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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Black Dragon Viewer - Update "Shooting Big Birds Update"







I shot some big birds on the way here, nothing too serious, just a few attachment handling fixes.

I suppose you will see a pattern here when i say this every time i merge something that has anything to do with how inventory and wearables are handled: This update might be totally broken. RLVa broke. Again. Kitty has not yet updated RLVa to BigBird and instead she pointed me at the Firestorm BigBird staging repo which is a mess. So expect possible outfit change issues, baking problems, stuff like that. In case of emergency, disable RLVa and see if that helps. DO NOT REVERT TO PREVIOUS VERSIONS I WARN YOU! I'LL FIND YOU AND I WILL BRING HORNY PEOPLE. YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT.

Also this update adds the option to switch to Borderless Window Mode. Thank you Kitty for this, i was going nuts getting it to work properly with normal window creation SL uses, she gave me Catznip's Borderless Mode instead. Mine would have worked too but i wasn't happy with how it totally killed Vsync and had a tiny resolution refresh (black screen for a split moment) whenever you tabbed in/out. You can find the option in Preferences - Display and in the Black Dragon main menu in Develop.

I made some changes to lens flare too, fancied it up massively, at least it looks like lens flare now. It still doesn't respect occlusion however, i'll work on that someday (i got an idea how to get it to work). It's hard to show but here are some pics anyway, hope you like the new lens flare!


Added: Borderless Window Mode. Thanks to Kitty Barnett.
Added: Borderless Window Mode option to Preferences.
Changed: Completely redone lens flare for a much better look. Still does not respect occlusion.
Fixed: Compile and hopefully all RLVa merge issues.
Merged BigBird.
MAINT-4653 - log output to file now includes tags. Request max 5 attachments per idle loop to reduce sim-side failures seen when requesting large numbers.
MAINT-4917 - batch COF link request before batch attachment request. Should only generate one bake request.
MAINT-4918 - batch up detach requests for objects
MAINT-4653 - more code for tracking attachment operations, smarter handling of multiple requests.
MAINT-5069 - handle dropping objects and attaching from ground. WIP on better tracking of attachment requests via various message in LLSelectMgr.
MAINT-5070 - try to clean up invalid COF links under certain circumstances.
MAINT-5222 - checks for app shutting down a couple of places.
MAINT-5278 - avoid updateAppearanceFromCOF when adding only attachments.
DRTVWR-397 - removed duplicate function

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