Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beta 2.1.0 (2471)

Clear the viewer folder! Clear your cache! Clear your settings if you're coming from pre-2.0.7!


We have [RANDOM_NUMBER] bananas, read them below. ;P

User Interface:

I've implemented several new loadingscreen pictures for viewing pleasure =3 you can see one of them in the "Snapshots" section, they all were taken in 4000x2204 forsuperb quality...just to get downscaled to 1200x661 :P

I've taught my UI some new tricks, it's now possible to set a max width and height via XML in any floater effectively preventing rescaling beyond those values.

I've fixed the "Edit linked" checkbox which was invisible...and renamed it to "Edit linked parts"


I updated SSR for class 1 shader (will be disabled in future anyway, but just in case...) and reduced sun glowyness with SSR on to normal Deferred shiny levels, i also disabled the legacy shiny rendering in SSR (higher shiny = darker texture reflecting a cubemap even in closed rooms, making stuff look like shit)

Misc, regarding Firestorm-hate, my Viewer and all that...:

Donations: some people keep asking about a "Donate" button, there is none do not waste your time searching for it. I dont have one because i feel bad for taking money for something that must stay 100% at any cost. You can however "donate" me L$, given you provide me a good reason ("because its good" doesnt count), a friend also told me about a nice idea. To make my conscience halfway happy i will add anyone donating more than 500L$ to the "Special Thanks" page in Help -> About Nirans Viewer. Everyone who has already donated more than 500L$ will also be added, if you come to me and IM me (best would be with a Transaction ID from the Second Life's website (Transaction History)).

Kickstarter, Crowdfounding & co: Please no. This also isn't something you can just set up and "surprise" me with, i would have to do that on my own, which i wont. The Idea is charming but no, this is just 3 steps too far over the ledge, its nearly the same shit Kirsten did. Im not Kirsten.

Viewer ending: Calm down, i said (i've sworn) that the next "Release" will be the last one. I've never said that Beta's count towards this, i also havn't clearly said when this Release will be. My Viewer has a way too unfinished feel to just drop it as it is right now.

Firestorm-hate: So... why do i hate Firestorm? Why do i use any possible chance to shout them down in the corner they belong to? Several reasons:
Slow progression with a huge Team,
personal stuff,
them thinking really bad things about me,
my automatic hate against all un-understandable popular stuff (like Justin Bieber and Tokio Hotel as example)
their fear of their own userbase and all the bad things it causes... bad decisions which can be best described as "handholding" features (in other words the whole back/forporting of V1 shit, general support for V1 and legacy stuff...all that).

The last thing probably resembles 99% of my hate. It throws so many questions at me with lots of ???????. Why did they support V1 for so long? Why are they still "supporting" it by porting V1 shit over to V3? Why do they add so useless features for "not-so-advanced" (well lets just call them dumb, because well most Firestorm/Phoenix users ARE dumb) people to support their "lazyness" and "stupidy"? Why dont they just tell their userbase to STFU and get along with it? Why dont they stop beeing handholding, "dumb" supporting "idiots", wasting their goddamn free time to make them even more "dumb"? Do they fear their userbase? Do they fear them saying "hey why isnt shit like i want, do it nao or we will leave SL/dont use your Viewer anymore"? Why do they waste so much potential?

I mean i really i dont understand why they dont tell those idiots to shut up and get along with it, they're getting a Viewer for FREE and they still complain about it, they are wasting THEIR free time just to waste even MORE free time because such idiots complain about everything. Cant they just arrive in 2013 and drop those idiots? do they really have to play the babysitter and try to make everyone happy? is that really necessary Firestorm?! Y U DO DIS, STOP IT, YOU CRIPPLE AND SLOW DOWN EVOLUTION, YOU DELAY THE FUTURE, YOU DO ALL THIS BECAUSE OF IDIOTS WHO CAN'T GET THEIR DAMN MIND RIGHT TO ACCEPT CHANGE! FUCKING STOP IT!


I still have a few todo's which i will mostly focus on for next Beta, those are:

translate Clear History in Privacy
correct default values in advanced graphics
add more default values in advanced graphics
align all sliders in advanced graphics
fix menus closing whenever a toast closes
redo/check spellcheck floater
redo/check autocorrect floater
translate spellcheck floater
translate autocorrect floater
translate color customization floater
fix RLVa force teleport via send teleport
clean up code
implement fix for textures unloading behind you
implement Server Side Baking
disallow SSR with class 1 shaders (AO and Shadows off)
make tools floater autoresize if space is available
merge LL beta
conquer the world
be totally brain afk on tuesday and probably the whole week due to ME3's new DLC


enjoy (as long as you can muahahaha....),
*moans* bed time...



updated SSR for class 1 shader
added the ability to use max_height/max_width in XML for floaters
added 6 all new loadingscreen pictures
removed legacy shiny rendering from SSR
tweaked sun shininess/glow on surfaces with SSR on to SSR-less values
fixed "Edit linked" beeing invisible
renamed "Edit linked" to "Edit linked parts"
cleaned up floater code
cleaned up toasts code and simplified fading code
cleaned up tools floater code a bit
cleaned up special thanks slightly and added L4n4 for donations

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beta 2.0.9

As always , clean your cache , settings and viewer folder before coming up with any bug reports about Windlight presets missing and such.

From now on this will be "Beta" again because like i said , the next "Release" will be the last. Simple circumvention isnt it?

So if have been lazy and sleeping for weeks , not getting anything done until i finally kicked my fluffy butt and started working on a Sidebar tools panel which i later scraped for the good. Keep in mind that this is BETA and i dont have much time to check everything , thats exactly where YOU come in (Mission Received.) *ends transmition*

User Interface:

I´ve started to redo some things , first the Inventory panel came into my way , begging me not to do anything , but hey... if i want to change something , IT IS GOING TO CHANGE. So i put the filter down into the bottom panel , the inventory count at the top and realigned everything a bit to make it look clean. Have a look!

