Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Its not yet 2011 here but i wish everyone a Happy new Year anyway , i hope this Year will be a good one for all of us, i got a little present too

Version 4.0.4 released!

its tiny very tiny but fixes a real bad shapecrusher , it adds the missing Undo Changes button again to the Appearance Editor and does some other small things!

Have Fun and enjoy!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of YOU!

I got a Present for all Kirsten and NiranV Mod Users :3
Version 4.0.3 is finally released and has a big package of changes , see the Version History on the right side.

(DOWNLOAD 4.0.3!)

A nice Snapshot mustn´t be forgotten

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Youtube likes me :3

Yay Youtube really LIKES me, thats so AWESOME!
i just wanted to upload a Video and BING - this message popped on my screen =D

Congratulations! Your account is now enabled for uploads longer than 15 minutes. Click the Upload button below to select a video.

isnt that AWESOME? , now i can torture you with more than 15 minutes in one Video (not that i´ll ever reach 15 minutes.... except for non SL Videos but..anyway...)

and now some other good news

Mod Version 4.0.3 is very close to be finished , and it contains again a massive amount of new stuff aswell as German translations for those who cant read a word in English.
I plan to release it at Christmas as Christmas gift for all my loyal NiranV Mod Users :3

Here some random Snapshots and a very Special Desktop Snapshot :3

Friday, November 12, 2010


Ok Guys as you probably noticed , Meshes have been arrived at the Aditi Grid , the Test Server , you can upload your Meshes which must be in Collada (.dae) format easily , its toooootal simple , just make your object , export it as collada and upload it , no more preparing a UV map doing stuff here and there and watching the Vertice Limit....its gone people...ITS GONE!, you can even Rig the Mesh to your Avatar!!! that means ....yes! new forms ,shapes ...whole new Avatars much more detailed than the LL one ever could!, the dark side of this Feature is its cost , Meshes will cost much L$ depending on how complex your Mesh is (how much vertices/triangles it has). You can make own UV Textures , you can make one whole avatar with one Mesh! or with a few!, you can make new awesome deforming clothes which will bend and stretch with your body if they´re rigged! AWESOME mh? , yes! Meshes are extremly less Hardware hungry , even with Meshes at the Limit (65.000 vertices) didn´t impact my FPS that much like a single Furry Avatar with sculptys (awesome!) and the best , those meshes can be edited like normal prims , even if they´re rigged to your Avatar! means ...yes! Shiny and Glowy Bodys! xD but ok enough Info , see it yourself!





You can find more Pictures here

and my Video here!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Comparison between Deferred and Non Deferred

Yesterday i were on the Doomed Ship again , and took some Comparison Pictures to show you the difference between Deferred and Non Deferred Mode
Deferred Mode (Shadows Enabled + SSAO + 2x AA)
Non Deferred Mode (Windlight Enabled + 2x AA)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thoughs about Meshes + MOAR

You´re probably wondering "oh Niran is unbanned in Kirsten Forums and seems to be active anyway O.o" yes!, i am , because im bored hehe. As we all know (hopefully), meshes will come on 13 Oct. , but how would Avatars look when they would be Meshes , i´ve made a nice Snapshot that probably "fakes" the look of those Mesh Avatars , its NOT edited , its shot in Second Life with Custom Settings


Can you see those ugly Prim Edges? , you do? really? i too.... they are ugly , VERY UGLY , but luckily its time for them to go , it will take some time but maybe Avatars will look like the Screenshot below in the near future...

Shadowed one

You don´t see those ugly Edges anymore? don´t worry , you don´t need glasses , they are REALLY not existant :) i know its totally "faked" because im standing in Shadows which lightens everything on the same way , but thats how Future Custom Avatars could look like if they´re done right

now the MOAR

ever visited Doomed Ship? No? No Problem! i´ve checked it out , and its build for future graphic settings too! means it contains Projected Lights! and its build not too Light intensive as normal Builder would do, i´ve made Snapshots for all who can´t see it in Maximum Graphic Settings :)

Doomed Ship 1
Doomed Ship 2
Doomed Ship 3
Doomed Ship 4
Doomed Ship 5
Doomed Ship 6
Doomed Ship 7
Doomed Ship 8
Doomed Ship 9
Doomed Ship 10
Doomed Ship 11

Enjoy! Niran

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Im back!

