Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Release 1.20

yayaaaayy... *rolleyes*

another Update, im somehow a bit lazy to write but i will try...

Direct Delivery:
I´ve merged the complete Direct Delivery Beta system , so from now on you can use it on Aditi as far as i´ve heard of the Open Beta... its totally up to date =D

with Direct Delivery a lot of ui has been affected , especially layout panels have been revamped nearly completly , this forced me to fix a lot of floaters , one of those fixed floaters is the Inventory , you will notice that i wont have bottom buttons anymore , and because i were editing some XMLs i though , well lets tweaks some other floaters i just randomly opened and so i made the Toybox floater with its buttons even smaller , i mean isnt it cute now?
you can also see the Outbox floater which is new and the Inbox Button in my main Inventory Panel which is pretty old... the topbar has had some tweaking aswell , please tell me if theres something wrong with hiding the favbar , also preferences had some tweakage because of the layout panel changes which fucked up Sound , Viewer , Chat and Setup panels...again please tell me if you still find something that looks broken!

this Build features all recent Shinings again , crash fixes , lighting updates etc etc

NOTE: im aware of the bug that lights (no matter if they are projected or not) act totally screwed up on alpha surfaces , will sort that out later, i already promised that there will be a 1.21 pretty quickly... cuz i fucked up something every big release

should/could be a little bit faster due to some little tweaks and optimisations coming from Shining

Memory caching behavior:
seems to be less aggressive now , it also looks like my Viewer finally learned to clean up some shit , i´ve started at 0.8 GB usage , jumped to Help Island Public with about 20 AVs , got 1.2 GB , jumped to Ahern with again around 20 AVs , got 1.3 GB and then jumped back to the Sandbox and dropped to 1.1 GB and with every sculpt/object that has been sucessfully loaded it dropped even more , ending up on 1.0 GB again , seems fine to me as i started on a empty space and ended up in the starting area which has a bunch of sculpts n textures

Tests have proven that SLKinect2 works , its buggy , but hell yea its alpha/beta software and might be a cool feature in future!

due to more and more people reporting Profile probs i´ve gone back to an old webkit version which didnt feature zooming which also fucked up my profiles with 1.2 UI size.... yea zooming was depending on UI size....what a crap feature...please report me if your Profiles do work now!

No more Linux Releases anymore , im sorry ... Miguael Liamano not just only gave up because my commits fucked up his releases (also his commits fucked up mine...) he also seems to have blocked me as i made a joke about slavery in my Group Chat today , he probably thought it was meant serious , now he left my Group , kicked me off his FL and yea seems to ignore me...sad that it has to end in "Kirsten"-style ... anyway i wish him good luck in whatever he does now , im sorry about the joke and i can just thank him for his Linux Releases which were reported to be fast...

Group Chat Log:

[2012/01/30 13:43]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): I tried to compile for linux.. Still broke.
[2012/01/30 13:43]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): instead of saying its broken , you could tell me WHAT is broken
[2012/01/30 13:44]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): I did.
[2012/01/30 13:44]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): u know i cannot even remember shit 5 minutes ago
[2012/01/30 13:44]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): I left a comment on bitbucket..
[2012/01/30 13:45]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): http://pastebin.com/ses3WqUk
[2012/01/30 13:46]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): looks like the nsl cpp is missing
[2012/01/30 13:46]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): will check that
[2012/01/30 13:46]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): ok ^^
[2012/01/30 13:47]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): no one said you can be happy again!
[2012/01/30 13:47]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): down with u
[2012/01/30 13:47]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): wth
[2012/01/30 13:47]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): lick my backpaws slave!
[2012/01/30 13:47]  Tarnix (miguael.liamano): shush
[2012/01/30 13:47]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): down!
[2012/01/30 13:48]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): i said get the fuck down!
[2012/01/30 13:48]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): *grabs a whip*
------------------------------------------------------------<< about here he left the Group
[2012/01/30 13:49]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): nope
[2012/01/30 13:49]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): its there
[2012/01/30 13:53]  Amethyst (niranv.dean): lol



