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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas! , Final Release

Nirans Viewer 1.0 - The Viewer that dares to be different

Finally! 2 Months of continuesly working finally comes to an end, as some of you may already know (or not) , with this "Final Release" all Future updates will only be corrections , additional shinies or simply bugfixes , depending on how much stuff comes out and how important they are i will reduce or increase Releasing speed , meaning that it might be possible to get up to 2+ Releases a day. In future i will also think of a better System to announce those lots of bugfix releases , probably through a Forum. As of Nirans Viewer turning 1.0 officially , theres a lot of new stuff to explore and experiment with , but dont forget , this Viewer is based on Shining , Viewer-Development (not always recent as example the MultiCurl thingy was left out...because of you know...problems which i will check in future) , some Features of other Viewers like Firestorm , Kirstens , Catznip , and several secret (or not) Repositorys with nice (maybe some secret ones aswell) Projects i can find , all critically weighted good vs evil and decided if it fits my Viewer aswell as my Goals to create a Viewer with the probably best Graphics in Second Life.  Well you might also noticed that my Builds are getting slower and slower by nearly each build i implement a cool new graphics feature or turn up graphics even more , logically thats normal , higher graphics mean less FPS on the same PC , even i have reached a point in which i feel.... old  with my GTX 460 and AMD Quad Core again i mean , with all new shinies n stuff im getting about 20-40 FPS in average which is compared to Kirstens times not really less....even more but highest Values have fallen , so my times with 50-60 FPS are down to 40 MAX now... but you can also see the difference , it looks totally different as in ANY other Viewer. Why all this graphics , graphics and even more graphics? there are a few reasons , i think SL has come to a point in which it finally needs some change , SL graphics have been held back for faaaaar to long, now as i can decide how they should look and how far they can get , i say just MORE , theres so much SL still can do which NONE of us has yet discovered , and im striving to get to those limits without care about Performance , screw performance , we will gain it anyway , weither it is through upgrading our System , luck or optimisations i or LL or someone else does....

Anyway , lets come to the main thread again , the Release of Nirans Viewer 1.0 , theres a lot to say about it so lets start!

in Graphics i´ve a lot of stuff lately and the last few days , most noticable is that your FPS will again decrease (probably) because of the newly implemented Shadow rendering algorythm which gives way better quality , less pixelated mud and most importantly it extremly decreases the for long noticable pixelation when turning the camera around in a special position/angle , also shadows will reach a whole new level in resolution , i did a (unfair) comparison between them , i´ve set the old rendering to EXTREME (which caused my FPS to cripple to 50%) and the new one to High (which is default) , and guess what? on High in new rendering it looks very close to that of EXTREME in old rendering , you can see smaller shadows like from sticks , wooden fences , cables etc from way farther ahead in way higher quality because shadows doesnt pixelate that extreme anymore , making it a good replacement of the old rendering , in average you will probably loose 1-5 FPS (depending on how much you actually have) but as i said compared to what you would lose on way higher quality to archieve the same quality in old rendering its nothing, so YAY for that!

New (High)

, along this Major changes , there were some internal changes , and some extremly tiny minor changes to Depth of Field and SSAO again , i also made it possible for you to easily change the new SSAO back to the old style (seen in pics) aswell as the failish Shiny/Bumpmapping , you can switch between old and new to your liking but let yourself said , the new one is the Windlight one which has been posted as "fix" to SH-1912


Also have a look at the soon deriving Animated Trees feature , which will obviously stay in my Viewer , atlast until somethig bad happens ...or will be replaced

With 1.0 "Darkness" has been officially finished and set as new Viewer Default! , you can find it in Preferences - Skins/Themes , select it there and relog to see the new Skin , i´ve put a lot of time into this skin to make it completly different from everything you´ve seen so far , it makes a lot usage of fading , black and yellow/white.