Yes! Im unbanned! means the Mod can now be unfreezed :3
oh wait theres more , 3.2.5 FINAL Released! Finally!
[Download 3.2.5 here!]

many many added Tranlsations , a few new Options for Minimap (some which had to be deactivated because they don´t work since last Minimap Update from Snowstorm X( ) and some stuff here and there, its completly Build 39 Ready!

Enjoy, NiranV

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some new Snapshots

As im not very Busy atm , and bored im building some stuff sometimes to test how cool it would look in Second Life with some Settings im hammering together , and here are the end products :3

Darkscene 1
Darkscene 2
Darkscene 3
Darkscene 4
Darkscene 5
Darkscene 6
Lego Shotgun 1
Lego Shutgun 2
Daylight Scene 1
Daylight Scene 2

Sunday, September 26, 2010

visiting NEMO

Yea after my ban in the Forums i got very much free time , i mean i can´t see who´s posting , and the chat is.... boring...., ok back to "NEMO" , yesterday i´ve visited NEMO in Second Life, and made some nice Snapshots for all who don´t know it or who can´t see it with Deferred Renderer as i did, the SIM is filled with wonderfull designed and very much detailed objects, its a wonderfull dream for Steam-Punk Fans

Snapshot 1
Snapshot 2
Snapshot 3
Snapshot 4
Snapshot 5
Snapshot 6
Snapshot 7
Snapshot 8
Snapshot 9
Snapshot 10
Snapshot 11
Snapshot 12
Snapshot 13
Snapshot 14
Snapshot 15
Snapshot 16
Snapshot 17
Snapshot 18
Snapshot 19
Snapshot 20
Snapshot 21
Snapshot 22
Snapshot 23

Enjoy :3, NiranV Dean

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Don´t wonder

Yep don´t wonder why i won´t say anything until Oct. 2, today i´ve written a comment about Emerald / Phoenix Viewers stupidness , just the truth if you ask me , and got banned from Kirstens Site for a week , i can´t even login and check my PM´s etc...well thank you , this means there will be NO Updates , NO Uploads , NO News , and NO Version History changes, NOTHING , my Mod is paused until im unbaned again

write me inworld if you want to ask anything , Chat or Forum doesnt work for me anymore as i mentioned before

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finally an UPDATE!

Yea finally! heres an Update for my Mod , its the long awaited Version 3.2.4 , YAY , much much Bugfixes, Changes , New Options... i´ve started German Translation of some lost Strings , Menu´s and Panels , my Mod integrates a new Panel Style which can be easily switched if you want..
one of the new Options are Spotlights for Non Deferred Renderer as example, i´ve recolored some things like Names , yes i´ve recolored them! Friends are green now , UUID Keys in Profiles too , btw Profiles have been fixed too!... ahww...Niran stop talking hand out the Download Link and read the Changes in the Text file or at the side of my Blog

NiranV Mod 3.2.4

I hope you Enjoy my new Version , if you find a bug or anything i could do better or simply change , let me now , my inworld name is NiranV Dean

Friday, August 6, 2010

Flycam Test with PS 2 Gamepad

yea you read right , i made a Flycam test with my USB PS2 Gamepad , i were so fascinated that i recorded it , it looks just Awesome!
but watch it yourself here in HD

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Im alive... *Update*

Long time since i did something , yes it seems that im Dead...no im NOT Dead , im actively working on Kirsten S20 UI Mod and hanging around SL, so as you can see , my Download Section and my Change List gets Updated but i didnt find any time to write a new Post....
So im here , im alive and i have some things i did in the past Time...

I´ve uploaded Mod Version 3.1.5 for Build 29 aswell to Rapidshare , Megaupload , Hotfile and Zshare

First i RE - Uploaded my S19 Mod

Second i made a FULL HD Video of Global Illumination with my Custom Sky and Water Preset aswell as my new Graphic Menu

Third, i Updated my Mod for S20 to work with Build 29 and has all its new Options + more , and made a screenshot of the new Viewer Invidualisation Screen too...

click to enlarge

and at last, i made some cool screenshots on my Way trough SL and the Options

so Stay tuned to my Work =D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eternal Glory - YAY

Many Thanks to Kirsten , he´ve chosen one of my Pictures for his 10 Shots he want to have in the Login Screen HURAY!

