FIXED Group invites never received in do not disturb mode when leaving do not disturb mode
CHUI-797 FIXED Only one separated conversation window is shown after exiting from mouselook view
CHUI-808 FIXED Draggable separator between conversations and message pane is not discoverable:
CHUI-809 (Right-click menu on user name in compat chat mode doesn't have "IM")
CHUI-817 FIX Revealing the "Conversations" window reveals hidden Nearby Chat window as well
CHUI-818 FIXED For group toasts: show name of the group in Titlebar; add [From User_DisplayName] before text of the message.
CHUI-820 FIXED Cannot snap or move collapsed conversation window to left or right edge of viewer window
CHUI-827 FIXED "Linksets" menu item is added
CHUI-836 FIXED [CHUIBUG]Opening chat history from the conversation log sometimes crashes the viewer
CHUI-838 FIXED (Opening chat history for groups only works once per session, if at all)
CHUI-841 FIXED No warning given that you cannot leave a group you are the last owner of in conversation floater and people floater
CHUI-845 : Make changeLine() a bit more resistant to unforseen line count values (i.e. 0) and a bit more general
CHUI-850 FIXED Unread notifications are lost after relog in certain circumstances
CHUI-859 FIXED Conversation panel moves when new message received with Open Conversation window preference
CHUI-866 FIXED Disable menu item if Conversation Logging isn't allowed.
CHUI-867 FIXED Set focus to Session floater(if it is torn off) after clicking appropriate conversation item.
CHUI-896 ADD FIX Line flashing and FUI button flashing not working correctly for CHUI notifications
CHUI-899 (The size of conversations panel does not persist between sessions if user relogin while messages pane is collapsed. )
CHUI-911 FIXED [CHUIBUG]When Chat side of Conversations floater is reduced to it's minimum width the scroll bar is half-obscured.
CHUI-912: Propagate arrange request correctly, limit sort, improve filter perf, clear traces, add comments.
CHUI-913 FIXED Show toasts for torn-off windows that aren't collapsed.
CHUI-914 FIXED Restore previous text after gestures were triggered.
CHUI-915 ([CHUIBUG]Control+W hides Conversations floater instead of closing active tab)
CHUI-916 FIXED Clear mMisspellRanges if spell check is not needed.
CHUI-918 FIXED "Close all conversations" menu item is added to context menu.
CHUI-921 FIXED Default position of open floaters starts at left edge of viewer behind toolbar
CHUI-922 FIXED Panel width was increased
CHUI-923 FIXED Show toasts if Conversation floater is focussed and current conversation is not selected.
CHUI-926 FIXED FUI button will stay highlight(orange) if there are unread IMs when the conversation floater is minimized.
CHUI-932 FIXED Restore previous text only if there is no gesture.
CHUI-933 FIXED No notification of IMs when coming out of Do Not Disturb mode with Flash Toolbar button preference
CHUI-934 FIXED Don't try to close Session floater if it is already doesn't exist.
CHUI-936 FIXED Do not show Conversation log floater if logging is disabled.
CHUI-938 FIXED Pop up (?) notification steals focus
CHUI-941 FIXED [CHUIBUG]Inline input is not available in 3.5.0
CHUI-942 FIXED Choose Resident picker problems
CHUI-943 FIXED "Chat history" menu item is added to context menu for Nearby chat.
CHUI-944 FIXED Show Voice indicator for P2P torn off conversations.
CHUI-945 FIXED Add Object IMs to Chat Notification Preferences
CHUI-946 FIXED Return FALSE if key is not handled here.
CHUI-950 (Reduce min width of messages panel )
CHUI-952 FIXED Disable single line mode when restoring floater.
CHUI-953 FIXED Close conversation floater when quitting viewer
CHUI-955 FIXED Docked Group and Torn off p2p panel can be resized small enough for buttons to overlap
CHUI-956 FIXED Vertical scrollbar in conversation list not scrolls off bottom
CHUI-957 FIXED Missing line was added.
CHUI-958 FIXED Log spam: "drawtext: Ran off Segmentation End" and To field in nearby chat blank when selected
CHUI-959 FIXED Resident picker allowed to open behind fui toolbars
CHUI-963 (Toggling chat fui button twice tears off nearby chat to lower left corner also deletes other open conversations)
CHUI-964 ADD FIX Oversized "To" input field hides actual IM text
CHUI-966 FIXED WARNING: LLSysWellWindow::removeItemByID: Unable to remove notification given when deleting notification
CHUI-968 FIXED "name" attribute was added for panels
CHUI-971 FIXED Unnecessary checking was removed.