Also with 1.0 comes Miguaels skin called Ashen Blood which is basically a recolor of my Skin as it looks , it   was available as additional skin in Kirstens aswell , like my Azure long ago , it makes huge use of Black and Dark Red , so be carefull not to lose your last few blobs of life juice in there =D

User Interface:
The User Interface is the core of every Viewer , without it most of you (me included) wouldnt be able to use a Viewer at all...atlast for non command liners... over the past 2 months i´ve put alot of time and work into my UI , making it different , changing nearly every aspect of the UI without breaking it too much , a lot of ideas and suggestions from you the Community has been added in some way , another main Goal of my Viewer is reached with my UI , it gives you extreme control of how your Interface can look , you can rearange all buttons along the top/left/right and bottom bar , you can set them to Text and Icon or Icon only , you can move every Window around , customise the Topbar , disable the quickbuttons or enable them... , you can hide the navbar , the favbar , the bank display , the draw distance slider and in Azure you can even set transparency by disabling one or more of the topbar-texture-layers , not to mention that you can enable pie menus and also customise them in an extreme way ... color of text , background , selected pie , pie lines aswell as transparency and fade out of the menu background , you will also see a live preview for the colors you set beside the pie menu options , which allows you to directly see what you change and how it would ~look without having to right click something all the time! in near future i will also add the ability to customise Camera Presets like its possible atm via Debug , just in Prefs meaning way easier to find and customise.
I will also update and change the UI in future updates , and maybe i will completly redo it someday so stay tuned

apart from that i redid the IM Panel again , when i tried to clean up in code i found code pieces for Voice-Volume , Mute and Block/Unblock which i added to the IM Panel now and required me to rethink it a bit , you can now click on the wrench icon to slide all controls out and slide in the new voice/block/unblock/mute controls , same goes vise versa ...have a look!

theres also the now fully functional Optimizer Panel which can be found in Preferences - Graphics (yea RIGHT , Graphics 2 is gone and Advanced graphics is now a seperate tab) besides Reset.
This window is designed to be kept on for a long time on screen without decreasing FPS and taking up too much space , making it easier to compare graphic settings/options , it can be slid out/in by clicking the menu buttons , which then will reveal new options. Graphics 1 also has been redone and simplified a lot , no changing labels anymore , a few more hover tips , and some corrected

As always there has been a lot of fixing going on , some of you may encounter less crashs , some a lot more , some none at all , we all know SL is a crashy and unstable piece of....you know , thats because so many different systems and system setups aswell as OS´s have to run on so many different clients setups in so many special situations in many different SL Server Versions etc etc , atm theres simply no way to ensure stability , so i just hope you are lucky and dont crash all the time , because that would be bad...

I´ve done some test runs on Ahern but there never were enough people to crash the Viewer , so i cannot say for sure if its fixed or not , but you can try if you want , would be interessted in knowing if it works there now , if now , tomorrow will follow a "Fix" which MIGHT fix it ...we will see

Since i started from Shining 3.2.1 with default LL UI , there has been added a lot of stuff , you could watch the huge Todo list getting longer and longer , but atlast the most important have been finished , those that were in Kirstens and some little additional things , but theres one thing i want to tell you , you may ask for features or suggest a good one , if its a graphic related feature , and available somewhere there will be a nearly 100% of adding it as long as it isnt a stupid idea like the SH-1912 thingy.... everything else will be critically weighted and i will most likely discuss a lot with you about how bad it can be used and what reasons i have why i implement it or why not , i know theres no way to ensure that people wont use a feature in a bad way , but i will definetly take care of my Features and also try to make them as harmless as possible , because i simply wouldnt like hearing that my Viewer is some sort of a crash/grief or whatever Viewer because it has X Y Z....well theres another thing about those Features.... are they worth implementing? i mean this is obviously a Machinima/Graphics Viewer for Photoshooting , taking Videos , or just seeing/enjoying Second Life´s beautiful side , so please dont tell me i need a huge radar with lots of extra features because you are an estate manager , like i said this is not a multi functional uber viewer , its just a graphics specialised viewer created in a way i (more or less) want it.... well and LL gives us enough griefing tools from stock , the worst one is scripting and building if you dont know how to use it right =D

