Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Build 8 Beta 4B

!Download will appear! -Please redownload Beta4B

NOTE2: Good news , someone griefed our SIM and tried to crash us with "the Light" , the viewer staid completly unimpressed of it , FPS went down to 3-5 FPS , but no Driver crash or Viewer Crash
NOTE3: The red moon is a known problem im just merging the fix for it , will upload Beta 4a when ready
NOTE4: Another little quick fix , refreshing the code again to bleeding edge and fixing the Chat history scrollbar, also adds another new DoF Quality slider (Resolution)!

ok *takes a deep breath* ...this is going to hurt , this Beta has been turned upside down in many areas , i added a lot of features , you might noticed that in my ToDo list: so heres a look on what will await you

the toybox had a redo , aswell as the Toolbars were completly upgraded and modded to fit my 4 way Toolbar style, it also has a clear all button and a right click remove button option

we got a whole new Snapshot floater allowing you to post the snap to your profile directly , save it to inventory , send it as postcard or save it to your harddrive , also the Freeze Frame feature had an overhaul , now it doesnt just freeze the frame after you hit snapshot , when you move your cam the frozen frame will blend out and the world will appear again BUT the world will be completly frozen , all Physics , Flexis, Textures , Animations , Positions , Avatars etc are completly frozen , they dont move anymore , perfect to choose a good camera position or do more than one snapshot of the same moment , in different camera angles

i continued working on cleaning up the preferences panels and also added a selfmade hacky XML skin selector which re-uses LL´s Mode selector as Skin selector , YES! its super effective! also the first 2 skins have been "added" but disabled as they are not done yet , heres an impression of them
ATI "Theme"

the Darkness "Skin"

the People panel now hasnt just 3 distance rings showing ~shout , chat and whisper range , it also shows the distance in meters and if someones typing

Pie menus have been re-added , depth of field has had a few redos , and the underwater distortion option should also work for them now , you can show Streaming Media titles , the Microsoft and Google v2 Translation has been added with a whole new window to set everything up , i´ve added Neck and Avatar Center attachment points , Derender is functional but temporarly , right click get UUID also works again for Objects and Avatars....

on a request of Adeon i modified the Topbar to allow hiding the favbar (needs relog in order to look and align 100% correctly)

 now to Linden Labs repository, ... i´ve merged everything up to 3.2.3 , completly , meaning i included all their changes , fixes , features etc etc , i also included all changes of Dave P. meaning this Beta is absolutely bleeding edge and contains EVERYTHING from today , theres simply nothing newer

i will now continue to do some last little UI bugfixes and performance/crash/memory tests and then will upload Beta 4 for you to test out , this is by far the greatest change in the short history of my Viewer =D
for all wanting the complete changelist... well here you go

EDIT: i´ve now added the old fonts (still fiddling around with them) might change in future , but for now they are in especially the ugly emote font is gone now , for the notecard alignment.... write one letter and place your cursor before it like this |a instead of a| , then write stuff , that should temp fix the aligning problem

EDIT2: Memory test was successfull , ANYONE NOT able to do THIS without crashing , is weither doing something wrong , is unlucky or , has probably too less memory , sorry guys :(

also readded my bigger Profile icons to the Notification tips (online/offline messages)

