Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Black Dragon Viewer - Update 2.5 - Delta 2 "Visible Dragon"


Just fixing really critical borderless window error and adding a few more things, mainly improving alpha/dealpha and derender.

You can now alpha/dealpha/derender multiple linked prims and objects, yup... multiderender, select all the things and derender them!

Ontop of that, you can now select rigged meshes with left click, that should ease the task of selecting multiple links and derendering/alpha/dealpha-ing them.

Also i'm sorry for the bitbucket thing, this update should be on bitbucket once again.


LL has some interesting changes coming which i will have implemented for either the next update (small one) or the final 2.5 release depending on which comes first.

Changes are negative chat channels (yup), the ability to see temporary attachments in your outfit/appearance floater/menus, a control to set the delay of render complexity warnings, as well as render complexity warnings for HUDs and finally, mesh level of detail will be size dependent on top of being just object quality dependent.


Changed: Allow selecting worn rigged meshes via left-click.
Changed: Disabled Avatar turning around to face the object or attachment you are selecting.
Changed: Made derender able to derender multiple selected linked prims or objects.
Changed: Made realpha/dealpha able to realpha/dealpha multiple selected linked prims or objects.
Changed: Version to 2.5 Delta 2.
Fixed: Borderless Window Mode crashing on activating it.
Misc: Corrected spelling a error.

Geändert: Erlaube das selektieren von getragenen geriggten Meshes per Linksklick.
Geändert: Die Avatar Neuausrichtung zum selektierten Objekt wurde deaktiviert.
Geändert: Derender kann nun mehrere verlinkte Prims oder Objekte gleichzeitig derendern.
Geändert: ReAlpha/DeAlpha können nun mehrere verlinkte Prims oder Objekte gleichzeitig alpha'n/dealpha'n.
Geändert: Version ist nun 2.5 Delta 2.
Behoben: Vollbildfenstermodus verursachte einen crash wenn man es aktivierte.
Verschiedenes: Schreibfehler behoben.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Black Dragon Viewer - Update 2.5 - Delta "Invisible Dragon"


Hello there previously non existent users that i just made appear out of nowhere. It's time for a new update, one that will blow your mind with how less new stuff there is.


Today's update introduces a bunch of fixes for unknown issues (that's what i'm going to call issues you didn't report now), there's the Voice "listen from" control that was functioning inversed, also some blackscreens that seem to appear randomly (for me), Fast Cache Fetch reverting in preferences and being set to on by default and some bugs introduced with the latest Bento merge.

New Features

So let's get straight to the new stuff.

I added a feature that allows you to kill all alpha objects and surfaces and turn them fully opaque, on top of that i added two menu options in "Dragon - Useful Features - Shortcuts" to kill alpha on the currently selected object or prim (via edit) as well as alpha it again, note that it does not restore the original alpha value it just simply makes it 100% transparent, good to invisible all your problems.

"Invisible Dragon" Update - Invisibles your problems

Derender got the same treatment, you can now derender a single prim by selecting the object, enabling "select only linked prims" and then going through the links via the tools menu. I might add these features to the build floater... somehow.

Isn't that great! You can now alpha someone's stupid face and show a different state instead....or.... hide his normal face state and show the stupid one, don't forget to make a picture of it, it's only have as fun if you don't share the fun.

I'm sure you'll find some fun things to do with this.


RLVa has been removed, i will add it back with the next update unless that one is incompatible with the current LL code (like it basically is all the time, until it gets updated... just to be broken a week before that actual update comes out). I'm sorry i had to remove it but it was practically unusable anyway, it has been broken for many months (i think a year even if not longer)




