Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Release 1.32

Please DO clear your settings on this release otherwise you will most likely end up with previous glow settings which will cause an extreme neon world with the new shader updates

Please let me also know if stability increased or decreased , aswell as overall performance increases , this Release has been compiled with OpenMP and im not sure if it works or hurts the Viewer in any way

Take the red pill , get a blue one!

User Interface:
The default Login Page has been set to Experimental from now on , that means from now on the background video is default and can be disabled in preferences - viewer - ui , if you havnt seen it you can either check out the last post in which i embedded it OR you can see it yourself in the login screen :)

Gestures can now be set to nearly all alphabetical letters and number keys which is a great way to use HUDs easier!

The Inventory Inbox panel has got some of my modding love , its translated to german aswell!

Same goes for the Outbox which has been modded and translated aswell AND i fixed the language specific initialisation error , you should now be able to initialize & use the merchant outbox in any language on windows and linux if the servers or your connection doesnt cut it before

NOTE: those 2 snaps have been made with German UI which clearly shows that outbox should be functional in other languages now!

Inbox & Outbox checkbox options have been taken out of the Viewer prefs as Inbox will occour automatically and Outbox is an extra floater

All bad or problem causing video options have been tagged with an (!) behind their label to show that carefullness would be good here

Also some more tooltips explaining some more graphical options have been added in this release

Double Click TP and Double Click Autopilot in Movement menu have been fixed , you can now normally turn on/off Doubleclick TP via shortcut!

Something that has been a bug since a very looooong time and as far as i know no other Viewer hasnt fixed (probably not even noticed) that IM Session Titles and IM History Titles can only show both Display and Username or just the Username , i finally fixed it (headaches @.@) depending on your settings you will now be able to have Usernames , Displaynames or Displaynames (user.names) in both titles!

You can now also finally disable attached particles and lights (facelights etc) via Graphics panel in Deferred Rendering YAY!

This is going to hurt for you i know and thats the reason i do a tutorial about it how to revert it if you want, from now on (until i change it again or make it switchable via UI) you will be able to walk left with A and right with D instead of just rotating like it is (still) with the arrow keys , no need to hold Shift anymore , instead Shift will now change the controls back and make you rotate with A and D as long as you hold Shift.

If you want to revert that behavior , simply go into the Nirans Viewer unpack folder which should normally something like:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Nirans Viewer
C:\Program Files\Nirans Viewer
if you are on a 32bit OS
from there go into the folder called app_settings and open the file keys.xml with notepad or any other text editing program you wish , now find those 2

binding key="A" mask="NONE" command="slide_left"
binding key="D" mask="NONE" command="slide_right"
in "third_person" section and change the commands to rotate , it should then look like:

binding key="A" mask="NONE" command="turn_left"
binding key="D" mask="NONE" command="turn_right"
also dont forget to change

binding key="A" mask="SHIFT" command="turn_left"
binding key="D" mask="SHIFT" command="turn_right"
back to

binding key="A" mask="SHIFT" command="slide_left"
binding key="D" mask="SHIFT" command="slide_right"
which will turn A and D back to turn left/right and Shift + A/D back to walk left/right like it was before
please tell me what you think about this change , its even hard for me to get used to it but im making progress , so i might revert it back if its a step to far over the edge

The MOST IMPORTANT thing as first , SHADOWS ON ALPHAS! again...yay , i merged back n forth and fixed the alpha shadow issue , now we can haz shadows back on alphas! - lots of alphas looked HORRIBLE in dark sky presets in shadows because they were like fullbright....

I changed the glow and depth of field default settings to 1. prevent the newest changes from making the world glow like a neon world and 2. have a little bit of athmosperic look through a bit stronger and sooner starting depth of field which should slightly but softly blur out objects on distance!

As usual some tiny bugfixes like a not correct recognized ATI card , some ATI shader compilation failures , object discriptions which couldnt be deleted and some fixes for some memory leaks when selecting certain stuff =D


isnt it cute? and it looks totally awesome too!

Tali! Wtf are you doing here?

Insilico is a good background!
as always i hope you enjoy my Viewer,
remember im putting a lot of love and time into it
no money can pay that!

(as soon as i uploaded it)

for Linux check the sidebar tab important links



A and D keys now move you instead of rotating the cam , holding shift reverts to normal rotating
added 0 - 9 and the whole alphabet to gesture key dropdown except ASDW and E
added some tooltips to a few options
added the ability to disable attached particles and lights via Graphic settings
added (!) marks to EVIL options which can cause really weird and extreme FPS or Image breakage
tweaked Inventory inbox panel
tweaked max Background Yield Time to 300
tweaked Texture selection background color
tweaked DoF and Glow settings
tweaked default Camera Lag
changed Experimental login video again
made undo/redo and paste accept key repeats
made Experimental Login default
fixed black notification/conversation sys well floater
fixed language specifix initialization error in merchant outbox
fixed XUI Preview Shortcut
fixed Visual auto mute & ignore labels beeing cutoff
fixed DoubleClick TP Menu entry
fixed shadows on alpha
fixed Display or Username or Display + Username history and IM session title depending on settings
deleted Inbox and Outbox options in Viewer panel
RLVa: fixed : recent interaction time is updated on nearby chat when @sendnames restricted
MAINT-853:  Audit sendListToRegions() function calls and fix memory leaks.
MAINT-852 / VWR-8761 :  Cannot delete object description.
MAINT-822 Fix for ATI R300 (Radeon 9700) not being recognized on some systems.
MAINT-807 FIXED ([PUBLIC]Button Clear history from Preferences isn't clear last teleport)
MAINT-806 Fix for some shaders failing to link on ATI x800.


