Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Black Dragon Viewer - Update "Learn To Move"

Redownload, it contains the fix from -2 and fixes the default graphics preset saving greyscale as well as fixes a bug that destroys your controls file when pressing load default and export right after, make sure you delete your controls.xml file in your Roaming folder if you experiencing keybinding issues and delete the default.xml in your presets folder in Roaming if you want to generate a clean one.

Last update saw the first iteration of fully rebindable keys, this update is the second iteration and will bring many aspects of this feature close to what i initially wanted them to be.

Despite the overly negative feedback based on ignorant, selfish needs which sabotage my work and ignore my plans which i clearly explained in my last update post, i decided to continue and improve on this initial barebone implementation. Thanks for 0 constructive feedback, good thing i don't give a shit and have a finished plan for my feature before i release it, making feedback completely obsolete anyway.


This update re-enables arrow keys for movement. They are bound as alternative control set, that means you can use both AWSD and Arrow Keys, i would highly recommend you start using AWSD as i'm not going to take any further steps to support an inferior control set. There is no reason to use arrow keys, ever, especially NOT as left handed person, you are crippling yourself. Your subjective opinion does not matter here.


I added a bunch of buttons to bind a secondary key to any action in almost all modes, some do not have an alternative binding available because it does not make sense having one, why would you want to have 2 keys for opening chat for example, same could be said for the entire alternative binding thing... but lets not get into that.

Additionally there are now trash buttons that allow you to unbind one binding selectively, without having to unbind and redo them all.

I also added a button to reload the default controls shipped with the Viewer.

The bind key dialog will now appear in the center of the screen, instead of somewhere in the left upper corner, making it less of a tedious mouse raping activity to rebind lots of keys.

I have fixed an issue in which the Sound & Media tab in preferences vanishes after closing the preferences floater a few times.

I fixed the set voice key dialog using the same floater as the rebind key dialog and made it appear in the center as well.


From now on the Viewer will save your custom controls file into the user settings folder which hopefully fixes you being unable to save them due to missing writing permissions. Don't ask me how you managed to not have writing permissions in your Viewer folder, you broke it, not me, i fixe... worked around it for you.

The Viewer will also attempt to load your custom bindings first, failure in loading your custom bindings will result in the Viewer loading its defaults, failure in loading these as well will result in having no controls at all as opposed to simply crashing.

I fixed an issue in which the Viewer bound the last internally bound key to all upcoming empty key slots, resulting in one key doing pretty much everything that was previously not bound.


Added: Ability to selectively remove one bind.
Added: Ability to reload the default controls.
Added: Ability for the Viewer to have a seperately saved custom binding set apart from the default it is shipped with.
Added: Ability to bind a secondary binding set.
Added: Arrow Keys as secondary binding set.
Added: Load Default Controls button to Keybindings preferences tab.
Changed: Moved saved bindings to user settings.
Changed: Moved the default controls.xml file to the app settings folder.
Changed: Made the Viewer try loading the custom bindings first and fall back to the defaults if no custom bindings are found.
Changed: Stopped the Viewer from crashing when no file is found.
Changed: Stopped the Viewer from crashing when binding a key fails for whatever reason.
Changed: Don't use the same bind key dialog for setting a voice key.
Changed: Open the "Bind Key" dialog in the center of our screen instead of the upper left corner.
Changed: Version to
Changed: Version to
Changed: Version to
Changed: Background color to red-orange to match the loginscreen background video.
Changed: Unbinding all controls now automatically exports as well.
Changed: Reuse onExportControls instead of using the direct variant.
Changed: Made Greyscale, Chromatic Abberation and Sepia Post Process Effects non persistant, fixes the default graphics preset saving a raised greyscale value.
Fixed: Bug in which the Viewer bound the last retrieved key for all empty coming bindings.
Fixed: Sound & Media tab vanishing after closing preferences a few times.
Fixed: Select Voice Key floater not working properly.
Fixed: Issue with keybindings not working until first exported.
Fixed: Bug where the Viewer writes into the existing file instead of creating a new one when pressing Export after Load Defaults.
Fixed: Auto-export after loading defaults doesn't work, wait for the binding process to be done.
Removed: Some old keybinding code.
Removed: Old keys files.