This Shot was chosen :3 and its aviable here in Full resolution for Kirsten to Download

Other Things
im working on a new S20 Skin , it should look like the old S19 Nvidea Skin but not too much, there should be some S20 elements still there...
then im making a new S19 Skin as well, recently i completly re-skinned my Windows as you can see here
now i want to take this black-orange glassy look to Second Life,which would fit to my Windows as well :3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


got some new Nice Screenshots, because im on S19, all the time... i have Shadows active all the time too, and sometimes there are some cool places or moments that looks way to cool to let them go without a screenshot, here are some


Monday, March 15, 2010

Unleashing the Real Power of Kirsten S20

Since Kirsten released S20 im working and modding on every edge of the UI , my focus lies on Graphic Panel , the importanst Panel in a Graphic based Viewer, soon everything from S19 will be in S20 too + some M.O.R.E like Shadow Resolution, you can control how precise your Shadows will be rendered , Shadows will be calculated by your Resolution X the given Factor , means 1680 X 1050 X 3 = 5040 X 3240 Resolution, that means .....your FPS are too low *caughs* hihi , i got 4 FPS on Factor 5 , heres an Example Video of it , showing the Power of Global Illumination and Shadows five time Precise as normal:

AND if thats not enough here are some very cool Screenshots showing the Power of Global Illumination + Sky and Lighting Tweaks, looks like Godrays to me (whooo Crysis) Awesome heh?



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Second Life 2.0

SL 2.0 Beta Viewer is out! try it! its worth it, but handle with care and try to activate RenderDeferredGI ;) Its quiet fast.....40 FPS with Shadows....but drops very fast when Avatars get rendered...and crashes like hell
Second Life 2.0 Download
2 pictures to show what Global Illumination does
Global Illumination with Second Life 2.0 under AMD! it even works with ATI!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fullscreen tests

HAH, i got Fullscreen to work again.....most ^^
You have to follow the Instructions in order to get Fullscreen running as far as i got...
1. Start Kirsten S19 (379)
2. Log in to Second Life and press ALT + Enter and wait until your UI and the World gets Fucked up in Fullscreen
3. Make Sure you arn´t under Water , THATS TOTALLY EXTREME IMPORTANT! - because Kirsten will crash 1000% if your under water
4. Make sure you have something to Tab to on your Desktop, IE,Firefox,WMP or something , NOW switch back to Kirsten, everything will get reloaded , and your UI should be fine now, like the rest, then go to Graphic, select your Desired Resolution (to come in next version, again....) TADA you are in Fullscreen! , but remember its experimental, i cant guarantee that it doesnt crash all the time.... and avoid switching between Desktop and Kirsten.....a known SL Problem that it will crash on some point...

Im putting the Fullscreen options in there right now again , because Resolution stucks at 800 x 600 , maybe you can change them manually in the Settings.xml´s Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Niran? Special!

1. Who is Niran?
-NiranV Dean or called Niran in Second Life is a jung Fur , he travels trough Second Life or hangs around with friends and if he gets bored he starts Building or Editing something...

2.1 What exactly does Niran in Second Life?
-Searching for new Friends , and his Love , Building useless Stuff like Weapons....Thousand of HUD´s or starts Thousand of Mammut Projects.....RPG Games....Systems...and even Boardgames...

2.2 Ever finishes one of those Mammut Projects?
-Not really....they´re in my Inventory and waiting to be ressurected

3. Whats about those Kirsten Mod´s you´re doing?
-Well...like i said im getting bored very fast, and whats better than Modding Kirsten´s Viewer to give it even a better "look"?, right nothing, i have Fun Modding and Tweaking some Aspects of the User Interface and i love Buttons and Options :3 more Options = more Invidualization = more Fun

4. And...does Kirsten like them too?
-Seems like he likes them too, its Time and Work he havn´t to do

5. Wow how do you do such things?
-with Editing some XML Files, and since some versions , Textures too

6. What are you doing the time you arn´t Working on your Mod?
-Mostly im on a German Furry SIM and talking, over the dayle Furry like Apocalypse xD

7. Why isnt Antialiasing working with your Mod?
-Because i set it to the Forground , (took it out of the Hardware Menu were it would work) and (since some versions) disables /took it completly out and replaced it with a ? icon that Explains how to Put Antialiasing to on in your Driver Settings

8. Can you script something for me?
-Maybe, depends on what you want, Thermonuclear Weapons and Ion Canons....should be no problem, they will take a bit but i think i can do them, RPG Systems, yes and no , everything that runs Local works and can be made, everything Serverside NO!