SH-2889 Add visual auto-muting controls
SH-2791 Use request class constructor/destructor for keeping track of concurrent requests
SH-2768 Put transparency checkerboard back in texture preview
SH-2684 FIX, SH-2716 FIX - bug was specific to running in non-english language
SH-2565 Move resetVertexBuffer operation to a consistent location
SH-1427 Fix for spot lights not working properly on alpha objects, and fix for alpha lighting of point lights not matching deferred lights.
STORM-1799 Object doesn't appear in Block list if trying to block from Remote object inspector
STORM-1798 'Block' menuitem title isn't changed after blocking item in object inspector
STORM-1796 Preferences->Privacy->Only friends and groups can call or IM me cannot be changed unless Voice Chat is enabled
STORM-1788 Clarify wording in About Land->Access and tooltips (and similar Estate panel)
VMRG-217 Direct Delivery Beta and all its 5 sites of commits
MISC-3 Use old Webkit
MISC-2 Gesture Panel tweaks
MISC-1 Inventory Panel tweaks

cuz i can! =D be envious of my graphics!

haha! i´ve hidden the download here cuz i wanna "force" you to read the whole blog! whuahahaha11!!1!
no seriously i will continue to do that in future to hopefully prevent reports and questions that have been answered in my blog already...

NiranV Dean (Amethyst)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Second Life and Kinect

did you ever imagine doing animations REALTIME while inworld , by doing them with your OWN BODY!? just imagination? future? BLUB! NO! its already possible since a long time and i need someone who has some basic Windows knowledge and who wants to try out if you can play animations with your Kinect, yea i added support for that and i wanted to test it but sadly i got a new Kinect which doesnt have the right USB port...

IM me inworld if interessted!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Release 1.15

yea its Release time again....quick i know...

lets get to the changes , quickly...

from now on you will be able to switch the quick home button off which is located between the windlight quick buttons and back/forth navigation arrows , i also made it possible to close Move , View(Camera) and Speakers floaters via X , both has been requested and with all those changes i also took another look into the Viewer tab in Azure and added some missing options aswell as i took out disable TP screens as this option will never be implemented again (sorry , but i´ve put too much time into them to allow people to just disable them , because thats often the first thing people do and then they wont even see it for the first time , so they wont notice that its actually not the same as in all other viewers)

as soon as i will get the opportunity to merge in the new Simple Inventory Project i will do so and do a in-between release for you to check out as im very interessted in it

also my F1 Main Menu has been updated again , it should now look like this which comes closer to a compass like game menu like Skyrim has , its definetly not final and the graphics will definetly change one or more times over time, but again its a WIP experiment...but its quick! and uhm looks good....a bit atlast

i´ve added 2 experimental and totally NOT working but funny new modes for snapshot , the left one has been after edited (resized in width to fill the whole Full HD resolution again which you probably will have to do aswell so you will need some basic pic editing knowledge) and the right one works as it looks there , i think atlast the left one looks cool and adds some nice effects to the scene :O its also funky as this pic isnt grey at all! this pic is green and purple and will create an optical illusion of greyness , check it out yourself! take it into fullscreen and zoom into it, FUNKY!

