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Friday, July 3, 2015

Black Dragon Viewer - Update "Restrained Update"

RLVa fixed.

WOOOOOOO *airhorn*

This is literally how i went when it was done. Do it with me, döp döp döp dödödöp döp döp.

Experience is coming next update! Thanks for bumping me about the RLVa update anonymous.


Fixed: Unable to refresh default body textures.
Fixed: Compile. Onto fixing body parts not being send to the server.
Removed: Lots of double code that was collected over merges.
Removed: Old random loadingscreen number generator code.
Merged with RLVa
- fixed : GCC fixes
- updated : RLVa Strings Floater UI
- fixed : RLVa floater button sizes with wide font.
- changes : RLVa debug strings adjusted to refer to RLVa rather than RestrainedLove and 'the RLV'.
- added : RLVa German menu translations
- changed : RLVa debug is now develop. Much sexier.
- internal : reviewed Appearance-Misc for SSA v2/AIS
- fixed : attaching an attachment that instantly detaches leaves a COF item behind
- fixed : LLAppearanceMgr::removeCOFItemLinks() is called for every worn attachment during log-off
- fixed : unlinked attachments that are linked to at log-in are undetachable
- internal : preventively remove attachments from the pending list to keep them from turning 'sticky'
- changed : LLAppearanceMgr::updateClothingOrderingInfo() doesn't require a round-trip to the inventory back-end
- fixed : AIS link creation and removal are much slower than legacy messages
- internal : better handling of temporary attachments when checking attachment locks
- internal : synchronize the folder rather than demolishing it (aka fix the slam_inventory_folder non-AIS fall-back)
- internal : post-SSA/AIS LLAppearanceMgr review
- internal : restore RLVa version information on the about floater
- internal : random apperance-related reviewing
- internal : attachments that aren't worn should be detachable
- internal : added "callback" and "immediate_delete" parameters to LLAppearanceMgr::removeItemFromAvatar and LLAppearanceMgr::removeItemsFromAvatar
- fixed : force wearing folders with attachments sometimes causes attachments to attach and then detach when AIS is enabled
- changed : process COF item removals through AIS
- changed : 'RestrainedLove' setting toggling behaviour
- changed : reimplemented the @adjustheight command using LL's new hover functionality
MAINT-2577 Fixed the status message
MAINT-5277 FIXED Viewer is missing MSVCP100.DLL and MSVCR100.DLL


  1. Hehe. Thank to YOU, Niran.
    BTW, I'd recommend you to reduce FPS counter checks per second, because it can be trouble to notice the number — without FPS limiter, of course.

    1. If you can't read your FPS anymore it means you got enough.