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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nirans Viewer Build 8 Beta 5!

Yes! it happened , i finally decided to pack and upload everything for you to test
sorry for beeing so extremly quiet....i know that doesnt fit to me

UPDATE! Beta 5A is online grab it if you grabbed just 5 it will fix ruthness and non changing shape , again thanks to Kitty!

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Nirans Viewer and delete the user_settings folder!
make sure to do a backup!

this Test Build comes again with a HUUUUGE amount of changes  , so lets start
the most notable thing is probably the new IM Control Panel i made , i completly redid it aswell as the Conversations Floater to fit this new Control Panel and cuz i was happy and people want customisation i also added the abbility to switch between vertical (new default) and horizontal tabs

then we have the big task to implement RLVa ,... i´ll say it simple: Its done and functional! :O it took me extremly stressing 10 minutes to implement it and fix it the merge errors , a really REEEEALLY HUGE thanks to Kitty Barnett who was so nice to give me a completly done patch file for the whole RLVa , which saves me from checking all 1000+ files manually and merging all lines

*aplauds to Kitty*
Thank you so much!

please have a laugh with me Kitty, at this pic i made with RLVa Game items!
i mean , isnt that a reason to go totally high and drunken?
heres also a Video of me running around totally high and drunken with RLVa xD

back to Customisation , i added the abbility to customise the Topbar even more! you can now enable/disable all 4 Topbar texture layers , layer by layer... for if you want a more transparent topbar or a completly transparent one!

theres also the possibility to disable the top toolbar to give floaters the space up there back , so they can be moved to the topbar (see first pic)

the UI has had some maintenance too , i aligned and eye-candy´d some sidebar floaters to make them look more readable , less space missusing and look better in overall

(left is new / right is old)
also a really ninja-like bug sneaked into my Viewer (which came from my new Topbar layout) which i fixed aswell , the X Y and Z Coordinates at the top screen part were hidden behind the Topbar itself making it nearly impossible to read them , no i assasinated this ninja

for gods sake ...and the failure of Local Bitmaps 2.0 i implemented the Local Bitmap Browser like Firestorm has it until Local Bitmaps 2.0 works again!

Next section is the render pipeline , Runatai has made some fixes which all have been included , as example the bug that caused this to look wrong

the most notable thing in the render pipeline will be the new SSAO settings and the according new SSAO which forced me to redo them , so please use the default SSAO settings ok? otherwise it will look ugly

heres a comparison of old / new


for those that want to read the whole changelog here it is:

STORM-1685 Wrong named control in floater_world_map.xml
STORM-1679 Avatar Draw Weight number is always red
STORM-1663: allow wider range of pitch, make range the same for sitting and otherwise
EXP-1555 FIX -- Double-click is inconsistent between inventory and Received Items
EXP-1548 FIX -- Clicking show on inventory offer does not open inventory (or received items panel)
EXP-1547 FIX -- drag/drop inventory to agent - delivers to Objects, not Received items.
EXP-1539 FIXED (Viewer crash when clicking twice on slapp link secondlife:///app/classified/create)
EXP-1537 FIXED (Selecting More Info from Classified section in Search floater launches People panel with inactive Edit button and access to OLD profile window)
EXP-1482 FIX LLInitParam::Parser spam in secondlife.log file when entering a search term in location bar launching the search window
EXP-1459 FIX Places panel shown on logni when destination selected from login page
SH-2713 FIX -- modified code to call LLPipeline::refreshCachedSettings only when settings that could affect it are modified.
SH-2712 FIX -- added caching to isFullyLoaded
SH-2710 FIX -- Removed calls to getChild happening every frame and during idle calls.
SH-2708 Fix for broken shadows on alpha objects
SH-2700 Fix for random black textures due to texture index out of bounds.
SH-2699 Potential fix for occlusion culling being overly aggressive on 9800 GT
SH-2690 Fix for spammy triangle death on GeForce 7800 Go when selecting flexi attachments.
SH-2681 Fix for shader compiler error on GLSL 1.30 and later
SH-2675 Fix for shadow appearing on terrain at midday when terrain is totally flat and there are no prims visible
SH-2670 Fix for terrain being wrong detail.
SH-2666 Fix for pixel doubling failsafe on out out of memory.
SH-2652 Fix for linux compile error
SH-2650 Fix for avatar eyeballs protruding from lower eyelids
SH-2621 FIX
SH-2591 WIP -- fix for UI disappearing, introduces some artifacts in rotation ring, committing to debug elsewhere
SH-2563 FIX -- Added diffuse map to the avatar rigid pass to properly set up the eyeball texture for Mac OS Lion
SH-2559 Remove fast timer (could be responsible for some crashes).
SH-2449 Preserve texture scaling when animating textures when "size x" and "size y" parameters to llSetTextureAnim are zero.
SH-2240 Make alpha mask cutoff even less aggressive (fix for eyes on Curious Ringtail avatar)
SH-2240 Make alpha mask cutoff a little less aggressive (err on the side of not creating an alpha mask)
SH-1865 FIX -- removed some old non-deferred rendering code that was preventing AA from working when GL_ARB_texture_multisample is unsupported
SH-1620 FIX
SH-1619 FIX
SH-1618 FIX
Simpler and more symmetric interpolation/ease-in for DoF focus shifts.
more general SSAO for personal use with 20 samples instead of 8 plus some minor tweakage
use different distance weighting, probably more correct, removes an unintuitive artifact.
Changed default settings for new SSAO , enabled much higher Values in graphics panel
fixed Max Avatars visible option in graphics panel
Removed unused code from alpha fragment shaders to fix some mac rendering glitches with non-fullbright alpha objects.
"Show" button from p2p transfer now opens inventory window and inbox panel, setting focus to the item
Removed Media Browser , replaced by the Web Content Floater now
Greatly reduced the number of memcpy operations done on the media plug-in message output pipe
Add "Use Region Settings" to World->Sun menu
added RLVa 1.4.4
added Optional tab alignment option to IM Settings
added Local Bitmap Browser
made a new IM Control Panel to better fit the new IM Convo Floater layout


  1. Sending Group Notices function in Nirans Viewer 3.2.3 (8) Nov 10 2011 07:45:52 (Nirans Viewer) does not work.

  2. might be because you are using an old version , this one is 3.2.5 , it also works for me the send button is just a bit ocluded , will fix that in Beta 5C or Release whatever comes first

  3. correction , totally minor bug , fixable my resizing the group window a bit , will be fixed later anyway

  4. This morning I uploaded a sculpt map and it came in grayscale.

    Also a request here for temp uploads of images.

    Love the SSAO, its got a kind of 'bloom' effect that I've only seen in reg 3D games.

    Amethyst Gears

  5. Hello im having a bit of diffcultty downloading your veiwer its wrote in German and i pretty much google translated everything but even after all of that the application still did not open help please and thank you