the rest of the party is , i added Dolphins unknown minimap indicator which seems to be not working right now , will have to investigate that (like a lot of other things too) and MU Pose style which has been set to off by default ...requested aswell

have fun,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Patch 1.14

Release 1.14 will soon hit the download place
it will contain a fix for the Sculpt-map texture picker which was overlapping the rest of the floater , also the Snapshot floater in which the pic preview was overlapping the info box which made it unreadable , you will also find a modded ESC menu , as it is atm , i know most of you wont like it as it is now as it contains a inventory which was put there for testing purposes , but again this feature is experimental and also has been moved to F1 now which was previously for Second Life Help which didnt work anyway (404) , meaning reset cam is now back to ESC... in future i will redesign it to something Skyrim like , which the basic idea came from anyway , meaning i will try to design a compass like main menu which then...uhm...yea shhh secret =3 dont wanna say too much here or it might be a big disappoint if it doesnt look or work as described , just stay tuned =)

well....and then there was someone really annoying...he was hunting my in my dreams...so badly that i decided to put his "wishes" to top 1 priority and fixed them , which would be a second black background panel in the topbar which will show after you´ve entered mouselook , making the topbar less transparent and also fucking up the topbar when you´ve hidden the favbar , thanks to Adeon hunting me until i´ve fixed it ...@-@

Edit: i also fixed the Statusbar background not hiding properly in Mouselook!

and happy news for all my non german speaking friends , i´ve finally installed WinRar in English , from now on all WinRar Setups will be in English!

Download will be here WHEN its up!
just check the download site sometimes

Saturday, January 21, 2012


NOTE: Enjoy with care! dont forget that!

wow shit , it did take 5 days...i was like omg you didnt do something since ages ...need....to....release... and i took a look at my blog and was like wtf 5 days.... only... anyway

this time i had to fight off a lot of shit again... >.< whyyyyy me....but i think i got things sorted again so lets start

In case of Interface i´ve worked more on the Tools floater based on user opinions and ideas , mostly just tiny things but hey its coming together nicely!...

so....there was also something about the Sidebar which i wanted to bring back , but again i failed , it was "working"....but somehow it didnt... it was on screen but not correctly aligned and shit still opened in floaters , so i had to give it up for the moment.... but i will re-try later on (Niran doesnt give up that fast) , i also wanted to bring you a hopefully working build again as 1.12 didnt work for a lot of people ....instant crash on login and i had no idea why...but i will go later on that

then... i´ve done....some experiments .... you know i like experimenting , thats why the Tools floater has been redesigned , just to find out how people like it , and so far people actually like it which i wouldnt have thought of , but this time i´ve done something you´ve seen in probably every game you´ve played... so i asked ...why doesnt SL have it? im talking about a Main Menu like it is in every game , you press ESC and viola it pops up and gives you some "button" to quickly go into preferences as example , i came to that idea when i was experimenting with a new fullscreen graphics panel which turned out to be ....cool....but it wouldnt look good on high resolutions ...sadly... so i´ve reworked it to a main menu which can be accessed by simply pressing ESC , the previous Shortcut "reset camera" has been moved to Shift + ESC because i want to make this game menu feel like a game menu and for that it must also use the same default key , i think you can understand me , just try it out , not everything works yet but its a good way to show you what can be done in SL!

cool eh? we will see....lemme know what could be done in there , the menu itself is also about to change , the "graphics" are just for testing purposes , later i want to add nice fading textures and a better background

another cool change i´ve done is that you can now use additional trigger keys for gestures , which are E Q R F I T Y Z G C V M O P and Space , you can set them in the Shortcut key combo NOT MODIFIER!

the snapshot floater has been completly re-aligned making it tiny and totally cute =3 , when Firestorm didnt want to merge it because of "Space" issues i could just smile and did my magic in there :) probably they will change their mind if they see my version which is smaller and has more features than the original one :P

for those that also havnt noticed (yea im talking about you Jay...as you were telling that Firestorms Vintage skin wants to come up with it too), i´ve Inventory Menus as DEFAULT since uhm... 1.00 or sooner i think.... maybe it was Beta already... anyway...take a look and you will see what i mean

my viewer also supports uploading .anim Animation files via Bulk Upload -> All Files* now, for testing purposes

yea...and the rest of what i´ve done in Interface were mostly translations for german in Inventory , Tools and Graphics floater