Then i started on the build panel which got completely destroyed and rebuild from the ground up , at the end , now that everything should be 100% functional again it looks like this.

So clean , colorfull and it offers theoretically unlimited space so its best guarded against any future updates (Materials) and i swear by god i will not let the Materials UI get past my paws , it looks HORRIBLE atm. Oh...btw its resizable. you can make it small...or big , but please dont resize its width , i have to fix that so it cannot be resized in width.


Slight changes here , glow has been overhauled slightly so it doesnt cause slight stripes in the sky anymore , atleast in Deferred Rendering with Tone Mapping and Default sky preset , everything else looked fine so far.


For all you beeing curious , yes OPEN-162 has been implemented against everyones tip (Oz included) not to do it! However it only affects 3 bones in this version , the upper left arm was excluded because the difference on that bone would have been noticeable , everything else is and i promise you is NOT noticable , see the following pictures for a comparison on the leg as example:

the right leg has been moved up 0.1 cm (1mm) which resembles the difference between not having this patch installed and having it installed. For all those who believe that this is a fake snapshot or twice the same , look at the sky , you will notice the clouds are different on both and if you take a look at them in Full ORIGINAL size (1920x1058) you will be able to see the difference on the right (left on the picture) leg , but tell me you are able to notice this minimalistic move when an Avatar is moving , jumping and walking around and i will tell you to FUCK OFF because you CANT. Apart from that like Adeon said , at 1024m and above all attachments start to flicker 1mm and on 4096 its even 4mm!.

It will still make building symetric easier and will satisfy any perfectionistic douchebag like me when you know that stuff is really perfectly aligned now.


have fun,



added OpenJpeg 1.5.1 (fixes texture blurring on screen)
added Firestorms logout crash (might fix disconnect crash)
fixed Chat option logic
fixed Mouse turning into a zoom icon after Mouse-steering mode exit
fixed asymetric aligning of bones (OPEN-162 , only for 3 bones)
fixed X , Y , Z coordinate informations position at the top screen
fixed Instant message header text getting cut off
fixed Ambient Occlusion tooltip still reffering to the need of Deferred
fixed External browser radio buttons , changed them into a single checkbox
fixed some wrong textures in outfit panel
cleaned up Tools(build) floater extremly
cleaned up and aligned some XML and Cpp files
cleaned up Viewer folders and removed all unused skins
tweaked Glow default settings for a better sky and color transition
tweaked and redesigned the Tools(build) floater completely for upcoming changes
tweaked some floater headers
tweaked and redesigned major parts of the Inventory Panel
tweaked Appearance floater layout
removed hidden tools panel and its debugs

Monday, February 11, 2013

You have been suspended.


So , i finally had a nice chat with Oz today about my ban and things certainly cleared up , i was told that i wasnt banned because i did something wrong , the Linden who banned me just "accidentally" banned me because he/she thought I re-opened the ticket , when they noticed that i didnt , it was already too late , apart from that he also told me that even if i had done something wrong i wouldnt have instantly been suspended , instead i should have lost my Jira Permissions temporarly. To "compensate" my accidental ban , the guy who really opened it got temporarly disabled on the Jira , i dont feel well about that because it doesnt really make me happy to know that someone else who basically supported me lost his Permissions , but anyway , just letting you know that my guess in the SLU forum was right , i was accidentally banned.

Thanks Oz for clearing that up , atlast i feel a bit better about that.

When i woke up this morning i checked my mail for something interesting and indeed i found something...
i found a Mail telling me that my Account has been temporarly suspended... ok... why?
im not 100% sure but according to my Mail
"Failure to Comply With Rules of Conduct"
ooookaaay , so i voilated 1 or more rules (again) of the Jira... mhh but it still doesnt tell me WHY? what rule exactly did i break? ok lemme compile everything i know

10 Days ago i got Mail that i voilated the PJira rules because i updated OPEN-162 in a rather fast fashion which is against the rules ...ok check

I stopped working on it and didnt update it anymore , i didnt even take a look at it for 10 Days. ok check

Someone re-opened it and commented long and broad why this Issue shouldnt be closed. ok check

5 hours later i answered , nicely , informative and in a constructive way to this re-opening. okaayy check

some time later someone else commented and i answered 3 hours (from my last comment) later to THAT comment , again nicely , i said that LL should ask the Community about this bug if they are really not OK with it. okaayyy check

Finally i see this Mail saying that my account has been suspended for 2 days >.<
You may say "hey its only 2 days" , but HEY its 2 days FOR NOTHING , is that really right? is it that how LL acts against us when we try to do something for their Second Life? Im not a fan of conspiracies but slowly i think it is a conspiracy , against me , the community , whatever... no one knows , does LL want to destroy its own Second Life? i mean , they are continuesly breaking stuff , making stuff worse for the biggest part of the community (just saying Sidebar here (not me , i really liked it)) , really , it looks like they wants to slowly cripple down Second Life until it dies but why should they do that? why dont they listen to the community? why do they break all the things? why why why? so many questions...at some point i really dont understand it anymore ...anyway... i will be off for those 2 days , doing something else , if you want to contact me please dont IM me , write in my Forum or Blog or on my Second Life Profile so i can answer as soon as i see it.

What did we learn? Never ever try to make Second Life better , do not open Jira tickets , do not vote for them , do not follow them , do not try to develop Second Life , do not help each other , dont be nice , dont discuss anything with LL , dont request a feature or a fix , do not complain about Second Life , just let Second Life as it is , B.R.O.K.E.N. Accept it , embrace the broken-ness , become ... BROKEN.