Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2.3.5 Alpha

Yes. RLVa.


Untested. Unfixed. Un...uhh whatever you know what i mean. Fresh compile with nothing major done except implementing RLVa and its menu into Preferences, expect more potential bugs than before!

Have fun.


2.3.5 Alpha

Added: RLVa.

Monday, October 28, 2013

2.3.4 Alpha

DOOOODS. Facebook!

It's implemented! Totally not of interest, let's start with something way more interesting.

RLVa is NOT implemented yet but will be with the next update which i will release as soon as i implement it and it will contain nothing else, no bugfixes no nothing, just RLVa.

So what's new in 2.3.4 you ask?

Quick rundown time.
I added Qarls Aligning tool, the ability to derender Objects and Avatars, derender Fullbrights and as mentioned above the Facebook Connect feature aswell as a WIP Even Recorder.


Last update i added the Greyscale and Posterization post effect, now i added the Sepia post effect and made all 3 easily adjustable via the Machinima Sidebar which now includes 3 sliders to set the strength for Greyscale, Sepia and how Posterized your picture should be! AWESOME.

This update should also contain LL's AMD crashfix.

User Interface:

I fixed the onscreen build information beeing occluded by my Topbar (moved those informations a bit down), fixed some disalignments after Facebook merge, tweaked some other places, cleaned up the main menu a bit and....

MADE A TOTALLY NEW PREFERENCES WINDOW! Not technically but visually.

I think these do explain themself, don't they?

Note that you will find many options beeing greyed out (not working yet) and many others still missing. That's intentional because, checking them all, adding, removing and totally redoing a whole floater like this takes time and feedback.

Did you also notice that i changed the Friendlist? it looks smaller, more compact and still shows all the information you need, just the voice indicator is still WIP which is just a grey square around each profile picture.

Also the CHUI message panel opens to the left now, it was annoying that CHUI was designed to be used on the left side instead of the right where it belongs like all private messages.

Last but not least, Pie Menus. We all love them. They are fast, look fancy at times and don't produce as much eyecancer as their ugly, boring grey dropdown counterpart.


Have fun,


2.3.4 Alpha

Added: Missing Event Recorder and Facebook menu entries.
Added: Sepia Post effect, overhauled the Shadermanager code, upgraded Greyscale and Sepia with the ability to be modified in strength
Added: Qarls Aligning Tool.
Added: Pie Menu as optional inworld right click type.
Added: Ability to de-render Objects, Attachments and Avatars.
Added: Menu entries to disable/derender Fullbright types.
Removed: Unused and not available Features in the Main Menu.
Changed: IM Container opens to the left now instead of the right making it very viable for putting it into the right lower corner while Local Chat is in the left lower corner.
Changed: AvatarRotateThresholdSlow to 2 by default.
Changed: Appearance of Avatarlistitems in Friendlist. Made them smaller and more compact. New Voice indicators are still WIP.
Changed: Preferences Layout, organized and categorized everything.
Changed: Machinima Sidebar layout, reorganized it a bit, added more clues on what needs what and added a few more tweakable Options.
Fixed: Navbar buttons having the default hover icon as background when hovering them.
Fixed: Secure Browsing icon in Webfloater and made it a bit more appealing size wise.
Fixed: Facebook login page beeing crazily disaligned.
Fixed: Disaligned Snapshot selection buttons after merge.
Fixed: Build onscreen information display beeing occluded by the Topbar.
Fixed: Windlight Animator having problems to compile after merge with Bear.
Merged: 3.6.8 Bear
Merged: 3.6.9 Release
Merged: 3.6.10 Release

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2.3.3 Alpha

Here we go!

Totally untested, half-assed and without any love and mood and/or time to do anything right now, i present you the 2.3.3 Alpha which is basically just a merge with the latest Linden Release (including the new particle rendering functions) and Linden Bear which is a collection of misc fixes (including a fix for an ATI crash some people seemed to have with the latest driver version)

As said, this Release is completely untested, use it at your own risk!

Changes include a slight Machinima Sidebar overhaul, aswell as some new options there and most importantly the Greyscale and Posterization post processing options which i were showing off in my group, however, these arn't finished in any way keep that in mind.



2.3.3 Alpha

Added: WIP Greyscale and Posterization post effect + toggles and Posterization samples option.
Fixed: Width/Height display in Preview Texture moves with the left size causing it to clip outside of its specified area.
Fixed: Exopostprocess having problems with the new shader uniform system.
Changed: WIP Machinima Sidebar overhauling, added Greyscale and Posterization toggles and changed the layout to quickly show which options are linked and how.
Merged: 3.6.7 Release
Merged: 3.6.8 Release
Merged: Viewer Bear (Misc fixes)