Well with 1.12 i´ve added some Shining fixes that seemed to cause initial freezes on login , but no ....its your Inventory! IF you freeze several times on login before World turns smooth , then your Inventory has been fetched , dont ask me why Inventory does auto fetching out of the sudden but , well it just does it , IF you want i can do an option to disable initial fetching , apart from that i´ve added a few other Shining fixes which fixed the Underwater Crash i´ve noticed when you look into the "void" (the blue water fog at the end of a SIM) and transparent meshes -> meshes should now render correctly when setting them to 1% transparence or having a transparent texture on them ...instead of vanishing completly. Beware , the bumpmap on mesh crash is still present , dont set bumpmaps on meshes except you want to crash , the bumpmap will be set after your relog

please do not ask me how im feeling , im feeling like crap , for everything , imagine you know a person and you are interessted in him/her but you have a fun partnershit atm like him/her , later you find out he/she was also interessted in you but thought you were unreachable for him/her like you thought he/she is unreachable for you and you begin to think that you still might have a chance , so you try getting closer to her , showing her how much you like/love him/her and suddenly you find out he/she already has someone since a few weeks...and you are all like NOOOOO WTF! , then they seperate again because of some rumors...and you think OMG this is my chance ...so you try even more to get him/her and this continues some months until they come together again.... and a few hours before new year you get told by someone else that they are together again since months and everyone thought you know that but you didnt so you tried to come together with him/her the whole time...you could cry...all the time...and to top that even more he/she likes you very much but loves the other person and wants to give her a second chance after this person betrayed him/her , so you are even more like WTF I AM THE RIGHT PERSON , but you have to kneel before someone that betrayed him/her and cried so much for a second chance that he/she gave it to this person ...so you start asking why and you tell him/her that you were interessted in her all the time.... but he/she thought it was more like a friendshit...so again a random crap that happened which prevented you from getting together with him/her , and now you are trying to show him/her that you still love him/her after a whole year that you find out it was ...pointless.... and he/she can just answer that he/she cannot just tell his/her partner to fuck off because of you , so you are trying and trying ...and getting a "slap" every day until day X in which both come together forever ....marry....n shit....and omgaw....these thoughts what this person will do with him/her....gruesome...im sick...really....sick...it makes me go BOOM especially when you were happy the whole year just because you had a hope to come together with him/her ...you continued...in the hope everything will go better...but in reality everything just went even more CRAP ....seriously ... and im not that kind of person that keeps saying or listening to those fucking stupid "everything will get better" sentences cuz they are fucking wrong , i tell ya ...WRONG...stop fucking telling people that shit , you make people HOPES they will probably never have , at the end they will fall even deeper into a hole of depression...sadness...and might loose trust in everyone like i did long ago...im also not that kind of person who just takes the next one or waits for him/her ...no! i´ve decided i want him/her , JUST HIM/HER no one else , end of story , and thats where the real fuck up begins....when you know you cant have him/her...
just a short write up about i felt in the past 20 days.... anyway... i let you free again....go and grab the download...thats probably everything you want... for those that offered me to talk to, now i dont need it anymore , you can read up everything here. Oh and nope it didnt help me writing this down it just reminds me again of what im thinking and seeing all the time...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Release 1.12 wooo...

lately i´ve again worked a lot , this time i´ve got pissed about the Tools floater (yea im a freak of nature) , the Default upload permissions and the inventory filter floater...  the last two ones were too big , and the tools floater needed a fundamental change , now i want your feedback about it! i´ve also included a bit more Shiny changes (which seem to freeze the Viewer 1-5 times at the start , will sort that out later , this is just compiled and directly packed , no test before meaning you will be my test dummys including myself :O )

so what has been changed exactly?

