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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Black Dragon Viewer - Update 2.5 - Beta "Attached Dragon"

Bento is LIVE.... since 2 days. I missed it, sorry.

This update merges Bento support and again comes with a few changes and bug fixes that were more or less reported.... or not.

Oz you will probably hate me for adopting Bento. Do whatever you have to do, i probably deserve it anyway.

So without further ado, lets get into the changes!


With this release you will be able to see all Bento Avatars properly, you can also use the new attachments slots that come with Bento, to make Bento work with the pie menu i had to create another submenu for the attachment slots Left/Right Hand, that means you'll now find them in the "Hands" submenu. A new "Extended Skeleton" submenu will house all the new Bento attachment slots. With Bento also comes a new handy feature called "Reset Skeleton", this option can be found on right clicking either yourself (or your attachments) or someone else (or their attachments), the option can be found in the submenu "Manage" in the pie menu for now, i will have to reorganize the self pie menu a bit. It's all just a quick fix for now, but don't worry pie menu users you won't be forgotten.

User Interface

A small bunch of UI warnings were fixed, the search bar was re-added (was part of fixing warnings) to the navigationbar, the marketplace folders will now always up in your inventory and most noticeably the Texture Console has been revamped, it had to happen, the Texture Console was a horrible super nerdy, techy pile of weird letters all thrown together that made no sense and made it hard to read useful information. I added VRAM info there and some bars to easier visualize how full your VRAM/System/Scene memory is and how bad that is for you.

Also, the new improvements to the snapshot floater (which will soon go into the official Viewer) are also included already, the snapshot floater preview will now crop itself properly depending on your chosen snapshot resolution, no more stretched snapshots!


Just one big change here, you can now change the shadow resolutions without it having a huge framerate impact on every single slider tick, instead only really huge resolutions will now decrease your framerate a bit and only if you pull the slider around like a madman, which you can do now, choosing your shadow resolution was never easier and faster and more efficient at the same time!


For this update i made a major Viewer package cleanup this means the new updates should be quite a bit smaller since the webkit dll's aren't included anymore for example. I know i know... we are living in a time where 100mbit bandwidth is normal but you know... it has to be done at some point.


Added: Searchbar back to navigationbar.
Added: VRAM and system/scene memory usage information and bars.
Added: Reset Skeleton pie menu entry to all self and other people pie menus.
Added: Extended Skeleton submenu to Attach and Detach pie menus
Changed: Disable RLVa by default. Especially now that its broken.
Changed: Make changing shadowmap resolutions fast and almost completely lag free.
Changed: Added additional snapshot floater improvements from STORM-2118.
Changed: Show marketplace listings and inbox folders regardless of settings.
Changed: First pass major overhaul of the texture console for readability and organization.
Changed: Moved Left Hand and Right Hand into their own submenu.
Changed: Version to 2.5 Beta.
Fixed: Library folder being almost unreadable.
Fixed: Warnings about wrong settings type for RenderAutoMuteSurfaceAreaLimit debug.
Fixed: Warnings about wrong settings type for RenderAutoHideSurfaceAreaLimit debug.
Fixed: Auto derender ARC limit is set to LL's defaults.
Fixed: Warnings about missing textures.
Fixed: Warnings in camera floater.
Fixed: Warnings in movement floater.
Fixed: Warnings in notification console.
Fixed: Warnings in search floater.
Fixed: Warnings in active object row items.
Fixed: Warnings in preferences floater.
Fixed: Warnings in controls tab in preferences.
Fixed: Warnings in viewer tab in preferences.
Fixed: Loading presets caused the display tab to go all crazy if tabs were changed after logging in.
Fixed: Copy/Move to marketplace listings notification doesn't take input.
Fixed: Pie Menu causing login crashes with Bento attachment slots.
Merge with Bento


  1. hey nrain can we get a UI friendly improvement please in the setting area and etc

    1. what do you mean with UI friendly improvement? UI usability?

      what do you mean with setting area and etc? preferences was already majorly overhauled multiple times and the current approach seems the best.

  2. Hi Niran, bumped in some small interface issues while messing around in configuration:
    a. When you select a predefined setting of your graphics on top right, it doesn't get checked with the V-sign;
    b. The drop down to choose your saved settings looses its background and becomes transparent;
    c. The setting Borderless Window is not working correctly in pre-defined settings - example: I wanted my low value - high framerate settings to be in a non borderless window, and my high value - photo/video shoot in a borderless window, but the switch fails. Switching from low to high makes the window borderless, but going back to low keeps it borderless, with checkbox unchecked in configuration. Looks like the value is read from the predefined settings, but not applied;

    OK the issues are not blocking at all, and minor, so just mentioning them.