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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mesh Deformer Alpha 1.03

Mesh Deformer Project done by our hero Qarl who did a lot of great things in the past finally gone Alpha , its included in 1.03 so all meshes (atlast those who are rigged correctly) should properly rig to your body , additionally it will also now change with your fat , boob size , ass size , head changes etc etc , all those tiny things that werent possible before now work! , even Avatar Physics should work like Qarl said :O


have fun

Original blogpost by Qarl:


  1. Damn your fast lol.
    Lets see lets see! >:3

  2. Does it means i can better adjust my mesh clothes with that ?

  3. Following the link, the large friendly green "Download" button points to a compressed tar file for 1.0, which is a familiar packaging for an SL client. If one is after the 1.03 version with the alpha mesh deformer code, it appears to be set up as a shell archive, NiransViewer-Installer-1.03.run. I chmod-ed it to +x and ran it... how do I tell whether it worked, and where should I expect to find the executable?

  4. bash -x is my friend. All is well now.