the toolsfloater got an makeover , heres what it looks now
with it i changed the inventory filter floater and default upload permission floater (which is not on the next pic)
you might also notice that my right arm is used in both pictures , why is that? well , linden labs took that one out looooong ago because it could be used to do some....really...bad...gestures with it  , anyway call me a racist because im german , but i do like using the right arm instead of the left because im right handed , its not a very usefull feature but it will give some of you are better feeling of mirroring your dreams and hopes aswell as something of your character in your Avatar  , which i really like about SL , oh and btw , most of you wouldnt even care or think about using this right handed motion for bad things , because no one cares , i mean oh griefers and stupid idiots will always exist and they will always to bad gestures even without this right hand editing motion , if i wouldnt have told you that this can be used to do certain gestures you wouldnt have thought about it , right? anyway ....so...you can find the option to switch arms in Preferences - Viewer -  Viewer General
the pie menu ...well i wanted to do a companion wheel or action wheel like pie menu , but sadly i got insufficent skills in programming to make pie menus able to use Icons , otherwise i would have done so and it would have probably looked really cool! but it will look different anyway , its hole has been made bigger and the whole pie menu aswell i hope you dont mind , again i need feedback on that ...i might do it as optional setting like nearly everything i do... 

after i´ve taken a look at what other viewers did , i´ve noticed that our Dolphin Viewer did some changes to Mouselook which really excited me =D , no UI hiding while in Mouselook! and nearly fully interactable UI in Mouselook aswell , you can now re-experience SL in mouselook :O just press and hold Alt and your cursor will go into Zoom mode allowing you to move your mouse and interact with the UI , cool isnt it!? theres also a option to enable UI hiding again , but appearantly i´ve forgot to include it...im sorry... just noticed while writing... but you can access it via Debug Settings , its called AllowUIHidingInML (off by default)

to the Shining fixes i´ve included , i´ve just noticed (while writing this) that they might cause freezing on world ret , so dont get shocked about that , like said above i will sort that out and check if its really the Shining fixes

About FPS comparisons:
im often seeing Framerate comparisons in the last few weeks , which i personally dislike very much , the reason is simple , they all show the same , my Viewer is the way slowest of them all which comes from the overall higher settings i use , but people that dont hear about that my Viewer focuses on high graphics will probably focus on FPS first , which will lead them to other Viewers that might not even be focused on Machinima/Photos , which i really find dissapointing , not that people go to other viewers , more that its often not said that different viewers produce different quality pictures on default settings , that should been taken in account if you ask me , because i´ve said before , i dont focus on Performance , instead i only focus on high quality graphics , Performance is something you have , or you dont have , i could test through all viewers as often as i want , it will probably always produce the same result telling that Firestorm/Phoenix is one of the slowest for me , together with any other Viewer 1 , followed by misc viewers in which would mine probably fall aswell(Milkshape , Imprudence , etc etc) and then the probably highest Exodus and Linden Shining , which all and thats the reason why im so upset about it will not produce a similar picture to my own viewer without extreme tweaking in over 20-40 Debug Settings all over the Viewer , and then they would probably fall to the same value and maybe even lower than my Viewer....i had a bunch of people already telling me how great the viewer runs even after im warning that it might get slower every time , people came with storys reaching from "i get only 2-5 FPS in Linden and 20-30 in yours" to "i could never activate Deferred + Shadows in any Viewer , but in yours it works and its fast" , which tells me that apart from that im theoeretically doing nothing at the render pipeline :O i actually do something right whatever it is , might be that you get the "original" version of my viewer just like i use it packed into a WinRar file , completly ready to use after unpack without any shit installations ...anyway, my opinion , end of story

what are you still doing here?!
*uses force grip on you*

have fun!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Release 1.1(1) UPDATE

please GRAB 1.11 if you got 1.10 i forgot compiling it with LAA , resulting in out of memory crash at 1.25GB mem usage!

