Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beta 2.1.5 (2585)

NOTE: i quickly fixed the world map controls not following resizing, if its annoying you, redownload, i reuploaded a fixed package

Back on track with some cool new stuff.
Btw i fixed that nasty random startup crash caused by the WatchdogEnabled debug! You should be safely able to clear your settings again if necessary.

User Interface:

The IM control panels have been revamped internally and their layout were also fixed for the darkness skin so the slide button wont slide half out of the window, its glowing will also not be cut anymore.

I've removed the ability to switch skins AND i've removed all skins and textures for now, that means the Viewer got about 12mb smaller again, a bit more and we can finally upload that package to VirusTotal for all those security freaks out there!

Double clicking an object or clothing part will now add it instead of replacing (just wearing) it, that means wohoo now stop annoying me with that feature request. *still right click adds stuff*


The sculpt map and stitching type options in my build floater have been moved into the floater and were aligned with the rest, i also used that opportunity to start aligning the other widgets a bit and i will probably continue aligning everything else in future.

there are no words needed here:

how does it work? It works like html tags, you write start one of those new tags, write your text and then end it with the close tag, need an example?
write < then your desired command and close it with the mirrored < (i cannot do that here otherwise it will be tagged), dont forget to close your command when the tagged word or sentence is done, you can do that with </ then the same command again and then again the mirrored <.

what else can we do?
b and /b - Bold
i and /i - Italic
u and /u - Underlined

red and /red - Red
blue and /blue - Blue
green and /green - Green

icon and /icon - Icon or Texture called by filename or name defined in textures.xml

i will try to get Oz's attention and see if we can get that into official Viewer so everyone can use it, right now only the icon thingy can be used and seen by everyone except Viewer 1 but i want to get at least Bold, Italic and Underlined into all Viewers because it allows us to emote in the middle of a sentence, something alot people always wanted.

CHUI (Communications Hub User Interface):

No Comment. Ofcourse it was NOT implemented!


You can now "copy" and "paste" the camera positions with CTRL + Shift + C / V, its usefull for landscape photography and if you have to manipulate the scene but cant reach something or make something load





fixed WatchdogEnabled causing a crash sometimes on first startup
fixed the sculpt texture picker beeing out of the tools floater
fixed some minor alignment and layout bugs in group panel
disabled mesh upload menu entries
disabled resizing the people floaters width
tweaked IM controls layout and slide button layout a bit
changed and simplified code for switching the IM controls
changed double click inventory item behavior to add/remove instead of wear/remove
changed a german group land label and fix it getting cut off
moved the slide controls button in World Map to the legend panel
removed ability to switch skins
removed all skins
added ability to save and load camera positions (CTRL + Shift + C/V)
added some non noticable optimizations
added ability to write in bold, italic and with underlined text
added ability to write in red, green and blue
cleaned up code and XMLs

Monday, March 18, 2013

Beta 2.1.4 (2529)


now with 20% more rainbows....

i mean....lul...just...read and DONT click download before you finished reading everything (dont forget to read the secret invisible message)

User Interface:

I fixed the missing image for the machinima sidebar button some repeatedly complained about...

I also fixed a bug in RLVa that allows you to open your Inventory through the "share" button in people/IM. Its not a client bug, its a RLVa related bug and i've told Kitty about it so she can fix it for everyone by default but for now you will have my fix :P

Grid options wont stay open anymore when you close the tools floater, this will also quit the build mode and deselect everything.

I've readded one loadingscreen and added a completely new one!


Everything else is just some minor clean up in code or XML aswell as some little label corrections and all that stuff not worth mentioning...




readded one old loadingscreen picture
added one new loadingscreen picture
fixed Machinima Sidebar having no icon
fixed share button allows opening of inventory when RLVa forbids it
fixed grid options staying open when you close the build floater
fixed spammery of WARNING: LLView::getChild: Found child named "Tab_Seperator" but of wrong type class LLIconCtrl, expecting class LLButton *
fixed WatchdogDisabled debug annoying again
fixed create new script and mass permission buttons having wrong labels in german
fixed some texts and texture progress bar overlapping in texture console

Monday, March 11, 2013

Beta 2.1.3 (2520)

Another fixidifix beta :P

User Interface:

I fixed the little bug i mentioned in my toast fading system which made your own chat messages stay 100% transparent when you send another messsage while your last message was fading out already.


