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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Patch 1.14

Release 1.14 will soon hit the download place
it will contain a fix for the Sculpt-map texture picker which was overlapping the rest of the floater , also the Snapshot floater in which the pic preview was overlapping the info box which made it unreadable , you will also find a modded ESC menu , as it is atm , i know most of you wont like it as it is now as it contains a inventory which was put there for testing purposes , but again this feature is experimental and also has been moved to F1 now which was previously for Second Life Help which didnt work anyway (404) , meaning reset cam is now back to ESC... in future i will redesign it to something Skyrim like , which the basic idea came from anyway , meaning i will try to design a compass like main menu which then...uhm...yea shhh secret =3 dont wanna say too much here or it might be a big disappoint if it doesnt look or work as described , just stay tuned =)

well....and then there was someone really annoying...he was hunting my in my dreams...so badly that i decided to put his "wishes" to top 1 priority and fixed them , which would be a second black background panel in the topbar which will show after you´ve entered mouselook , making the topbar less transparent and also fucking up the topbar when you´ve hidden the favbar , thanks to Adeon hunting me until i´ve fixed it ...@-@

Edit: i also fixed the Statusbar background not hiding properly in Mouselook!

and happy news for all my non german speaking friends , i´ve finally installed WinRar in English , from now on all WinRar Setups will be in English!

Download will be here WHEN its up!
just check the download site sometimes


  1. thanks for the update nir <3 huggies

  2. Awww...I had fun looking up the German to English translations to make sure I wasn't pressing a button for total annihilation...hehehe

  3. second life flexi-sculpt patch second life test 2
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYM1B4v7rt0 XD enjoy