Forum / Website & Third Party Viewer directory:
Forum? Forum. Forum?! Yes , im planning to go TPV with my Viewer , when this will finally happen...idk , but to accomplish this i have to fundamentally change a lot especially on Web side, thats why i created a Forum for you to use (link is on the right side) , to post news , feature request , bugs , tutorials etc etc, i will also have to make a note you will have to read before downloading my Viewer that tells you what data i collect and what uses i have for them (well technically seen im not collecting any data except what a LL Viewer would also do , im also not using them , and even if i would collect any other data , its 99.9% not "wanted" , i prefer asking people personally or in Forums , PM/IM or whatever , thats why im often saying you should comment or tell me inworld or something like that in other Forums...) , anyway i have to write that down somewhere , place the download under it so YOU have to read it , think your blabla about it and continue downloading it as it was before. My blog will sooner or later get an upgrade aswell , maybe it will be transformed into a normal Website , maybe not , im not yet sure about it 

If you are still not sure what you will get to see you can check out some Previews , just search for Nirans Viewer on Google , i´ve also searched the biggest and most complete one here which will get an update after this release , so check it out again soon!

Yes there will most likely a Linux version finally , Miguael which also "worked" for/with Kirsten joined me a while ago and is also working on some things i dont have time or hardware for , like a Linux Release , i know im a backstabbing guy but , if there are ANY problems with Linux , I AM NOT YOUR SUPPORT! i cant and wont help you , instead i will redirect you to Miguael or tell him as i cannot do a thing for Linux (i dont have Linux) so instead go to him directly ok? i will post the link here when the Linux download is ready

nothing really changed here except that my download is below all this massive amounts of text and that i will maybe try to fix the installer in future releases by doing a normal installer asides the WinRar executable :)

a short reminder , like said at the top i will probably do more frequent releases now , the first will be 1.01 tomorrow and the second on new year called 1.02 , i dont wanna stop you anymore now so go ahead and download it , have a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!

for all of you that want to see the complete changelist for everything from Build 5a/b up to Release ,here it is

