Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Clear your cache and your settings if you are crashing on login , please dont forget that! im also very sorry about recommending a clear cache/settings every update...but yea settings and defaults change a lot so you have to do that sadly :( thats the dark side of an experimental viewer that does everything different

Yup , i updated a bit =D

heres what i did

User Interface:
When i changed the people panel to its whole new layout i totally forgot about the group panels... im sorry about that , i´ve redesigned them all completly aswell now , see it yourself!

a little fix also comes to the remove contact button which never really worked , it should work now and remove a selected contact in your contact list (its the trash icon)

there were also a button in the toolbars called How To (who the fuck needs it?) which i disabled aswell , it only took space and served no purpose , this is not a "beginner" viewer , this is actually an advanced machinima Viewer which also does a lot of stuff completly different now  , a lot of stuff explained in How To would be obselete anyway...

mostly nothing special ...except... Blinn Phong specular lighting! (coding done by Geenz Spad of Exodus Viewer)...its hard to explain... its a faster and better way to calculate the specular lighting , in other words the sun and light bumpmap and reflections on water and shiny stuff... =D later i will also add the coresponding options to control that

i also tweaked the default sky preset again to bring the nice color faded clouds more to front (clouds were way too big resulting in sometimes just a extremly cloudy sky and therefor just grey sky which didnt look so awesome) , while we are at clouds , i replaced the 256x256 cloud texture which was the default for a long time with a selfmade 2048 x 2048 , the difference shouldnt be too noticable , but direct comparison shows a bit higher resolution clouds =D and i didnt notice FPS loss , so yea... =D i will include an option later to switch between low and high res cloud texture (if i manage to do that)

oh and... yea im sorry for the Animated Trees while merging up some LL stuff i accidentally merged the outtake of Animated Trees, i disabled the Animate Trees option in Preferences - Graphics for now , im not sure if i really should bring them back again , lemme know if i should

again mostly some tiny fixes , like some crashfixes (no one ever encounters.... because we all got other problems...but hey...fixed is fixed), Buy button didnt work in Object profiles , open history button didnt work sometimes (it did?) , IM Container (tabbed IMs) now shouldnt lose focus if you close an IM session,  "Multiple" has been restored to the texture picker when you select an object and it has different textures on it and i updated the GPU table with some upcoming new video cards , thanks to Tank Master from Firestorm who did that

someone in the Mesh Volunteer group said , we could have had toes for our avatars if the mesh was updated with higher polys over time , well heres my proof that I HAVE toes already! - and yup that are paws but they STILL HAVE TOES!
Uhm well... i was...tinkering  a bit with the cloud texture =D looks good eh?
and...this? again Mesh Volunteer group which said they got problems with upload errors atm , again i proved that i dont have them (atlast not all the time) and yea... 90k vertices , the limit is at 65k NORMALLY =D



more cleanup for crashlogger and updater
fixed remove contact button
fixed people floater not remembering its position on screen
fixed all group panels (totally forgot them)
tweaked default toolbar layout
tweaked people panel minimally
tweaked default sky presets
enabled people floater resizing
disabled RenderAnimateTrees , not sure if i will put it back in
disabled how to command button in toolbars
added upcoming video cards to gpu table
added blinn phong specular lighting
added Zi´s Texture Refresh to make menu entrys work (from mig´s repo)
STORM-1809 fix missing "Multiple" string on texture preview on build floater
SH-795 Potential fix for crash after setting graphics detail to low.
MAINT-810 Fix for crash in LLRenderTarget when exiting wireframe render mode after resizing window.
MAINT-808 Disable indexed texture rendering and deferred rendering on Linux when OpenGL version is pre-3.0
MAINT-804, MAINT-810 Disable framebuffer object usage on intel chips (implicitly disables lighting and shadows)
MAINT-789 FIXED ([PUBLIC]Button "Buy" isn't work in Object profile)
MAINT-518 FIXED Sometimes nearby chat expand button failed to work.
MAINT-424 FIXED ([PUBLIC]IM-window loses focus when tab is closed)
MAINT-272 FIXED Animation preview invalid pointer checks added.
CHUI-54 FIXED Backed out fix for EXP-1550 restoring inventory folder creation date updating logic.
- Set proper callback for buy button
- Removed dead code
- Fixed values for action combobox in object profile panel


  1. crashing on login - I cleared all old version, still fades away at 80% login.

  2. can you upload your crashlogs after you crash?
    C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Nirans Viewer\logs - NiransViewer.log

  3. please also make sure you cleared not only old viewer folder , cache and settings also!

  4. Yes sorry - it was the settings :( I hate doing all that tweaking over again - all good now - thanks.