Yea i know it has been a very quiet time...atlast in my blog
as the previous post already said i had and still have extreme problems , in case you think it gone better , nope its going worse every day...fuck who cares...atm im feeling like...some sort of everything is pointless , crap n shity ...useless...yea...you know... anyway

me and mig continued working on some stuff both he and me fucked up a lot of shit in the meantime yea , so heres a short brief of what got fucked up in 1.1!

for all you defaulters and those wo want to be defaulters, i´ve again redone the glow settings , with it i´ve redone the default Sky Preset (NOT DEFAULT its actually called Realistic 2 if you want to set it manually) aswell as sunrise , dawn and night... i did a new Daycycle for it and made that default too , mig came to me and told me someday... the nights in SL were darker and hell yea they are WAY too bright , so i made them way darker (they are also called Realistic, all of them) heres a something for your eyes to take a look at

Old Presets                                                                                                     New Presets

you will probably notice that the overall glow has been turned down , yea i know it was extreme on sand and snow (i think on snow it wont help anyway) so yea , i changed everything a bit , reweighted glow a bit etc etc

For all you that wanted to disable it , you will now find the option to do so in Preferences - Viewer - UI Settings (dont ask me why its there , probably because theres an Alpha/Beta Feature Section) Qarl Fizz´s Mesh Deformer , untick it and re-wear any mesh or the whole mesh AV to make it update and look normal , the reason why it doesnt auto update like in Exodus is easy, Qarls code adds an update to mesh nearly every second or less , this results in flickering mesh shadows and totally freaking Meshes on other people , i took that one out , contra is that you have to "refresh" it then , but it definetly works better :)

You´ve seen a lot of pics in which you can see my UI and you probably noticed that i only have 2 buttons left and nearly all Sidebar buttons right (V2 style), this is from now on the new Toolbar Layout as default , it consumes way less space than before and isnt filled with unnecessenarly buttons , if you need any , you know how to add them , right click , select buttons or go into main menu NV - View as far as i remember...

2. point , i´ve revised the graphic panel a bit , fixed some tooltips , added default indicators for those who want to know whats default (later half transparent numbers behind sliders will follow), tooltips to IM Panel buttons and a new option for Bumpmap strength/resolution

3. point is from now on you can search more than only one word in inventory search filter with + inbetween them! , thanks to Mig for porting it over

as you were used of Kirstens Viewer , and my previous versions this is again bleeding edge , fully merged up to 3.2.7 Linden and all Shining Fixes!

If you encounter sudden FPS break , OS freeze followed by drivers crash , this is NOT my Viewer causing this , it seems that some funny people think they should TP around random places and start rezzing Invisible Prims (which cannot be seen with Transparent Feature) which are very complex and start fucking up your rendering pipeline , in this case you might wanna try disabling Shadows which seems to prevent that

Sorry this time there is no changelog...in all those fuckups and problems i had , i lost my changelog textfile.... :( will have to recreate it...

PIIIIIIIICS! (they might be in Loading screen or Login screen in future , sorry havnt done it yet)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Not so bright future...

Well , i havnt had a good start into new year , additionally i was told a whole story i would have never believed which hit me extremly hard ...then theres also my pathetic failing at trying to deliver you the best graphics in SL , as of Exodus´s new Release with Tone Mapping , Floating Point Object Buffers , HDR , Gamma Correction , Vignette Effect and tons of other awesome features i have simply been stomped to a pancake...

Im very ill at the moment (not directly physically) ...love really hit me with a baseball bat on my head , my whole life became pointless and goalless , i will probably retreat for an unknown time , maybe its a week , maybe 2 , maybe a month ...maybe i will never come back , everything is absolutely unsure now , i guess you know how someone feels when love breaks up , now add another one or two levels of hurt on it... anyway i might continue my Viewer internally , so keep an eye on Bitbucket for eventual updates ... when i ever regain my strength to continue i will probably instantly release a new Version with probably a lot of changes , you might wanna take a look at Exodus to find out what i mean with all those graphic effects and why they render my viewer totally unable to be compared when used right , if there are any questions , please use my group to ask i will try to answer
you can either find it in my Profile (secondlife:///app/agent/a7fe20fa-1e95-4f87-aa8f-86496c78c1e5/inspect) just copy the link in chat and click on it
or you can use the search , search for Niran , its called >Nirans Spiel- und Bauprojekte<

you also might wanna checkout Blue Galaxy (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caisteal/167/167/300/?title=Blue%20Galaxy%20Shop)
for this awesome Avatar and some really High Quality sculpt and mesh objects

if you just want to have a talk with me you can also IM me (inspector above) if you like
Best regards ,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mesh Deformer Alpha 1.03

