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Monday, March 12, 2012

lol? @ Virus Test

today i was doing my daily search for my own Viewer via Google to find blogs n forums....and i found this....

especiall ...this...

:O what the.... i mean... i didnt do that?! seriously i didnt do anything.... they did that on their own :O i thought i would have to manually tell them @.@ anyway , this means i can brag with beeing "clean" now xD

YAY Niran is clean (i knew that before already...i dont drink or take drugs or smoke or something like that =D)


  1. lmao. I dont know how that site works, but I though someone must submmit their work. So probably someone likes your viewer and did that ._.

  2. lol niran and his flyes are all clean... brush teeths every morning XD