SH-24114 Remove unused vectorization code (outdated/unused with SSE2 requirement and llvetor4a et al)
SH-2652 Fix for black bands in high-res normal maps
SH-2652 For for screen going white when enabling anti-aliasing.
SH-2652 Faster depth of field
SH-2652 Slightly slower DoF (quality), apply FXAA *after* DoF, fix for some render targets not getting allocated when needed.
SH-2634 Fix for land overlay not showing colors
SH-2633 Fix for avatar hair turning white when editing appearance
SH-2624 Fix crash at LLPrivateMemoryPoolManager::freeMem: ASSERT (!addr)
SH-2623 debug code for crash at LLViewerTextureList::removeImageFromList()
SH-2620 Force FXAA shader to off on OSX
SH-2608 Fix for debug beacons not rendering properly.
SH-2586 Fix Texture Memory (MB) preference refuses to set above 128mb
SH-2573 Fix Flaw in Purging Texture Cache when it Exceeds Limit
SH-2559 Fix [crashhunters] crash in LLPluginMessage::generate()
SH-2546 Fix for black water under terrain (use vec3 instead of float for vary_AtmosAttenuation
SH-2546 Make sure terrain shaders don't attempt to use indexed texture rendering.
SH-2546 Fix for black avatars and terrain on GF Go 7800 (use vec3 instead of float on varying parameters).
SH-2521 Put back "high detail" terrain render when basic shaders disabled (still broken).
SH-2516 FIX Full Bright Geometry Rendering Increases Rapidly, Destroying Frame Rate.
SH-2507 Fix for crash when rendering axes (develop->render->show axes)
SH-2391 some debug code for [crashhunters] pre-login crash at 
SH-2240 Fix for core profile assertions when Debug GL enabled.
SH-2240 Fix for heap corruption under debugger when starting viewer with basic shaders disabled.
SH-1427 Fix for shader compilation failure when detail set to "mid"
SH-1427 Fix for sunlight color getting clobbered for non-deferred atmospheric shaders.
VWR-26120: Add attachment points for Neck and Avatar Center
STORM-1695 FIXED Visual fixes in the "snapshot options" screen of the Snapshot floater.
STORM-1691 WIP Visual fixes in the Postcard panel.
STORM-1690 FIXED Constrain Proportions option was broken.
STORM-1688 FIXED The camera icon next to the "refresh snapshot" button is now always visible.
STORM-1677 FIXED Fixed gcc 4.5 build.
STORM-1674 Set Help ID for new Translaton Settings floater
STORM-1659 dates reported as "2035" within groups
STORM-1622: Fix viewer-side wind turbulence simulation
STORM-1580 Implement new Snapshot floater
STORM-1577 WIP Implemented translation via Microsoft Translator and Google Translate v2 APIs.
STORM-1105 "Traffic: 0" shown for two cases (traffic actually 0, and waiting for data)
STORM-1068 Add optional range ring(s) to the mini-map
STORM-959 Adding syntax highlighting for /* */ style comments
EXP-1541 update -- Route inventory items sent in a Notecard to correct locations rather than auto-sorting by asset type
EXP-1538 FIX -- New tags shown for items in subfolders in received items panel which remain after minimizing parent folder
EXP-1533 FIX -- As a FUI user, I'd like to be able to remove toolbar buttons without having to drag them anywhere
EXP-1516 : FIX. Typo Enviroment -> Environment (/me face -> palm)
EXP-1514 : FIX. Tweak jacket editor to prevent UI text truncation
EXP-1505 : FIX. Dropping a folder in current outfit would result in broken links and lost inventory.
EXP-1500 : Hide the toolbars whenever the login box is shown. Also clean up some old FUI debug that is not necessary anymore
EXP-1489 FIXED (Cannot build notifications not being shown when chat floater closed with chat log toggled open)
EXP-1487 FIX -- Minimum window size on mac
EXP-1486 FIX -- Minimum window size on windows //tweaked to 720 to allow HD recording
EXP-1479 FIX Chat history does not open when selecting toggle on chat floater and issue with minimizing and opening chat floater
EXP-1475 Tongue out of position when incoming/outgoing call dialog shown for first time when speak button is left toolbar
EXP-1474 FIX -- Create Classified does not work from Search Window
EXP-1473 : FIX. Added an onOpen key to open directly on the Landmarks list.
EXP-1472 FIXED (More spillover list scrolls up after selecting any content menu item)
EXP-1471 WIP Add support for zooming web pages by a scale facxtor
EXP-1469 FIX -- Changing toolbar from "icons only" to "icons with text" while incoming/outgoing call floater is open causes crash on mac
EXP-1468 Incoming/outgoing call floater tongue position doesn't follow floater
EXP-1466 FIX Viewer reloads default settings.xml file during launch (under some conditions)
EXP-1465 FIX Crash in IM panel destructor
EXP-1462 FIX -- Moving speak button or voice settings button between toolbars can cause viewer to crash on Mac
EXP-1461 FIX Incoming Nearby chat not visible in chat toasts/bubbles to user when chat window is minimized with chat history opened
EXP-1460 : Make the caret in favorites toolbar display more consistently and with less finicky hit testing
EXP-1458 FIX Chat text entry bar does not have focus when chat floater is opened while chat history is toggled open
EXP-1456 FIX NEARBY CHAT window sometimes opens at the top of the screen.
EXP-1454 FIX People floater 'cascades' as if opening a new window while looking at group profiles
EXP-1452 FIX minimum height of NEARBY CHAT window can be circumvented by minimizing it.
EXP-1439 : Fix potential crash when the favorites bar is empty
EXP-1439 : Modify DaD on the Favorite toolbar so that reordering visible landmarks don't send any back to the end of the list
EXP-1430 FIX -- Minimizing voice settings floater corrupts layout throughout rest of session
EXP-1417 FIXED (Docked Notifications window tears off from the dock icon when deleting notifications one by one)
EXP-1416 FIXED "Speak" and "Voice controls" buttons added as control views in LLTransientFloaterMgr to prevent hiding the transient IM floater.
EXP-1404 FIXED (Dock icon shown in lower left corner of call dialog when user has speak icon hidden)
EXP-1400 FIXED (Call request docking icon overlays other toolbar buttons when speak button in side toolbar)
EXP-1398 FIX -- Viewer Crash when moving Speak button from bottom toolbar to side toolbar with call request dialog active on Mac
EXP-1354 : FIX. Force loading the default toolbars if the user toolbar loading fails somewhat.
EXP-1354 : Fixed. Toolbars now saved whenever changing their config and only if initialized correctly.
EXP-1178 FIX -- Places floater sorted weird and landmark folders inside are open
Fixed destination guide floater to display on login based on per account "DisplayDestinationsOnInitialRun" setting or initial agent SL login.
Added toolbar enumeration for toolbar view so queries for commands can now indicate where the command currently is on the top, left, right or bottom toolbars.
Updated toybox toolbar button tooltips to indicate where the command currently resides in the view.
Added unused function to allow toolbar buttons to be changed to flash indefinitely.
added Underwater distortion Slider and re enabled all DoF Settings
added Pie Menus + flipping fix
re enabled Search from Adressbar and some Pie Menu options
tweaked Snapshot Preview Image
allow up to 4GB Texture memory displayed
Removed text spam about range of spatial partition, per davep.
Disabling display of inbox unless the Received Items folder exists already.
Added "clear all" button to the toybox floater with corresponding functions added to LLToolBarView to perform the action.
Added support for items at the top level of "Received Items" instead of just folders.
Updated inventory code to handle creation of the "Received Items" panel when the sim notifies the viewer that the folder is created.


  1. Just clicked the link to get beta4 and it's still going to the page for the beta3a.

    Just thought you should know. Can't wait to try beta4 and will try and find it.

  2. http://sourceforge.net/projects/niransviewer/files/NiransViewerBuild8Beta4.exe/download

  3. yea , i forgot to set Beta4 to Windows and set a Label name , so it wasnt put on the main page , in this case you can click "Files" tab in the menus and download it manually

  4. Will the sourcecode be available?
    I would like to compile a linuxversion of this viewer

    regards Joran

  5. it is available on the same site as the download itself , go to sourceforge and click on code tab at the menu

    or do it easy and follow this link directly :)