9. Can you build something for me or help me in other Ways?
-Yes , just ask me , im always happy talking to someone :3

10. Why are you nacked on most of the Pictures shown?
-Because i can :P, its my "life-Style" in Second Life, i dont like clothes they dont look cute with most of my Avatars

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Its raining.....me...eh rain...

Its Raining OMG! but cool Sky Preset i made :3

Monday, February 8, 2010

Version 2.1 Released

After many hours of working and translating, then testing it on a fresh installed Kirsten S19 (377) everything seems to work perfectly, 2.0.9 was a big Translation Update for Kirsten , many Important things that were thrown away were translated into German again!, 2.1 is a big ATI Update, it re-do´s many aspects of the ATI Skin, adds my Nvidea icons in a matching color to it and changes some colors like the Scroll bars so they wont look like carrots.

Have Fun with it and if theres something you wish to be translated just drop a comment, i try to get it Translated if its possible.

Here are some cool Screenshots for all who cant see Kirsten in his full Settings or just have to use other Clients because the Render Glow Touchable Function slows down their PC´s:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

2.1 What will it look like Preview!

I made some extrem changes to many things, added the (already in NVidea) new Icons and recolored them to match ATI, i generally changed the Colors of ATI because they were extremly too bright like the scroll bars etc its a bit darker now, have a look at my allmighty Work! xD

Friday, February 5, 2010

NiranV Mod 2.1 coming soon!

My Mod climbs up the Versions very fast, as you can see every Version has not very much things changed....why? because i make a new Version every time i uploaded the newest Stuff, but 2.1 will do something very Big!, it will replace many Icons on ATI Skin like in NVidea Skin! maybe with a new Color to match the new very..."exciting" Grey ATI skin....AHHH its Totally tooo Brigth!!!! *runs in circles and holds his eyes*

Heres a bit Picture Material too , how it looks at the moment :3

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kirsten S19

Kirsten S19 Released and i started working on it....again :3 (Kirsten i think you´ll club me to death, but pff i want to help you , club´s don´t hurt me haha!)
S19 has many cool new Features (like the Glowing Touchables) heres a screen of the Interface and the new Glowing Touchables , in this case my Ear :3

A little Welcome to the ATI Users too , see the World of Second Life like a NVidea User! and have fun!

but the coolest Feature in S19 is my Favourite Runtime Error Crash :3 it crashes me all the time , because its the only Crash i have, no matter how i do it ,- get Black Screen,Take a Snapshot and cant save sometimes, Pressing OK or Apply sometimes, or just waiting for it! i like it Kirsten never crashes so spectaculare before! xD no just a Joke, i hope the next few Releases will get as good as the latest S18 was

Many Thanks to Kirsten who made the Viewer and invested (i think) more than thousand hours of work and never wanted something for it , so many people said ahh ohh ihh it doesnt work here and there and everywhere...but COMMON People! he´s ALONE and does that for Free! and all he gets for his work is a :3 or :) or some thanks you should be happy that he does that for you! Amen!

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Icons for the Menus!
Look! i got some cool new Icons for the Menu´s....more are coming , already finished are De-Activated Version of Yes/No,Spin Up/Down, Radio De-Selected and the Slider

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Showing the Power of my Sky Preset and a Sorry...

Many People think...oh its a sky Preset....nothing special....*throw away* HAHA! here are some screenshots to show HOW Powerfull my Sky Preset can be and what the different is between my Preset and the normal "Night"

- SORRY for all People who can´t download my Mod-
im searching for a good upload storage , that works for everyone, and doesnt need to check the file 5.000.000 hours and deletes it then , or later after XY Days , but i try to give Kirstenlee always the newest Version, so if the new Viewer comes out it will be in there!

Write a comment with a good site and i´ll upload it there for you or ask/IM me inworld ,my name is NiranV Dean