VWR-27832 L$ Transfer failures show alert as if successful
ER-1473:  fix teleporting in sit mode.  Viewer fix - reviewed by Callum
SH-2743 Fix for shader compiler error on some GL 3.x implementations.
SH-2735: LLCurl causes SL to freeze when logout
SH-2734 trade HSV effect matrix for a simple value scaler, since that's all it's been used for for years now.
SH-2726 FIX -- Texture Console and Debug Console inaccessable
SH-2694 Fix for FPS drop when mousing over flexi objects (don't use an octree for flexi raycast)
SH-2680 Bring back blurred edges on objects closer than the near focal plane.
SH-2671: sometimes other avatar textures don't load
SH-2668: "ocean" water is always 20m high instead of the Region Water Height
SH-2658: crash in LLPluginMessage::parse
SH-2652 Add timers to relevant areas, pause render pipeline while occlusion queries from previous frame are still pending and perform texture decode work.
SH-2651: [crashhunters] Crash after google translate failure
SH-2614 FIX, SH-2684 FIX - fixed buggy state management in onPhysicsUseLOD
SH-2602: [crashhunters] crash on exit in ~LLPumpIO()
SH-2601: [crashhunters] crash in LLBufferArray::countAfter()
SH-2560: Nearby avatar textures fail to load
SH-2526: Second Life client quickly allocates all available RAM and crashes
SH-2512: Some avatar textures in welcome area never load on first visit; By Bao Linden
SH-2084 Don't error out on framebuffer mismatch
SH-1427 Fix for redundantly applying light intensity to deferred lights.
EXP-1742 FIX -- Clicking IM notification or receiving multiple IM notifications in quick succession crashes to desktop
EXP-1674 FIXED Disabled chrome for profile windows; adjusted floater height accordingly.
EXP-1664 FIX Toolbars visible in mouselook view and when hide all controls selected
EXP-1657 FIXED Change success/failure message text on posting to profile feed.
EXP-1654 FIX fast timers does not show entire frame when Full bar = Max
EXP-1649 FIX +1 (client) Turn off web loading spinner until a more visually pleasing one can be defined
EXP-1639 WIP Cleaning up to improve readability; added more debugging messages.
EXP-1635 FIXED Made it clear that inventory snapshots are limited to 512x512 px.
EXP-1631 FIXED (Selecting Edit for more than one Pick from Profile floater, breaks the navigation history in Picks Floater)
EXP-1596 : Fetch system folders so we're sure they are empty if we need to hide them
EXP-1588 Floaters do not snap to edge
EXP-1577 FIX Made agent profile position and size persistent.
EXP-1576 FIXED (Remove old profile window from People panel)
EXP-1565 FIXED Fixed IRC-style emotes in chat.
EXP-1554 FIXED (Selecting More Info for more than one Classified section in Search floater, breaks the navigation history in Picks Floater)
EXP-1544 FIX Remove 'Edit Terrain' from About Land floater
EXP-1515 FIXED Web Preference radio button must be clicked twice to engage.
EXP-1506 FIXED starting the toast fade timer when a toast is overlapped by other floater like avatar inspector.
EXP-1504 : Allow opening of tab in tab containers when drag and dropping things. 
EXP-1501 FIX Specified help topic for the IM floater.
EXP-1498 : Hide empty system folders. System folders can be specifically marked to be hidden if empty in the LLViewerFolderDictionary constructor.
EXP-1498, EXP-1595, EXP-1596 : Hide empty system folders in a dynamic way, turn the setting ON by default
EXP-1489 FIXED (Cannot build notifications not being shown when chat floater closed with chat log toggled open)
EXP-1476 FIXED (Moving speak button to empty toolbar while incoming/outgoing call dialog is open does not move the dialog as well)
EXP-1451 FIX -- I want to put my NEARBY CHAT window at the bottom left, but then it obscures chatted text.
LLSD-14: Bring over llsd.{h,cpp} enhancements from server-trunk.
STORM-1737 panel_edit_skin.xml uses confusing historical terminology
STORM-1731 Ad-hoc confererence block failing. Residents using it to start massive multi-sim conferences, used as a griefing tool.
STORM-1729: ensure that cpu id has no leading or trailing spaces for ease of comparison and formatting
STORM-1728 Name truncation in the Region/Estate floater -> Covenant tab
STORM-1723: fix character display when a lot of different characters are used
STORM-1719 notifications.xml has two instances where a button shows as "Ok" and Not "OK"
STORM-1717: fix avatar names in object details floater
STORM-1713: Mouse pointer flickers when hovering over any active/clickable UI item
STORM-1712 Do not sort recent speakers list if mouse is hovered over it
STORM-1653 Group notices sent by muted residents are still displayed
STORM-653 As a user i would like to be able to see the available number of attachments and remaining free slots.
STORM-591 As a music fan, I want audio to fade in gently so my immersion is increased , Co-written with Robin Cornelius
NIRV-10 Implemented Tofu´s new Shadow Algorythm , way more quality for a little FPS cost
NIRV-9 Deprecated Delete presets floater and made presets deletable via edit floater
NIRV-8 Added Name fade duration and start fading after x seconds options
NIRV-7 Chat now closes/hides on hitting enter with empty Chatbar
NIRV-6 Added abbility to Whisper via Shift again
NIRV-5 Added different Folder Icons and made NV use them
NIRV-4 Added Optimizer panel which allows quickly optimising graphics without having preferences open (FPS drop)
NIRV-3 fixed Hide L$ Balance Option
NIRV-2 removed overwrite ATI rendertargets Option
NIRV-1 Fixed Viewer tab which was a bit too short to display everything correctly
MISC-6 trivial: change a log info for memory failure for LLImageBase
MISC-5 trivial: update the memory pool log info to the latest.
MISC-4 made slplugin less spammy when it fails to launch
MISC-3 Update LLQtWebKit to fix EXP-1191 Update loading overlay graphic to resemble a typical Web loading... spinner
MISC-2 call LLViewerTexture::isMemoryForTextureLow() less often and only for ATI cards.
MISC-1 Point to improved loading overlay and turn it on always

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