Added: Kill Alpha debug feature, to unalpha alphas while unalpha'ing alpha'd alphas.
Added: Derender menu entry, workaround to enable linked prims to be derendered.
Added: Ability to selectively alpha/unalpha objects or prims via the Dragon menu.
Added: Eject option to Pie Menus.
Added: Freeze option to Pie Menus.
Added: Dump XML option to Pie Menus.
Added: Debug Textures option to Pie Menus.
Changed: Dropped kill fullbright LLInfos to LLDebugs.
Changed: Disable Fast Cache Fetch in code as well.
Changed: Disabled RLVa preferences tab.
Changed: Disabled RLVa menu in Dragon main menu.
Changed: Pie Menu layouts. Moved often used options into the first pie and often used extras into the 4 main directions.
Fixed:(POTENTIAL) One very rare right click crash with pie menus.
Fixed: Fast Cache Fetch option keeps enabling/disabling itself on preferences close.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Fullscreen Window Mode.
Fixed: Attachment slots arrangement in Pie Menu with Bento attachment slots.
Fixed: Pie Menu not working on other avatars and attachments as well as on land.
Fixed: Crash when teleport.
Fixed: Crash while resetting the skeleton.
Fixed: "listen voice from" being inverted.
Fixed: (Potential) Random blackscreens, sometimes after clicking back into SL, causes invalid control error too.
Removed: A potential crash fix. Didn't work.
Removed: All other language files to prevent the Viewer from ever loading them via system default.
Misc: Properly close our files in llviewerkeyboard.
Misc: Cleanup, misc merges and probably stuff that gets removed in the next big cleanup.
Misc: more misc stuff that might be removed.
Misc: Massive RLVa code removal and some Linden/Bento merging. (Part 1)
Misc: Removed last bits of RLVa. (Part 2)
Misc: Removed a few more stray RLVa bits.
Misc: Merge cleanup.
Misc: Added more code commenting/tagging.
Misc: More merge cleanups.
Merge with Linden Release
Merge with Bento


Hinzugefügt: "Alphas deaktivieren" Debug Funktion um Alphas zu ent-alpha'n wärend man ge-alpha'te Alphas ent-alpha't.
Hinzugefügt: Derender Menüeintrag als Workaround um verknüpfte Prims zu derendern.
Hinzugefügt: Möglichkeit per Dragon Menü selektiv Objekte und Prims transparent/sichtbar zu machen.
Hinzugefügt: "Hinauswerfen" Option im Aktionsrad.
Hinzugefügt: "Einfrieren" Option im Aktionsrad.
Hinzugefügt: "Avatar Aussehen als XML speichern" Option im Aktionsrad.
Hinzugefügt: "Fehler in Texturen beseitigen" Option im Aktionsrad.
Geändert: Fullbright deaktivieren logging von LLInfos auf LLDebugs reduziert.
Geändert: Fast Cache Fetch auch im code deaktiviert.
Geändert: RLVa Einstellungsreiter deaktiviert.
Geändert: RLVa Untermenü deaktiviert.
Geändert: Aktionsrad belegungen. Oft genutzte ins erste Rad bewegt, weitere oft genutzte auf die vier Hauptachsen bewegt.
Behoben: (Potentiell) Einen sehr seltenen Rechtsklick Crash mit dem Aktionsrad.
Behoben: Fast Cache Fetch Option hat sich automatisch immer ein/ausgeschaltet beim schließen der Einstellungen.
Behoben: Kompile.
Behoben: Vollbild Fenster Modus.
Behoben: Bento Anhange positionen im Aktionsrad.
Behoben: Aktionsrad funktioniert nicht bei anderen Avataren und Land.
Behoben: Crash beim teleportieren.
Behoben: Crash beim zurücksetzen des Skeletts.
Behoben: Voice "hören von" Optionen waren vertauscht.
Behoben: (Potentiell) Zufälliger schwarzer Bildschirm beim reinklicken ins SL Fenster, verursachte auch einen invalid control error.
Entfernt: Einen potentiellen crashfix, er funktionierte nicht.
Entfernt: Alle anderen Sprachdateien um den Viewer daran zu hindern diese bei der Spracheinstellung "Systemstandard" zu laden.
Verschiedenes: llviewerkeyboard sollte die Datei nach dem Abschluss schließen.
Verschiedenes: Aufräumungen, verschiedene Zusammenführungen und ein paar Sachen die eventuell später entfernt werden.
Verschiedenes: Noch mehr verschiedene Sachen die eventuell entfernt werden.
Verschiedenes: Große RLVa code Entfernung überall im Code und weitere Bento/Linden zusammenführungen. (Teil 1)
Verschiedenes: Letzten Reste von RLVa entfernt. (Teil 2)
Verschiedenes: Noch ein paar letzte RLVa codefetzen entfernt.
Verschiedenes: Aufräumarbeiten nach der Zusammenführung.
Verschiedenes: Noch mehr Kommentare und Codeschnitzel markiert.
Verschiedenes: Noch mehr Aufräumarbeiten nach der Zusammenführung.
Aufnahme und Zusammenführung von Linden Änderungen in den Viewer Code.

Aufnahme und Zusammenführung von Bento Änderungen in den Viewer Code.