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Friday, November 16, 2018

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.3.4 "Animating Dragon"

Yea an update!

The update focuses on bugfixing and improving the UI mostly.

The snapshot floater, windlight editor, group profiles, places profile and the conversations window had some fixes, layout changes and improvements. Most noticeably will be the group profile window though, it's a slow, work-in-progress project of mine to go through all main windows and apply the preferences window design to it, overall bringing some more consistency into everything, grouping things nicer and generally cleaning up old stuff. Two examples how this looks like (old vs new)

The poser has had a nasty crash fixed when working with animesh not on the same SIM as you (why would you do that?) and shadows on certain rigged, alpha masked objects were fixed (once again)

It's overall a somewhat small update, it's really just some fixing and finetuning the rough UI edges, not to mention i'm slowly getting burned out again so i'm trying to get some downtime for next month when i plan to do a christmas update marathon, an update every week where i try to smack as many ugly UI windows as possible and rework them... this is going to be fun and a lot of annoying work... especially "Appearance". Maybe we'll finally see some "About Land" window updates... "maybe" because LL is planning to add a lot more stuff to it so i'd want to stay away from it until that is done.... same goes for windlight with EEP in the coming.

Also, something i totally forgot last time was the pie menu, i changed a bit of stuff in the code and cleaned it up a bit in an attempt to fix the random right-click crash that has been plaguing my pie menus for 6 years now. Since i don't experience this crash (but apparently everyone else) all i can do is ask whether it is better now (or even fixed) or still crashing on right click. Please do tell.

Another thing is the blog and download procedure you're going through, i'll be cleaning it up over the coming weeks/months, i've done a first pass at removing all old blog posts from the download page and only linking to new and really important ones that are often asked about, i will want to write more guides in the future but they take time and might be outdated the moment i write them essentially wasting my time over and over again.

Lastly there was the AVX2 experiment which... sadly didn't work out, testers reported that it broke hilariously, rotating objects randomly around their axis... it was a funny mess but sadly unusable but hey the performance was definitely better haha!...

By Spiritus