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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.9.9 "Visualizing Dragon"

 Here we are, almost two months later.

The final update before 4.0. The final update before i'll want to work on something big for once, the update i will finally attempt to tackle the long planned Animator. I feel unprepared and still have no idea how to do the UI... but there is no point in delaying it any further, at some point i have to JUST DO IT. For anyone who cares, why did the update take so long? I wanted this update to include as much fixing as possible, god knows how long i'll be busy with the Animator, i might start it and only stop when i'm happy with it or i might give up on it and restart several times, sinking months of work into it just to realize it won't work as well as i want it to... so before i venture into the unknown, i wanted to make this update the best it can be (and i hope i found all issues)...so...

Let's get right into the changes!

The new statusbar buttons have had a few fixes, all camera buttons should now work and in addition to that there is no a Camera Roll button whenever your camera is not leveled, finally a way to reset the camera roll with a simple click.

As per suggestion Windlights can now be put into the favoritesbar (but don't complain at me for it opening the editor, the favoritesbar executes whatever is the default behavior of the item you put into it), a new option to turn off impostor generation has been added (its only a debug option so far because unless i make it immediately derender impostors i didn't feel like its worth a setting in preferences, yet), the taskbar flashing when you receive an IM can now be toggled off (wow that was annoying... especially with autohiding taskbar), the Item Properties tab in inventory now finally uses SLURL's for creator and owner making it easier to get ahold of them and the option to upload disk snapshots directly to inventory as well while saving them.

Also a bunch of reported bugs have been squashed, including: wearable body parts not replacing when double clicking them, issues with getting disconnected towards the "precaching" phase on login due to extended unresponsive times, snapshots to inventory not being cropped anymore (its an option now), BOM allowing local textures to be used, Animesh showing empty complexity information and the onscreen controls not scaling with zoom factor like the keyboard and mouse controls do.

Other noteworthy changes are the snapshot window now scaling with the snapshot aspect ratio (without having to change the window aspect ratio), the ability to save 1024x1024 inventory textures directly and a new feature to flip poses in the Poser. Bear in mind that the snapshot window has been ripped entirely apart and duct taped back together because it was a huge scattered mess that made working with it hard and unnecessarily complicated (or outright impossible without workarounds), to fix this i had to essentially rip it into pieces and stitch it back together removing all the bridges, duplicate code, hacks and workarounds, it MIGHT be that something is not entirely working as before but overall the snapshot window seemed to work fine, if you find any weird behavior though report it as usual.

By Emeline Laks

By Spectris Audax

By Emeline Laks

By KT Syakumi