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Friday, October 12, 2018

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.3.2 "Animating Dragon"

Another update, another crash.

Crashes are the name of the game here, you wanted crashy? you get crashy, crashes for you, crashes for him, crashes for her too! Crash this, crash that, crash everything!

Obviously i fixed a lot of things that should have been crashing, starting with the login button, don't ask me why it didn't crash but now it will certainly do, 11/10 tries will end up in a crash, thank me later.



What do you mean it isn't the 1st of april yet?

...oh... Oh...

Whoopsie. I was under the impression that it's aprils fools, i guess i was wrong... well then back to the boring normal updates.

Lets see... some UI improvements, including but not limited to the ability to sort "Nearby" by recent arrival, the pesky "Too Many Groups" notification annoying the heck out of you when clicking the menus in "People" is gone, the ability to permanently ignore (and restore) the "Do you really want to delete this?" notification and several smaller skin improvements and fixes.

Most importantly however is the new ability to pose animesh. As previously promised, here it is, you can now pose animesh! All you have to do is open the Poser, select who you want to pose (this includes you) and start posing like usual. Saving and loading poses to and from them works as well, heck you can even animate them! Now you can multi-pose, pose yourself to fit your new poseable animesh friends!

HAH! How do you like that animesh!

Not so funny now when I'M IN CONTROL.

There were also a few... issues regarding the "Auto Accept Inventory" and "Show Offered Inventory" options, they... didn't quite do what you'd expect them to so i dug into their code and found out what they actually do, updating their description to properly reflect their actual function as well as adding a new option that is responsible for opening your Inventory and highlighting new inventory items in your Inventory when you receive them, all three options have been added/moved to the "Interface" tab where they belong.

I also fixed a particulary evil crash when loading poses with scaling or attachment bone/collision volume information . Whew, good thing that's over!

The rest is really just internal improvements, cleanup and small scale fixes. Have fun! I'll also be pushing to get a new updated non-AVX version up ASAP!


  1. Niran - I am still having an absolute horrible time with frame rates and sim loading, and I mean horrid! I can be on a a sim getting 6fps and all other things about equal on FS viewer its 30-40 FPS. Load time on complex sims with tons of mesh is just insane. Perhaps you know some debug settings under the hood that can speed things up? my desktop is a core i7, gtx970, plenty of ram, wired eithernet and my DL speed on my internet is like 100mbs

  2. Cause for extremely low framerates could be:
    Too high draw distance,
    Too high complexity limits, (complex avatars are exceptionally heavy)
    Too high shadow resolution, (everything beyond 2048 can quickly drop your framerate depending on the scene)
    Motion Blur enabled and set to allow on everyone can tank your framerate hard with complex avatars around,
    High volumetric lighting resolution in combination with high shadow resolution can tank performance hard.

    If none of these help i'd suggest clearing your settings (make a backup) and see if you have broken something by accident.

  3. I am using Not AVX.
    In my machine environment, in the flycam mode, it returns to the default viewing angle.
    In the previous version, it was in Flycam mode keeping zoom and wide.
    Is this intentional specification change?

    Except for that point I think that it is a very good viewer.

    1. I don't quite know how it is right now without looking but how i imagine it SHOULD work is as follows:

      Going into Flycam does not change your FoV.
      Leaving Flycam should revert to whatever FoV you have set for your normal camera.

  4. Hello! It may not work with windows 10? When I try to open the viewer it tells me that it could not start correctly, (0xc000007b).How do I resolve this?

    1. Install the latest VCRedist 2013.

      I was going to post an update and update the download page to include this information.