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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Release 1.12 wooo...

lately i´ve again worked a lot , this time i´ve got pissed about the Tools floater (yea im a freak of nature) , the Default upload permissions and the inventory filter floater...  the last two ones were too big , and the tools floater needed a fundamental change , now i want your feedback about it! i´ve also included a bit more Shiny changes (which seem to freeze the Viewer 1-5 times at the start , will sort that out later , this is just compiled and directly packed , no test before meaning you will be my test dummys including myself :O )

so what has been changed exactly?

the toolsfloater got an makeover , heres what it looks now
with it i changed the inventory filter floater and default upload permission floater (which is not on the next pic)
you might also notice that my right arm is used in both pictures , why is that? well , linden labs took that one out looooong ago because it could be used to do some....really...bad...gestures with it  , anyway call me a racist because im german , but i do like using the right arm instead of the left because im right handed , its not a very usefull feature but it will give some of you are better feeling of mirroring your dreams and hopes aswell as something of your character in your Avatar  , which i really like about SL , oh and btw , most of you wouldnt even care or think about using this right handed motion for bad things , because no one cares , i mean oh griefers and stupid idiots will always exist and they will always to bad gestures even without this right hand editing motion , if i wouldnt have told you that this can be used to do certain gestures you wouldnt have thought about it , right? anyway ....so...you can find the option to switch arms in Preferences - Viewer -  Viewer General
the pie menu ...well i wanted to do a companion wheel or action wheel like pie menu , but sadly i got insufficent skills in programming to make pie menus able to use Icons , otherwise i would have done so and it would have probably looked really cool! but it will look different anyway , its hole has been made bigger and the whole pie menu aswell i hope you dont mind , again i need feedback on that ...i might do it as optional setting like nearly everything i do... 

after i´ve taken a look at what other viewers did , i´ve noticed that our Dolphin Viewer did some changes to Mouselook which really excited me =D , no UI hiding while in Mouselook! and nearly fully interactable UI in Mouselook aswell , you can now re-experience SL in mouselook :O just press and hold Alt and your cursor will go into Zoom mode allowing you to move your mouse and interact with the UI , cool isnt it!? theres also a option to enable UI hiding again , but appearantly i´ve forgot to include it...im sorry... just noticed while writing... but you can access it via Debug Settings , its called AllowUIHidingInML (off by default)

to the Shining fixes i´ve included , i´ve just noticed (while writing this) that they might cause freezing on world ret , so dont get shocked about that , like said above i will sort that out and check if its really the Shining fixes

About FPS comparisons:
im often seeing Framerate comparisons in the last few weeks , which i personally dislike very much , the reason is simple , they all show the same , my Viewer is the way slowest of them all which comes from the overall higher settings i use , but people that dont hear about that my Viewer focuses on high graphics will probably focus on FPS first , which will lead them to other Viewers that might not even be focused on Machinima/Photos , which i really find dissapointing , not that people go to other viewers , more that its often not said that different viewers produce different quality pictures on default settings , that should been taken in account if you ask me , because i´ve said before , i dont focus on Performance , instead i only focus on high quality graphics , Performance is something you have , or you dont have , i could test through all viewers as often as i want , it will probably always produce the same result telling that Firestorm/Phoenix is one of the slowest for me , together with any other Viewer 1 , followed by misc viewers in which would mine probably fall aswell(Milkshape , Imprudence , etc etc) and then the probably highest Exodus and Linden Shining , which all and thats the reason why im so upset about it will not produce a similar picture to my own viewer without extreme tweaking in over 20-40 Debug Settings all over the Viewer , and then they would probably fall to the same value and maybe even lower than my Viewer....i had a bunch of people already telling me how great the viewer runs even after im warning that it might get slower every time , people came with storys reaching from "i get only 2-5 FPS in Linden and 20-30 in yours" to "i could never activate Deferred + Shadows in any Viewer , but in yours it works and its fast" , which tells me that apart from that im theoeretically doing nothing at the render pipeline :O i actually do something right whatever it is , might be that you get the "original" version of my viewer just like i use it packed into a WinRar file , completly ready to use after unpack without any shit installations ...anyway, my opinion , end of story

what are you still doing here?!
*uses force grip on you*

have fun!


  1. Nice one, I will try this instead of the latest one.

    PS: Not sure if you like opinions about your blog, wich is nice. But when I am reading it, because the background is black and font white, I get white lines one my eyes while and after reading it LOL wich makes me a bit dizzy xD.

    I think you need a new awesome and high quality theme like your viewer already have. Please @_@

  2. BTW - awesome work, it's looking great :D

  3. New build floater is an excellent, compact design. Much thanks for the thought and effort there. As for FPS comparisons? Your viewer DOES indeed run faster on my hardware. End of story. ;D

  4. :/ i keep crashing on login.. im on wins 64bit and i have a intel card..

  5. @MSOOGIEBOOGIE , tried clearing cache and settings? otherwise it might be your intel card doing this... you can also wait for 1.13 it might fix some things

  6. For me Nirans viewer gets higher frame rates than Firestorm... that's a big plus in addition to other improvements that make photographing cool :)