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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Release 1.1(1) UPDATE

please GRAB 1.11 if you got 1.10 i forgot compiling it with LAA , resulting in out of memory crash at 1.25GB mem usage!

Yea i know it has been a very quiet time...atlast in my blog
as the previous post already said i had and still have extreme problems , in case you think it gone better , nope its going worse every day...fuck who cares...atm im feeling like...some sort of everything is pointless , crap n shity ...useless...yea...you know... anyway

me and mig continued working on some stuff both he and me fucked up a lot of shit in the meantime yea , so heres a short brief of what got fucked up in 1.1!

for all you defaulters and those wo want to be defaulters, i´ve again redone the glow settings , with it i´ve redone the default Sky Preset (NOT DEFAULT its actually called Realistic 2 if you want to set it manually) aswell as sunrise , dawn and night... i did a new Daycycle for it and made that default too , mig came to me and told me someday... the nights in SL were darker and hell yea they are WAY too bright , so i made them way darker (they are also called Realistic, all of them) heres a something for your eyes to take a look at

Old Presets                                                                                                     New Presets

you will probably notice that the overall glow has been turned down , yea i know it was extreme on sand and snow (i think on snow it wont help anyway) so yea , i changed everything a bit , reweighted glow a bit etc etc

For all you that wanted to disable it , you will now find the option to do so in Preferences - Viewer - UI Settings (dont ask me why its there , probably because theres an Alpha/Beta Feature Section) Qarl Fizz´s Mesh Deformer , untick it and re-wear any mesh or the whole mesh AV to make it update and look normal , the reason why it doesnt auto update like in Exodus is easy, Qarls code adds an update to mesh nearly every second or less , this results in flickering mesh shadows and totally freaking Meshes on other people , i took that one out , contra is that you have to "refresh" it then , but it definetly works better :)

You´ve seen a lot of pics in which you can see my UI and you probably noticed that i only have 2 buttons left and nearly all Sidebar buttons right (V2 style), this is from now on the new Toolbar Layout as default , it consumes way less space than before and isnt filled with unnecessenarly buttons , if you need any , you know how to add them , right click , select buttons or go into main menu NV - View as far as i remember...

2. point , i´ve revised the graphic panel a bit , fixed some tooltips , added default indicators for those who want to know whats default (later half transparent numbers behind sliders will follow), tooltips to IM Panel buttons and a new option for Bumpmap strength/resolution

3. point is from now on you can search more than only one word in inventory search filter with + inbetween them! , thanks to Mig for porting it over

as you were used of Kirstens Viewer , and my previous versions this is again bleeding edge , fully merged up to 3.2.7 Linden and all Shining Fixes!

If you encounter sudden FPS break , OS freeze followed by drivers crash , this is NOT my Viewer causing this , it seems that some funny people think they should TP around random places and start rezzing Invisible Prims (which cannot be seen with Transparent Feature) which are very complex and start fucking up your rendering pipeline , in this case you might wanna try disabling Shadows which seems to prevent that

Sorry this time there is no changelog...in all those fuckups and problems i had , i lost my changelog textfile.... :( will have to recreate it...

PIIIIIIIICS! (they might be in Loading screen or Login screen in future , sorry havnt done it yet)


  1. Wow, nice feature for bump!
    I was wondering if could be possible to make better flexy prims? There is an option on debug settings that is used to control the amount of time that the CPU uses to process flexys, but I really dont see any difference when I tried. What I want is an option to improve the speed of flexy. When there are some on screen, they seems to run slow, like out of fps, while SL still running fine. Well, you know what I mean :P. Since flexys are all locally, could be nice to have an option to make them move more smooth. Thats really needed for machinima.

    PS: The last pic is really cool ;)

  2. the option you found is the same as in graphics panel called Flexi Quality , i´ve already played with it but i guess it will need internal work to really give Flexi more CPU time to calculate , will see :)