I drastically reduced the amount of VRAM my Viewer uses by stock from about 600mb (out of 768 in total) to about 100mb, thats a crazy amount of 500mb less, it fixes the texture blurring issue but... there will be only 10 loadingscreens now, 3 of them get selected randomly each start of the Viewer resulting in only 3 big textures preloaded into the VRAM at max, basically now that i've implemented this random system i could just implement all 38 loadingscreens again but it needed some cleanup anyway, i removed pretty much all old ones, all pictures with my or other Avatars beeing the main focus on screen and leaving only those that show mostly scenery only, sort of a best of all time... to say goodbye to all the other ones you can find all 21 removed loadingscreens below, download them in full resolution (4000x2204 if available, 1920x1058 otherwise) and use them as background for your desktop or whatever else you may need them for, just dont repost them somewhere saying you did them.

If you think that one of these should come back, tell me.



enjoy the probably best update ever,



changed RenderTreeLODFactor to 5.0 by default
cleaned up code
reduced package size for slower internet connections
fixed chat toasts staying invisible when sending chat messages while toasts are fading
fixed texture blurring issue and reduced Vram used by 500mb

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beta 2.1.2 (2512)

User Interface:

I heard your complains about the accordions in my build floater and i was also annoyed by scrolling so i switched back to a somewhat "tabbing" like behavior just with icons this time. It also has one additional icon (far right) which minimizes it. I thought its a good moment for a new Beta to test it out.

Apart from that i've only been fixing more problems like that the Build button was always disabled, sometimes an IM had "Second Life" as name when someone wrote for the first time, a (potential) fix for a crash that is caused when you open the sky editor from the toolbar and some internal warning fixes.


Rotating the camera via Alt + E/C when sitting on objects that take your camera/controls should now work as intended.


Why wont i implement it?
Lots of reasons...

"1. Chat can be seperated, but will still close whenever you close the Conversations floater (means that seperating it is totally useless)

2. Whenever you click into Local Chat or press Enter (to start chat) it will switch to the empty Local Chat tab in the Conversations floater (like said above this makes absolutely no sense and seperating totally useless)

3. If i open Local Chat, i will also always automatically open the Conversations floater, even tho i seperated it from the Conversations floater (again, it makes seperating totally useless combined with the above)

4. Local Chat can ONLY be accessed with History, there is no way to use the Chatbar only without History, effectively wasting space by forcing me to have the History open (+ Conversations floater which automatically opens aswell)

5. It combines Local Chat, Instant Message and Group Chat even tho Local Chat has absolutely nothing in common with Instant Message and/or Group Chat except that they are chats. Local Chat is only LOCAL for People around you, its a free, open Nearby-Chat, open for everyone to join or leave at any time, not to mention the fact that Chat is limited to 5, 20 or 96m depending on if you are whispering, talking or shouting. It is NO conversation between you and anyone specific like the Group and its users or the Instant Message partner or the Conversation partners.

6. It FORCES tabbed IM with no ability to use seperate IMs like before (without CHUI you can just switch between tabbed IM or seperate IM, this is the BEST for everyone), apart from that i hate tabbed IM, it also wastes space, forces me to permanently keep that Conversations floater open and prevents me from showing all IMs by other Avatars or Groups at any given time (IM popups will NOT show up as long as you keep the Conversations floater open)

7. It wastes lots of space (see the above reasons)

8. Chiclets are gone, they were one of the BEST things LL ever did and they scrap them just because some V1 faggots were crying and whining again that they dont get along with the new V2/V3 Chat system which basically brought V1 and V2 together. Instead of just keeping seperated IM as it is and only make CHUI affect the tabbed IM... NO! LL had to fuck it up for EVERYONE ELSE again, i dont get why they cant just stay with something they make."

taken from my comment on last release.

