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Monday, December 19, 2011

Pre-Release 2!

last Pre-Release and the second last Release in general for this Year
this is Pre-Release 2!


again nothing to say much here , more UI work , some finalisations on Darkness and some internal changes which are the reason im uploading number 2 , i wanna check if this is a crash monster or not , i dont wanna release a crash monster on christmas...u know...

NOTE: if you previously disabled CurlUseMultipleThreads , you now should be able to savely enable it again to prevent frame skipping (single frames that produce stuttering or freezing for a tiny moment in a super smooth picture) if not , keep it disabled , its your choice , i´ve enabled it and all my test runs until today worked without any crashes , also please be aware that crashing on ahern is "normal" behavior , i havnt got around to test it with this release but im pretty sure it will still accour after a few seconds on ahern , so please keep yourself away from this region until i mark it as save again , thanks

best regards Niran


  1. Hi Niran

    The Download link doesn't go to the download page it tries to go to curlusemultiplethreads :P

  2. yea fixed, theres also a download at the right side

  3. After setting skin to Darkness, it looked like the screenshot for the Pre-Release 1. Then my viewer crashed and now when I relog all the buttons are Darkness buttons as well as the toolbars. But All the floaters, preferences and windows are now the old blue skin. Kinda odd. I deleted all my settings and reinstalled and nothing seems to be fixing it so far, other then that working great!

  4. Picture (website is just to my small podcast with my furry friends)

  5. wow that looks extremly broken... did you tried deleting the skins folder and then reinstalling? and why the hell do you have Firestorm,User Interface and twice Advanced? O.O also why do you have Graphics 2 , it was deprecated in Pre-Release 2... definetly completly delete all folders of the viewer and re-install again also clear settings and cache

  6. Figured out what happened. I added the firestorm tab on the last viewer for some test I was doing. It installed over that viewer and didn't replace the floater_prefrences.xml
    Thanks for noticing that those tabs were still there, a fresh install to a new directory fixed it.

    Keep up the great work! I have already converted about 4 friends to the viewer!

  7. checked out the latest version, I am impressed how smooth it runs.
    After all I dont miss the UUID to channel thing (-777777777). A good scripter knows how to use ohther ways to obtain UUID. after all I am usuĂ­ng it in in production environment.
    lol I figured I am able to use a cache of 100GB?
    Next I will try to work with squidproxy to see how it runs. I gave up on linuxversion as it never compiles right.

    Great work Niran! Keep up the good work!

    Oh one question? I cant find the rlv command for the drunkeneffect... can someone tell me? ^^

    regards Joran Yoshikawa

  8. the Drunkeneffect is the Resolution Divisor , you can find the option in Debug as RenderResolutionDivisor or in Advanced Graphics - Performance , or you can play the game TiS which has collectable Items which have those drunken effects in beer ...and the crazy color effect (high) when wearing the nip blunt