  1. Hello Niran!
    Thanks again for your wonderful work! I'm with a doubt. For me to use the mesh deformer I need to activate any tool? Thank you!

  2. yes you need to enable it in Prefs - Viewer - UI - Qarls Mesh Deformer , but it wont work anyway as it 1. contains all the fixes which means Meshes need a flag that they are deformable (on upload) and 2. im not sure if my switch might have broken it , therefor i will take it out in future until the next release and see if that one fixes the shadow flickering and mesh explosions

  3. Thank you for clarifying my doubts! Good job for you :)

  4. Hey Niran, great work on your Viewer as allways, but since 1.30 a persistent little Problem with the Alphas of most texutres has arrised. They all seem pinkish and such, my skin seems to be transparent on the polygon body.

    All i can say is that i have a Radeon HD6800 series GPU, and even disabling the optimisations in the ATI drivers didnt seem to fix it, and it seems to even carry over into other viewers, like firstorm, kind of a alpha "sorting issue or something, but after choosing the "adjust shape" its fixed in firestorm and such.

    I could show you in-world if you like, just add "Lucidia.Reynaud" and i will let you know when i am on the grid again.

  5. Nice update, Niranv! Just reporting to you the hidding UI is still failing to CTD in the ATI 5770 (drivers updated), no complaining, just keeping you updated! thanks you!

  6. Likewise here, there is an alpha bug I have been able to replicate on 4 different nVida cards (560Ti, 580GTX, 555M, 295GTX) and on drivers ranging from latest beta to the last 3 WHQL release drivers. Essentially looks to be an ordering error that was not present in the Niran's builds back in 1.27(X64). To be fair, the same bug appears in latest LL and beta releases and other TPV's. So perhaps it's something the Lindens changed w/SVN night releases?

    In short: I have an alpha textured tail and when it occludes behind what would be an alpha textured skirt, the tail disappears. But it's shadow still renders. ;> Shift the camera so that you view the tail directly, not behind the skirt - it's as it should be.

  7. @Gentle , normal alphasorting behavior since Alpha´s exist in SL , nothing we can do something about it except implementing an Alpha sorting system which works which would suck the last tiny bit of power out of your poor machine , resulting in no performance at all =D

  8. Kirsten's resolved it... and it did not vampire my machine to death. Toggling alpha deferred render USED to work to solve it. ;> Now zee goggles, she does nothink! (LOL)

    Not comparing you to Kirsten's work as we have divorced ourselves from that notion back in your beta days. ;) But if it is possible to fix then do not worry about it and ruining performance....I have much more machine on this end most can ever dream of to toss at SL...just *give me* a button to select my level of pain with. ;D

    Now, I am going back to modding my Skyrim to look like your viewer...

  9. Correction , Kirsten didnt solve it , no one did and no one will probably EVER do that , what you are probably talking about is Fast Alpha which is deprecated in meantime , Deferred Alpha and Non Deferred Alpha Mask as example are options to do a simiar effect to some Alphas , making them look ugly and non softened but sort correct , but nice looking Alpha & correct alpha sorting never happened in SL

  10. Correction: It did, and I have the screencaps WITH date data attached taken with S20 and S21 and archives of both programs that the alpha softening and sorting *work*. I have screencaps taken with previous versions of *your* software with data attached for date as well that also have softened alphas and sorted to order properly *that also worked*. Last three generations of your viewer releases, alpha sorting is not working as expected or had in the past.

    Also, there are photos taken by others with their Firestorm based browsers w/deferred render enabled that captured some of the lighting and shadow effects I had scripted into the avatar and the alpha there too is sorted and softened correctly. ;> But it is nowhere near as pretty as even the older Kirsten's viewer or your current work.

    *DO* understand, I am not blaming you or the product. I *DO* understand you rely on code sources not your own. Something has crept into the code that "broke" proper alpha softening and ordering whether by a modular mod you are compiling in or LL's SVN channel releases you compile the modules into... It's not a deal breaker for me not in the least but I have to switch costumes if I am going to be in frame when using current iterations of your software package. ;)

  11. As a first time downloading of your viewer, the new movement started to irritate me, to the point of I have nearly uninstalled and gone back to exodus despite how dead it is.

    Anyways I finally found the blog after digging around the web as SL universe forums seemed like a poor place to respond. I like the visuals of your viewer, but the change in movement and camera positioning with no clear way to reset back to traditional viewer defaults is a huge turnoff for me.

    I did the XML fix and it still felt clunky compared to any other viewer out there. So... I guess what I am suggesting/requesting is that you look into including the "standard" movement + camera setup.

    Yours is nice and all but, I didn't enjoy Dead Space's over the shoulder existence, and its boggling to have it like this in SL after 5+ years of being centered.