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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Release 1.15

yea its Release time again....quick i know...

lets get to the changes , quickly...

from now on you will be able to switch the quick home button off which is located between the windlight quick buttons and back/forth navigation arrows , i also made it possible to close Move , View(Camera) and Speakers floaters via X , both has been requested and with all those changes i also took another look into the Viewer tab in Azure and added some missing options aswell as i took out disable TP screens as this option will never be implemented again (sorry , but i´ve put too much time into them to allow people to just disable them , because thats often the first thing people do and then they wont even see it for the first time , so they wont notice that its actually not the same as in all other viewers)

as soon as i will get the opportunity to merge in the new Simple Inventory Project i will do so and do a in-between release for you to check out as im very interessted in it

also my F1 Main Menu has been updated again , it should now look like this which comes closer to a compass like game menu like Skyrim has , its definetly not final and the graphics will definetly change one or more times over time, but again its a WIP experiment...but its quick! and uhm looks good....a bit atlast

i´ve added 2 experimental and totally NOT working but funny new modes for snapshot , the left one has been after edited (resized in width to fill the whole Full HD resolution again which you probably will have to do aswell so you will need some basic pic editing knowledge) and the right one works as it looks there , i think atlast the left one looks cool and adds some nice effects to the scene :O its also funky as this pic isnt grey at all! this pic is green and purple and will create an optical illusion of greyness , check it out yourself! take it into fullscreen and zoom into it, FUNKY!

the rest of the party is , i added Dolphins unknown minimap indicator which seems to be not working right now , will have to investigate that (like a lot of other things too) and MU Pose style which has been set to off by default ...requested aswell

have fun,

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