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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Build 8 Beta 2 has been released! (UPDATE)

Make sure you got Beta2a

grab it here


so many new shining features (see the todo list at the side)

REMINDER: dont forget to try out the new graphics panel! or i will have to do reeeeeaaaaally evil things.....like IMing you...and....and.... reminding you again! *looks seriously*

heres the finished Panel

its basic functionally doesnt change , just its look!
I call it the Streetpanel...
lemme explain it short:
- one Bar consists either of a bunch of Options that are packed together as example the 2. bar, which is the Fullscreen street, 3. the performance street , 4. the misc street
- those options are combined with | which means they are unlocked alltogether as pack (if unlocked) or they have nothing to do with each other in this case
- the 5. and 6. street is the Basic Street and the Deferred Street , options will enable more options to prevent options to be enabled that doesnt work in your current shader level , which options are activated by one previous option is indicated by a > and all at the same unlocked options are packed together (like explained above) with |

Example: Lighting + Shadows enables all following options (>) until (|) Depth of Field and Depth of Field again enables Underwater Distortion (>)
the end of a Shader street (Basic or Deferred) enables the next shader level street , meaning that enabling Glow enables Lighting + Shadows and if there would be something higher than deferred , it would be enabled if everything in Deferred street was on but because GI isnt anymore i changed the layout in this street a bit to not have a shader-street-unlocker as the last option like it was with Glow
that all sounds complicated and probably useless ...yea the information itself is useless , when you try it you will notice you will do the same as all the time *click* *click* *click* *click**click* just clicking one option followed by the next one , only that they are brought in order and with nicer graphical buttons and should also have a better enable/disable logic to prevent enabling as example Depth of Field and wondering why it doesnt work (in this example you dont have Deferred on , nor Atmosshader or Basic Shader ((we have really no idea in this example...)))

see the 2 pics for an example how the streets will enable but note that i had glow enabled in the first pic so the deferred street doesnt hide! , normally it would be hidden and show when you enable glow!


  1. new graphicsettings: couldn't handle it right now as I'm used to the normal ones ya use.

    Could ya look over the Glowsettings again please? they seems to be too bright here. (it's not that I couldn't fix that my own, but could ya look at your standard settings again, please)

  2. yea...this time i wrecked the fucking max alpha glow... GOD FUCKING DAMNIT....will fix that INSTANTLY , everyone REDOWNLOAD please if you dont know how to set Max Alpha Glow down to 0,036 where it should be (in Graphics panel advanced graphics)

  3. Crashes evrytime on Crtl + Alt + F1 when I try to hide interface.

  4. hum strange ... i dont have this problem, it might be Antialiasing or your Drivers

  5. Just Installed new Nvidia driver ... maybe??

  6. could be possible as the nvidia driver problems havnt been solved yet officially , so i should be carefull what you do

  7. I cleaned out all old versions caches, registry, etc. and reinstalled & now it works fine! Even with the new invidia driver. Thanks :)