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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.3.3 "Animating Dragon"

Ugh what a downtime.

Originally this was meant to be a small quickfix update but... you know... things happen and boom there's new stuff.

So with this update i bring the ability to pose-animate multiple avatars at the same time, again only yourself and animesh. YOU CANNOT POSE OR ANIMATE OTHERS, THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN (Thanks to LL).

Of course you want to see this in action, here goes!

Awesome isn't it?

Well... that's actually pretty much it. Latest animesh code was merged (look out for any performance decreases, i'll do some performance tests soon to see whether the new code satisfies my strict performance rules). The rest is just small scale cleanup and fixes, nothing fancy.

That's pretty much it with Viewer stuff.

I'm also most likely going to add an AVX2 version for the very first time, when i find some time compiling it along with a non-AVX version and AVX version. I'll also write some additional stuff down on the download page about the recent Windows 10 problems with starting the Viewer and which version to take when.

Once again many thanks for the continued support via Patreon!


  1. Hello Niran, when I login the tap to fly and run are always active, I have controlled the settings and I have not selected these options. Also when I'm editing full control objects the ctrl + D hotkey does not work to duplicate the object. Thanks for the great job you have done with the poser :)

  2. Make sure always run is not on (Ctrl + R), make sure Tap-tap run in preferences is off and make sure no RLVa related object is interacting with you (they might change or override this).

    Make sure "Hold jump key to automatically start flying" is off.

    Enable and disable them again if necessary. Note these behave differently with a controller/joystick.

    Black Dragon does not have a "duplicate" object function, even less a shortcut for it. The only way to duplicate an object is as you do in the official Viewer, by holding Shift and dragging the object's position, this will duplicate the object, you can then Ctrl + Z to revert it to its previous location.

  3. Thanks for your answer Niran, but I think maybe it's a bug, I can not find the solution:

    I from the menu dragon = movement I take off running and flying, but every time I login I see them again activated.

    Inside settings I have controlled and I do not have active tap tap and also "Hold jump key to automatically start flying"

    I do not use RLVa and I have it disabled

    A few days ago I tried to uninstall and reinstall and I still have the same problem.

    I am using using PhraseExpress with some macros and hotkeys = win+alt+z and win+alt+x I have tried to close the macros and even then the issue exists.

    I have also controlled not to dress some stupid hud that makes me fly or run and I have nothing.

    I have
    windows 10 Prof x64, 16Gb ram ddr3 i7-4790, nvidia GTX970

    I know it is not a serious issue, but using your viewer for a long time is the first time this happens to me :) Thank you and good weekend!

  4. I must rectify, I have deactivated the space pilot pro and I enter without flying, what catches my attention that I have not yet configured it for the viewer, I have it for a long time and it had not happened to me with the previous versions.

    Thanks again!

    1. 3DConnection mice are kinda unsupported, as i don't have one myself so their default settings might not apply correctly or cause issues, i can't really check since i don't have one. Though i'd recommend keeping it off or configuring it properly, you need to make sure the dead zones and axis scales (especially the scale) is configured to allow walking and running (if that is even possible with these 3D mice.

  5. I have followed some instructions from other blogs but without positive success, I have not used this joystick yet. but I've always had it connected although if I don't use it and with this version it was that I saw myself flying.

    Moving to another topic: I don't know if I should edit something in settings to receive objects through group notifications because if I click on the attachment it's not copied in the inventory. I must open the group window directly and go to the notices and click on the button open to have the object copied into my inventory.

    I wish you a great week and thank you for your work! :)


    1. The notice attachment issue is well known, i have yet to figure out exactly why its failing. My guess is it is invalidating all inventory offers at some point (notices with attachments are basically fancied up inventory offers). I might just completely get rid of them and make notice attachments do the same as the group window does, whatever that one does if it isn't already the same (in that case i'm in big trouble)