CHUI-972 FIXED Don't show voice request in DND mode, even if session with participant exists.
CHUI-973 FIXED Speaking indicator was removed
CHUI-974 FIXED "resident" accounts unable to see favorite landmarks on login screen
CHUI-975 FIXED Message text is changed
CHUI-976 FIXED Correct way to show Nearby chat is used now.
CHUI-978 FIXED Load data from chat log file in separate thread to prevent viewer freeze
CHUI-979 FIXED Clear highlight after clicking in chat input. Do not flash chat button if current conversation is focused and torned off.
CHUI-982 FIXED Clicking on conversation in conversation list to bring focus to conversation removes text entry prompt for chat bar
CHUI-983 FIXED Call showHistory() after clicking toast as it was before. Minor change in showHistory()
CHUI-984 FIX Clicking on voice icon no longer brings up voice volume slider
CHUI-985 POSTPONED [CHUIBUG]User receives three friendship offer notifications simultaneously when he accept/decline friendship offer
CHUI-986 FIXED Don't open Conversation floater for offline IMs if it's not from group or friend.
CHUI-987 FIXED (Viewer crashes when you try drag and drop any object from inventory onto avatar’s name in resident picker)
DRTVWR-324 : Suppress the use of BuildParams to set up the channel and use the TC environment settings instead
CHOP-951, IQA-1477: Validate args for numeric command-line switches.
CHOP-955, CHOP-957: Platform-specific switches files => settings_install.xml.
CHOP-956: Add settings_install.xml to settings_files.xml.
CHOP-957: Stop reading gridargs.dat in 'secondlife' wrapper script.
CHOP-959: Honor --graphicslevel switch even on first viewer run.
CHOP-960: Validate cmd_line.xml for map-to real settings.xml vars.
CHOP-962: Make LLControlGroup::declare* return LLControlVariable*
CHOP-966: use 4 part version numbers for release notes urls
OPEN-170: "Set Window Size" always increases window size by specified size
OPEN-171:  the save file dialog incorrectly uses type codes as extensions
OPEN-182: correct tip rev number use in local build version generation
MAINT-1453 ifdef around windows-only work-around to restore 8x and 16x AA modes on Mac
MAINT-2302: Re-enable previously-disabled LLProcess tests for diagnosis.
MAINT-2333: Use bouncing progress bar for Linux updater message.
MAINT-2404 Fixes detection of VRAM on OSX removed along with other AGL code. Code Review: callum
MAINT-2937 FIXED [CHUI] crash in LLToastIMPanel
MAINT-2938 FIXED [CHUI] crash in LLFloaterConversationPreview::showHistory()
MAINT-2939 FIXED [CHUI] On Windows machine location address bar in viewer goes blank if location is selected and a menu item is seleted
MAINT-3012 FIXED Don't show Destination Guide by default on first run.
MAINT-3020 ([CHUI] Torn off nearby chat is no longer visible after exiting mouselook)
MAINT-3048 FIXED Don't block IMs from Lindens even when "Only friends and groups can call or IM me" is set
MAINT-3073 ([CHUIBUG](You) feature is irritating, especially for emotes)
STORM-1850: ensure that last exec event reports apply only to the same version
STORM-1855: Improve performance of pasting large blocks of text in the script editor
STORM-1892 Add Apply button to the edit content permission floater
STORM-1894 UIScaleFactor: raise limit from 1.4 to at least 1.5
STORM-1910: Adds the count of groups and the remaining free group slots to the group list
STORM-1911: Go-to line function for the internal LSL script editor
STORM-1918 Part of the group notice attachment box does not allow dropping of assets.
STORM-1919: Fixed snapping of rotation in the edge-on case
STORM-1931: Added option to disable chat animations (say/whisper/shout)
STORM-1941: Cocoa project viewer: some coordinate conversions are off (Katharine Berry)
STORM-1942: dock icon bouncing unimplemented
STORM-1948 - Fix for Set home to here - screen_home.bmp not saved
STORM-1952: Add a confirmation modal when ejecting a member from a group
STORM-1953 Notifications that involve deleting something -- errors in text
NORSPEC-355 NORSPEC-356 replaced llerrs with asserts to avoid crashes from false alarms in release
NORSPEC-360 fix issues with mip selection and TCs in projector fake env reflection
NORSPEC-362 address video mem leak on windows on maximize
BUG-3363.  We have an array of URLs, and we need the paths of those URLs.  Explicitly get the path.