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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Black Dragon Viewer - Update "Experienced Update"

Experience is here!

If you are an experience creator don't bash me for a non functional creation UI. I do not have proper access to the creation process of experiences, i'm not premium and thanks to Linden Lab's ass-backwards pay-wall aka pay2win approach on this i will never have normal access to it. I do not plan to go Premium, ever especially NOW after this massive disaster and i'm not willing to take the UI apart piece by piece and force enable all things (even then i couldn't guarantee that it works since i still wouldn't be able to actually create one).

Note you do not need this update to experience Experience but you will need this update to create and manage Experiences.

This Update also includes my Snapshot floater improvements i'm currently working on in the Linden Viewer. See BUG-9325/STORM-2118. I forgot to add the changes so i did that just now.


Fixed: Experienced display in group info.

Added: Experiences menu entry to main menu.
Added: BUG-9325 contributions to my name.
Changed: Decreased about land tab height a bit.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Script Editor layout for Experiences.
Removed: Jump scroll buttons, might re-add them later as toggle.
Merged with Linden Release.
Merged Experience.
Merge with Snapshot Improvements
BUG-9325: Changed: Always use the high res preview, filters look less broken that way and the preview looks sharper.
BUG-9325: Added: Ability to use the separated, resizable, big snapshot preview to the main snapshot floater.
BUG-9325: Changed: Freeze Frame into Freeze World, it will now freeze the entire world and allows proper camming around.
BUG-9325: Added: Remember last snapshot mode option to snapshot floater.
BUG-9325: Fixed: Snapshot file format changes and overwrites our settings to JPG when switching back from 'Save to Inventory'.
BUG-9325: Fixed: Flickr, Twitter and Facebook floater not showing in Mouselook without disabled hide UI in Mouselook.
BUG-9325: Changed: Set Occlusion to 0 when the snapshot floater is opened and Freeze World is enabled.
STORM-2118: Removed: Leftover code pieces from my changes, should fix Mac compiling.
STORM-2118: Removed: Auto-Refresh feature.
STORM-2118: Removed: Leftover code pices from changes #2.
STORM-2118: Changed: Automatically refresh our snapshot when we tick include UI or HUD.
STORM-2118: Changed: Rewrote how Freeze World works and renamed it internally to Freeze World.

STORM-2118: Removed: FloaterReg::findInstance from pipeline checks for occlusion, disable OOOcclusion whenever we toggle Freeze World.


  1. >>to experience Experience
    Noted in my epic epic Word Combinations book of epic Word Combinations book.

    1. experienced as in someone is experienced, advanced, accumulated some experience.

  2. Media works in this but regular sound (gestures, interface noises, avatar noises) do not work. To make sure I downgraded to last version before this one without changing settings and sound works again.

    Things I tried:
    -Checking if anything is muted. (nothing muted)
    -Checking if the right sound device is selected. (it is)
    -Checking to make sure sound works in other applications (it does)
    -Cleared all application settings and did a clean install.
    -Checked if an older version has working sound (it does and this is a permanent fix for now)

    1. Working on it, must have fucked up on compile.

  3. I wanted also report the missing audio channel, but that has already been done.
    Another small bug is inside the Experience floater. The "Allowed" tab (German "Zulässig") for my avatar is empty. It should display this but shows only this. Therefore I can not change anything in the Experience Profile floater. All buttons are greyed out.

    The rest of the experience tabs looks quite good.

    1. You cannot use the buttons on linden realms, it says "this is enabled for everyone", automatically. You do not need to allow it. The rest is something i'll look into.