Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Release 2.0.6

NOTE: The "FUCK U FULLBRIGHT" Feature needs revisiting of that SIM you´re on (or going to 2000m and coming back down) or relog

gdjasgagdag fasjgperfmöe ... fuahgfo *enables translator*

I hopy dopy you had a wonderfull christmas , cuz i DIDNT , i got like super duper sick , not just sick in my brain as usual , also physically sick...anyway

I planned a beta release but i made a full release out of it because it would have been counted as one anyway so here we go.

Yea uhm... Login has been fixed , menu has been removed , voice toggle added and all that stuff... you know... more important is that theres this... feature ... which allows you to disable Fullbrights... WOOOOOOW WAIT , Fullbrights? Yes you can disable them but it will need you to relog OR revisit the SIM or Place you are at (sorry for that but havnt found an effective way to do it yet)

Ever seen a fullbrightless world? no? here it is!

this is probably the best of all , you can do stuff like night and add some cool projected lights without those stupid fullbrights shining like "HEY IM HERE RUINING YOUR GODDAMN PICTURE"

Can you imagine that stuff can look good without fullbright? no? k , look at this

Oh and i forgot about that pesky bug faking motion blurrrrrrryyyyy blur... here...

go to preferences , make sure you got everything up to Deferred enabled , now enable Screen Space Reflections and keep Shadows and Ambient Occlusion DISABLED! everything else doesnt matter , motion should now start appearing a few times , just like a super simple motion blur and the lower your FPS go the easier it becomes to see it

Tofus also updated his Screen Space Reflection code and optimized SSAO aswell as DoF a bit , DoF should be ALOT faster now even with maximum resolution and SSR... well...look at it now

new Minimap FTW

please see the changelog for more information on those other changes that arnt THAT important...



fixed Login disalignment
fixed some error messages and non existant stuff that threw warnings
fixed minimap prim size not clickable
fixed the Viewer using Second Life´s default cache folder
fixed crash (potential) when bad number of texture components occours
added Enable Voice option to login
added Experimental Fullbright on/off toggle
added Tofu´s better SSAO , DoF and SSR
added a slighty transparent background to the minimap , looks better now
added ability to derender Fullbright , Fullbright Shinies and Alphas to Render Types menu
changed Tone Mapping defaults a bit for MOAR COLORS!
cleaned login code a bit up
moved the Settings preset feature to main Preferences
removed Gamma option from preferences
removed Login menu
removed last bits of HighRes Snapshot (obselete)
renamed Friends to Aquaintances (Freunde zu Bekannte)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all!
I hope you have/had fun and enjoy/enjoyed your Christmas this year.

I might upload a snapshot build tomorrow ...today... idk..we´ll see...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Release 2.0.5 (2346)

NOTE: You have to REDO your settings to see my new SSAO , DoF , Shadow and Glow settings BUT only if you changed them which you MOST LIKELY did!

oh yesh its the time again... i mean basically its twice the time because last week i didnt do a release...
i was busy with playing Dark Souls and too lazy to release =D


Beta and alot of lost or missed stuff has been merged/remerged , the Viewer should be pretty up to date again with CoreHTTP (Project HTTP) , Firestorms crashfix collection , and generally some other stuff that i dont remember anymore (its still alot!)

ATTENTION: German users only , please report ANY floater , panel , menu , screen etc which you found has turned to english , this is a "bug" that came from the new LL code changing something in the skinning system which seems to alter the way those translation xmls are loaded , i´ll investigate that and try to fix it!
In meantime please make a list of everything you found and tell me or give it to me via NC!

User Interface:

Not much change here , the differences are hidden in details , like an additional color picker to select the object selection rectangle color (which is by default yellow/orange/brown) and some hidden work on the Login screen which can now also login by pressing Enter key (only if you´ve selected the password entry)


The biggest changes have been done here =D , we all missed the super duper mega ultra better SSAO of Tofu which was so much smoother and finer and i brought it back into my Viewer! Thats not all yet , i also asked him for his SSR (Screen Space Reflections) feature which i also implemented for you to test, BUT , WORDS OF ADVISE , this feature is by FAR not done and is 5 times as ineffective as necessary (like Tofu said) so expect extreme performance drops! ... AND he also made a fix for the Atmospheric Haze not working in Deferred (it didnt for years now)

(Left is Atmospheric Haze in Deferred not working || right has working Atmospheric Haze)

Screen Space Reflectins produce a nice look , they ONLY work in Deferred!

I´ve also implemented the tiling/seams fix of Runatai for high res snapshots , but please be carefull with it , it will make you unable to make super snapshots. Your video card will render as much as it can and save it into a picture so if your video card cant handle a 6000x3306 pictures like i often did before , it will just render what it can and the rest will be black , in this case you will have to go down with the resolution until you hit one that your video card can handle , but now that you can use all graphic settings + antialiasing without having seams or tiling issues , you wont need to go up that much anymore anyway.

taken in 3840x2116

Overall i´ve redone the SSAO , Depth of Field , Glow and Shadow settings for a better default and nicer look , next time i´ll also include the new Tone Mapping defaults which will make the picture a bit more colorfull than the previous defaults did. Note to those that say "Tone Mapping looks dull" , ALL , without exception , ALL my pictures you see here are done with Tone Mapping active. Clouds as example have an extra volumetric look


Not sure about Performance , it should have decreased a whole bunch due to better SSAO and my new Shadow settings and additional rendering due to wroking Atmospheric Haze now but as you can see Image quality has been drastically increased!


Things of interest:

My Viewer parcel where you can test Screen Space Reflections
SLUniverse Topic about unreasonable users and TPV devs



merged Beta Code
added ability to color Object highlights (needs restart)
added new Boost libs
added Tofu´s Better SSAO shaders
added Tofu´s Screen Space Reflections
added Option to toggle SSR
added CoreHTTP (HTTP Project) (Beta merge)
added a secret login screen (not yet done)
added right click 'copy SLURL' option to landmarks
fixed On Off On Off achievement only triggering with attached light option
fixed High Res seams/tiling issue
fixed some shaders and the pipeline a bit
fixed lots of Crash (Beta merge)
fixed german translation in some areas
tweaked Shadow and Shadow Blur settings
tweaked SSAO settings massively
tweaked Depth of Field settings minimaly
tweaked Glow settings minimaly
increased Curl handles to 386 to counter curl fails for a while
toned down water reflection glow massively
renamed some windlight presets for more consistency
updated Special Thanks page