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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Black Dragon Viewer - Update 2.5 - Beta 2 "Reset Dragon"

Sorry this took so long, did lots of spring/summer cleanup in the code.

This update contains lots of fixes and mostly just fixes, nothing really new and fancy, here's a short rundown.

'Reset Skeleton' works now in pie menus, 'Extended Skeleton' menu in detach pie menu is not missing anymore, Group Ban tab is not missing anymore, Tree Quality can be set, Shadow Map 4 works properly now, shorter login and teleport screens and some other fixes here and there.

Did i tell you already that i want feedback? I'm getting WAY too less feedback. My IM window should be hot all day, my IMs capped and my group chat burning, instead i'm just getting an occasional "hey i like ur stuff". More. MORE. MORE FEEDBACK. BUG REPORTS. Don't be shy, i won't rip your head off, except you don't GIVE ME FEEDBACK AND BUG REPORTS!

Snapshots (NSFW):

Thought you might like some more NSFW, you're always crying for it. It's not my avatar, i just made the picture for a user who couldn't do it herself. (Potato PC)


Added: Missing Name_Rect.png.
Added: Print proper VRAM info together with the GPU Name and Vendor.
Added: Tree Quality option to preferences.
Added: Default flag for Normalmap Scale.
Changed: Put left hand and right hand attachment slots into the "Hands" menu group.
Changed: Made Borderless Window Mode globally toggeable.
Changed: Layout of the "Banned Residents" subtab to match the other group tabs.
Changed: Show empty checkboxes on unselected graphic presets and checked checkboxes on selected ones.
Changed: Bulk ban layout slightly to fix clipping and consistency.
Changed: Don't print VRAM info on app startup start, that info is wrong.
Changed: Shorten precaching delay on login, roughly 5 seconds faster login.
Changed: Eliminate teleport arrival delay, 2 seconds faster teleport.
Changed: Reduced default shadow resolutions to 2048/2048/1024/512.
Changed: Reduced default shadow render distance to 64m.
Changed: Increased SSAO Factor precision to 3 decimal digits.
Changed: Increased max SSAO Blur Size to 1.0.
Changed: Increased max Linear White value to 50.
Changed: Increased max SSAO Factor value to 10.
Changed: Increased max range of SSAO Effect to -5 to 5.
Changed: Don't allow decimal digits for Windlight Transition Time until i fix the issues with it.
Changed: Fixed SSAO Factor Slider length.
Fixed: Borderless Window Mode not toggling properly when using the graphic preset pulldown.
Fixed: Tabs not properly toggling when using the graphic preset pulldown.
Fixed: "Reset Skeleton" always being greyed out in all pie menus.
Fixed: "Extended Skeleton" submenu missing from the detach self pie menu.
Fixed: Missing "Banned Residents" subtab in group roles tab.
Fixed: Group roles subtab titles too long to fit in without scrolling.
Fixed: Vector 4 [VW] not causing a control change signal. This fixes Shadowmap 4 slider not working properly.
Fixed: Deferred being greyed out when the unused Debug 'RenderGlow' is off from previous versions.
Fixed: Erroneous merges and compiling issues.
Removed: PresetGraphicActive Debug double.
Misc: Pie Menu code cleanup.
Misc: Shadow Allocation code cleanup.
Misc: Rough major code sync to Bento.
Misc: Additional mini code sync to Bento.
Misc: Major self-code cleanup, added lots of missing comment tags. Part 1.
Misc: Major self-code cleanup, added lots of missing comment tags. Part 2.
Misc: Major self-code cleanup, added lots of missing comment tags. Part 3.
Misc: Major self-code cleanup, added lots of missing comment tags. Last Part.
Merge with Bento

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