Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Monday, November 7, 2011

New stuff

it took me the whole morning to implement Pie menus and fixing those stupid "unknown" errors ,thanks to Visual Studio which gives me soooo much information....oh wait right , it doesnt give me information where a bug is...grr anyway , Pie menus work now , as many other things they are optional and can be customised in color , transparency and fade out background

the next thing i worked on were some UI fixes LL borked , like the Active Speakers panel , and no there was a fix for it but it didnt fix the minimising problem at all.... so i manually fixed , it should restore correctly now.
then the chatbar looked somewhat broken because the history button was "cut off" ....fixed now hehe.
the hide Minimap option in People - gear menu should work now as intended

i did some hard work this morning on allowing floaters to go higher (up to the topbar) all i got was a partly broken UI... i will keep trying to solve this but a little note here , it is intended that floaters dont go higher than the upper toolbar , it was not intended that they can go outside of the screen on the left/right and bottom... but its better anyway ...cant imagine how that should work on a low resolution....anyway if i get it to work somehow i will probably post it or you will see it in the next build

i´ve also had some thoughts about a new skin , i would like to call it ...the Darkness... hehe , which brings me to that i have to implement the Skin selector quickly...

the last thing i did was some work to the snapshot floater KL did loooong ago aswell , he made the snapshot preview way bigger , so i did ...take a look

i will probably redo it completly in future ...so dont get too used to it until i say i wont redo it :)


  1. Is it posible to change font and size?
    My opinion is that all viewers has low readability.
    I do not have a viewer with a light background, as for example Mac OS Aqua and black text and posibility opportunity to use the fonts Georgia and Times. And opportunities to dock mini window like in Photoshop and InDesign. Most users I know are older than me, much older and I am 27 years old. They need to get it easier to use viewers without glasses.

  2. you can change font size in Graphics panel
    the font itself is changable too yea... i havnt included ANY fonts in this viewer so it will take the default ones

    also be warned , changing the fonts and with it the size may corrup EVERYTHING , every text , every menu , simply EVERYTHING that has text

  3. Good, can vi expect a MacOs-version?

  4. as long as no one compiles a MacOs version , no , there will be no version for Linux/Mac from me as i dont have any of those OSs

  5. snif snif... is there any developer with MacOS who can help NiranV somewhere? :)
    Congrats NiranV for your viewer