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Thursday, December 8, 2011

SL Graphics in Detail

ever wondered how many passes and shaders are needed to make awesome pictures and videos like i often did in the past or like im doing for my posts whenever i do a release? heres are 3 photo series showing you step by step how such scenes come together and what graphics are used and where they work

SL 2003 without Textures
Bumpmap added
Windlight Enabled

Vertex Shader enabled

Glow Enabled
Lights + Windlight enabled

Shadows Enabled

Deferred Enabled

Final Scene with textures and everything on

Ambient Occlusion enabled

Another example this time with textures from start
SL 2003


Vertex Shader


Windlight + Lights


Deferred (light disabled)

Deferred (lights + projected lights enabled)

Ambient Occlusion

Final Scene with Depth of Field (Extreme(easy to spot))

And a final tiny comparison 

Windlight only

Deferred without Projected Lights and Shadows

Deferred with Shadows , without Projected Lights

Deferred with Projected Lights, Shadows, without DoF
Deferred with Projected Lights , Shadows and DoF

 and for god´s sake NORMAL snapshots *rolleyes*

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