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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Time´s running out

get it while its hot!
Pre-Release weee!


here a short list of Features:
we got lots of crashes
normal crashs
fast crashs
slow crashs
instant crashs
delicious crashs
awkward crashs
stinky crashs
ugly crashs
cool crashs
dark crashs
bright crashs
funny crashs
sad crashs
huge crashs
small crashs
freeze crashs
hard crashs
softie crashiieees
crashs before crashing
crashs while crashing
crashs for crashing while crashing
and the most important of all! an utterly and ugly designed UI to make the most out of your crashs, design them how YOU want them to crash, with cool sliders to adjust strenght of crashes , frequency and even the speed of crashs! all packed in a shity , stupid and totally useless nonesense WinRar Package in order to maximise uglyness all the way!

have a snapshot of the ugly UI for your crash-pleasures

grab your personal crash today and increase the amount of overall crashing on the grid!

Note: today is not inverse-day or something like that im just having fun writing crash that often =D
seriously , no info sorry , i wanna do (like always) a huuge post about all the new stuff when Release hits SF on a special day...i also dont want to do a big announce over all this stuff when it might not work at all , this pre-release is there to have a look at whats coming in Release and probably my last chance to fix everything up to make the Release as good as possible

please reset your settings or if you dont want to , go to Debug Settings in Login Screen (activate by pressing CTRL + Alt + D and selecting Debug Settings in Debug menu) and disable CurlUseMultipleThreads , otherwise the above described funny joke will become true

About risks and side-effects read the package insert or ask your doc or apothecary

sorry ...german medicine info , but sounds funny anyway


  1. right i forgot delicious crashes *adds them*

  2. got a security risk from the SLPlugin o.O

  3. there were an SL Plugin update , which made it less spammy when it fails...again , i dont remember any other changes to SL plugin but will definetly check it and let it run through a few sec programs , thanks for the notice

  4. Microsoft Sec Essentials , Kaspersky and Anti-Vir didnt notice anything , also several Online Scanners didnt say anything , atlast not for my local file , might come from Sourceforge

    can anyone else please do a Virus Scan on their own and IM me (if possible) if theres anything found? , if yes i will have to take the download down

  5. Garn: could ya upload you version to Virustotal, and link us the Report please?!

  6. heres mine:

  7. I can not snap photos At hi resolution with out crashing? Ideas?

  8. yup , running out of memory , get Pre-Release 2 , Pre 1 one accidentally compiled without Large Adress Aware , making it a unbelievable crashy piece of shit...