Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Black Dragon Viewer - Update 2.5 - Gamma "Radiated Dragon"

Here we go with another round of bug fixes and tweaks.

I would like to say again that its very important that you give me feedback on the changes, fixes and broken features. If you are scared of me ripping off your head, here are 2 tips how to avoid it:

  1. IM me directly, don't write on the blog, forum or anywhere else, especially not on your own blog, IMs directly to me, that's a sure way to get them to me and maybe get your stuff fixed properly.
  2. Repeat #1, DO IT. If you are too scared of me ripping off your head when you report feedback, you shouldn't be, you should rather be scared because i will rip your head off if you don't give me feedback.
Good, i think we got that cleared up too. Remember broken shit is usually only broken because i don't know its broken.

Next up, some changes all over the place, the outfit replace issue should be fixed, the Viewer should properly replace your entire outfit now. Bento was updated a tiny bit and i made some changes to enhance overall peformance a bit. All reported issues should be fixed that includes spellchecker. Yes spellchecker is "working" again but only as far as the official one does, importing dictionaries is still a mess and doesn't work in 99% of all cases, same on Linden Viewer, the dictionaries are simply incompatible with the importer but can be added easily if you know how. I didn't just "fix" it but also included a few more dictionaries for you to use, on top of the default English ones there is now a German, Portuguese and 2 French ones too. Thank me later for this. This change is not listed because i cannot commit the change, it's not part of the Viewer but i will make sure this is not going to break again in future updates at some point.

Also, the reported issue with alpha color swatches, mouselook grab option and internal/external browser option should be fixed as well.

SSAO has been updated too, make sure you default your SSAO settings to get the new settings, they are better, trust me.


2.5 Gamma

Added: Labels to separators in preferences - displays.
Added: Ability to disable transparency preview in color swatches.
Added: Fast Cache Fetch option to viewer preferences.
Changed: Always toggle floaters instead of bringing them to front first.
Changed: Large scale RLVa and KB Patch removal, might remove it entirely until RLVa is updated.
Changed: SSAO Defaults, slightly stronger on distance, a lot softer, less pixelation on plain surfaces.
Changed: Tweaked non-opague appearance of color swatches for better visibility.
Changed: Tweaked checkerboard texture for better visibility in color swatches.
Changed: Replaced old External Browser option with new Browser Behavior option.
Changed: Slight display preferences separator line layout tweaks.
Changed: Tone Mapping slider range tweaks.
Changed: Disable Fast Cache Fetching by default, should improve stuttering when stuff is loading.
Changed: Version to 2.5 Gamma.
Fixed: Reset Skeleton still greyed out on our own attachment pie menu.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Allow Mouselook Grab option not working.
Fixed: Edit Sky Preset color swatches being almost completely transparent.
Fixed: Tools floater color swatches being almost completely transparent.
Fixed: Merge errors.
Fixed: Internal Browser Behavior option.
Misc: Toybox commands cleanup.
Misc: Small cleanups in viewer preferences.
Merge with Bento
Merge with RLVa

(German - for Maddy)

Hinzugefügt: Labels für die Trennstriche in Einstellungen - Anzeige.
Hinzugefügt: Möglichkeit Transparenz in der Farbauswahl Vorschau auszuschalten.
Hinzugefügt: Fast Cache Fetch Option in Viewer Einstellungen.
Geändert: Fenster immer umschalten anstatt sie erst in den Vordergrund zu holen.
Geändert: Großangelegte Entfernung von RLVa und KB Patches, eventuell entferne ich alles bis RLVa geupdated ist.
Geändert: Umgebungsverdeckungs Standardeinstellungen, etwas stärker auf Distanz, viel weicher, weniger Verpixelung auf einfachen Oberflächen.
Geändert: Aussehen der Farbauswahl mit transparenter Farbe angepasst für bessere Sichtbarkeit der Transparenz und Farbe.
Geändert: Aussehen der Karo Hintergrundtexture in der Farbauswahl angepasst für bessere Sichtbarkeit der Transparenz.
Geändert: Alte Externe Browser Option mit der neuen Browser Verhalten Option ersetzt. 
Geändert: Kleine Layout Änderungen an den Anzeige Einstellungen Trennstrichen.
Geändert: Tone Mapping Schieberegler Reichweiten angepasst.
Geändert: Fast Cache Fetch Standartmäßig deaktiviert, das sollte das ruckeln lindern wärend Dinge geladen werden.
Geändert: Version ist nun 2.5 Gamma.
Behoben: Reset Skeleton war in dem Selbst-Attachment Aktionsrad immernoch ausgegraut.
Behoben: Den Compile.
Behoben: Packen/Ziehen/Drücken erlauben Option funktionierte nicht.
Behoben: Die Farbauswähler in Himmelsvoreinstellung bearbeiten waren fast komplett transparent.
Behoben: Die Farbauswähler im Baufenster waren fast komplett transparent.
Behoben: Fehler nach vorherigen Zusammenführungen.
Behoben: Interne Browser Verhalten Option.
Verschiedenes: Verfügbare Werkzeugleisten Aktionen aufgeräumt.
Verschiedenes: Kleinere Aufräumungen in den Viewer Einstellungen.
Aufnahme und Zusammenführung von Bento in den Viewer Code.
Aufnahme und Zusammenführung von RLVa in den Viewer Code.


  1. Thank you and good job on the viewer. i like the work you put into it. looking forward to your next idea.

  2. Not a complaint, just a bug.. crash on log out is constant for me

  3. it stops responding and I have to force it to close

  4. Did you try cleaning your notifications? not sure if this is still a case but high notification counts can drastically increase startup time, up to the point where you might not get logged in at all. Also, try clearing your settings if you haven't yet, you might be experiencing a startup crash like someone recently did which was fixed by cleaning the settings.