you can see a discussion about CHUI here:
Second Life Forum



cleaned up some code
changed and tweaked the tools floater alot for better and faster usage
fixed LLView::getChild: Making dummy class LLTabContainer named "WindLight Tabs" in Edit Sky Preset
fixed LLView::getChild: Making dummy class LLRadioGroup named "region_settings_radio_group" in Environment Editor Floater
fixed LLView::getChild: Making dummy class LLUICtrl named "sky_dayc_settings_radio_group" in Environment Editor Floater
fixed LLView::getChild: Making dummy class LLUICtrl named "postcard_image_size_lp" in panel_snapshot_postcard
fixed LLView::getChild: Making dummy class LLUICtrl named "profile_image_size_lp" in panel_snapshot_profile
fixed LLView::getChild: Making dummy class LLUICtrl named "local_image_size_lp" in panel_snapshot_local
fixed a rare crash that might appear when opening the edit sky editor via topbar button
fixed the build toolbar button beeing disabled all the time
fixed some wrong instances of reffering to the "Content" tab which is actually called "Contents" now
fixed media control buttons in tools floater not enabled
fixed E & C Keys not spinning the camera over when sitting on an object which takes your controls/camera
fixed German translation for tools floater

Monday, March 4, 2013

Beta 2.1.1 (2500)

As always, bla blub, clear cache/settings when coming from pre-2.0.7, thanks.


As promised this update is primarly focused on fixing, especially bugs that have been bugging me for too many releases...

User Interface:

The Userinterface probably had the most important fixes in this beta, one which was annoyingly long in my Viewer...did you ever notice that whenever a Chat/IM/Group/System message closes, it closes your currently opened menu aswell? Fixed!

I moved the Bumpmap Strength dropdown to General graphics and changed its underlying values a bit so the changes from "Normal" to "Fine" as example arnt that crazily huge.

I added 2 new loadingscreens =3 , see them below (first 2)
Fixed the placement of Media-on-a-prim URL placement in the tools floater, it was buried below the texture options...

The fog distance spinner should now work as intended, previously it was disabled when you disabled all graphical shinies when it should have been enabled.

Chatting with /me in IM and Group was known to display your Username instead of your Display Name even when you had Display Names enabled, now you will see your Display Name =D, that means this:
NiranV Dean tests
will become
Amethyst tests
just as intended and as it also does in local chat.

I made the preferences open/closing a bit faster for faster navigation between panels =3

I disabled the ability to enable Screen Space Reflections when you're not using at least shadows OR ambient occlusion (shader level 2)

The "close" (hide) buttons for toasts like Chat/IM/Group/System messages are now always visible, i've also worked a bit on my fading toast system... but it needs slight fixing for when you send a local chat message in the moment it starts fading (your toasts will become invisible until you let them fade out fully again, this was a bug introduced with the fading system..).

some minor UI placement, alignment and logic fixes (see changelog)


I only changed the shadow blur to 3.0 for softer SSAO and shadows, to allow even blurrier shadows (which you will need when going up for extreme snapshot sizes like 4000x2204) to compensate for shadows becoming more detailed and less blurry in certain situations (like mentioned before), you can now go up to shadow blur size 6.0 instead of 4.0 only.


Someone reported me a few releases ago that a forced teleport via offering it (and wearing a collar) doesnt work, this should be fixed now (tested with my alt account)


I fixed it, because its extremly annoying that you annoy me with this annoying Media Plugin fail. (tested in a Quicktime TV shop)


Note, those pictures are REALLY from SL...yes...dont ask...they are NOT PHOTOSHOP'D! they are made with mostly DEFAULT Settings, most work is done by a nice custom sky preset.




added 2 new loadingscreens
aligned sliders in Display Preferences
moved Bumpmap strength to main Display panel
changed Bumpmap strength values to be less extreme in difference
changed toast close button to be always visible
changed max shadow blur size to 6
changed default blur size to 3 for a softer SSAO look on close up
changed Preferences open/close speed for faster navigation
updated RLVa
fixed GTX 675 not beeing recognized and reverting display settings every restart
fixed Fog Distance disabling when it should be enabled
fixed Water Distortion not hiding when Deferred is disabled
fixed wrong access to SSR when we use class 1 shaders (AO and Shadows off)
fixed wrong access to tabbing orientation options before we even enabled tabbed IM
fixed missing notifications for auto replace
fixed missing notifications for spellchecker
fixed media URL/info placement in tools floater's texture tab
fixed media plugin failures on some TVs playing anything else than Youtube
fixed Bumpmap strength not taking effect instantly
fixed some missing *'s and wrong placed ones in certain options
fixed broken Clear History translation
fixed menus closing whenever a toast (Chat/IM/Group/System message) closes
fixed /me appearing with Username instead of Display Name in IM/Group when Display Names are on
fixed wrong default indicators and added missing ones for "Lighting" tab
fixed RLVa force teleport via teleport offer not working