Mesh Deformer Project done by our hero Qarl who did a lot of great things in the past finally gone Alpha , its included in 1.03 so all meshes (atlast those who are rigged correctly) should properly rig to your body , additionally it will also now change with your fat , boob size , ass size , head changes etc etc , all those tiny things that werent possible before now work! , even Avatar Physics should work like Qarl said :O


have fun

Original blogpost by Qarl:

Happy new Year to all but me...

yea its again the end of a Year , this time it is 2011... it brought us a lot of good ....and a lot of bad things , but better not talk about the bad things...

As always i merged back and forth , tested , tried and fucked up my Viewer a lot of times , coming to the conclusion that its shit and i have to go back to the starting point , which leads me to that theres not much changed from PreRelease 1.02 to final 1.02 , all Major things were already included in 1.02 , but i dont want to come with empty paws so i´ve done atlast a few things here they are:

Tofu keeps playing with his SSAO and Shadows and i keep merging his stuff up to a certain point where he went backwards instead of forward , at this point shadows look the best with maxmimum quality and minimum shadow resolution , i´ve explained and shown that already in the final Release one that High equivs nearly Extreme (2.5x Resolution) Settings before Tofu´s changes , but thats not enough , he kept doing awesome stuff and thats where Multi-Level-Shadowing jumps in

as you can see , alpha objects will throw shadows aswell , full shadows from 0-20 transparency , half shadows from 21-70 and no shadows from 71 onwards

Bugfixes & Changes
as Silverdragon told me , group profile buttons vanish when hovering over them , that came from me not able to find a way to seperatly tell the Viewer that Friendlist etc has them and group chatter list has info button only , this is "fixed" now , i removed the profile button completly as it is useless anyway , you got 3 other ways to open his/her profile...Button , right click and inspector...

I´ve modified the IM Panel aswell ...again, this time the Namedisplay has been changed , from now on it will not show User Name (display.name) anymore , it will ONLY show User Name OR Display Name (when i figure out why both doesnt work anymore i will add that aswell) depending on if you enabled Display Names in IM found in Preferences - Viewer - UI Settings

Double Click TP Shortcut was fixed and a crash on logout with active notifications which some of you might have encountered without noticing

Well...and then there are 2 special things , number one is working Mesh Uploads! Thanks to Nicky Dasmijn
who made this possible (havnt tested yet, this is up to you for now)... Number 2 are the new Loadingscreens , i´ve thought long about adding the hide Progressscreen option , then i thought about reasons why people hide them? annoyance? boredom? probably both , now they arnt annoying anymore , instead they are HELPFULL! and they look cool too , have a look

and sometimes they even have a funny joke for you!

to close this post finally i´ve collected some... pics again for you to compare

Windlight (Left) and Deferred (Right)

the Download can be found as soon as it is uploaded here


Full Changelist:
-new Progressbarscreen with tips and pics (cycles through a few pics so there isnt always the same)
-working Mesh Uploads -fixed vanishing Group Icons (removed profile icon completly due to 3 already different ways to access profile...a 4. is not neccessenary)
-IM container doesnt show User and Display Name anymore , only one now depending on your settings
-CTRL + Shift + D for Double Click TP fixed
-Logout Crash caused by notifications left in sys tray

-better Linden Terrain texture quality from stock
-started some German translation in Preferences