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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Second Life and Kinect

did you ever imagine doing animations REALTIME while inworld , by doing them with your OWN BODY!? just imagination? future? BLUB! NO! its already possible since a long time and i need someone who has some basic Windows knowledge and who wants to try out if you can play animations with your Kinect, yea i added support for that and i wanted to test it but sadly i got a new Kinect which doesnt have the right USB port...

IM me inworld if interessted!


  1. The issue with the USB connection is the reason, that I wait for the Kinect for Windows. The sale of this Kinect starts on February, 1st. But start price is $250 (for Xbox it costs $120). After the price goes down to normal level for the Windows version, I will buy this device.

    Actually SLKinect works only local or with connection to a special animation relay server. If someone use it in SL, the animations are only visible inside the viewer of this user (or a group which connect to the same animation relay server). For later, I hope LL will provide server side synchronisation of Kinect using avatars.

    But for testing it is good to have a well working viewer. At the moment, there is only the old Imprudence with lack of features and the Firestorm with to many performance issues.

  2. http://www.nsl.tuis.ac.jp/xoops/modules/xpwiki/?SLKinect2

  3. i know , i wanna test it , but i cant...

  4. hey Niran, you realise the right arm editing thing means you're constantly sieg heiling while editing objects?

  5. @Routnex , nope , sieg heiling would be when your arm is straight and your body fixed in an I Pose , its also very unprecise ...you are also still missing the beard hehe , anyway i dont care i wanted right arm motion and a bunch of people wanted it too without any bad thought in background