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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Animator and what to do with it...

I've been hard at experimenting again and i'm digging up some interesting things that got me some interesting ideas.

What if i told you that it would be possible to make a UI for a full animation editor, like QAvimator inside SL? Technically you could take any animation that is running, read it out and fill the UI with all necessary information, keyframes, rotations, positions, time values and allow you to edit them, fully, imagine you could edit a running animation, move around its keyframes, change rotations and positions not only would this be the ultimate and only animation editor inside Second Life, it would also give mod permissions on animations a right to exist.

Making a functional and sensible UI for this is probably the biggest challenge of this. Not only would it require a lot of time to build, it would also require a lot of time to test and make it functional, fill it with features that are needed to make working with it as easy as possible.

Being able to fully edit running animations...

How would it look... how would it work... would this even be worth making?

Who knows. Maybe i'll get around to do it, it would help immensely getting the exporter up and working.


  1. Hello Niranv, I love the poser window I'm still practicing! On the other hand I would like if it is possible to make some suggestions for other sections of the viewer.

    For photography I always use lights and reflectors, it would be nice to have the option of "lights" that is inside in the menu "Develop" - "Render MetaData" and the option "RenderLightRadius" that is not currently visible in the viewer, maybe they could be in a section inside the "Display" section in the "Settings" menu.

    Sometimes I find it difficult to see how the lights intertwine and radius helps a lot!! Currently I open three windows: Camera, Settings and poser and I must go to the developer menu to activate the lights.

    And for saving camera position I'm using a hud when I need edit some light/reflector.

    1. Render Light Radius can be found in Dragon - Tools - Options - Show Light Radius for Selection. This will show the radius of all lights in your current selection (if any are selected)

      Render Metadata options will stay there since they are debugging option and not meant to be used for normal usage, having them in a section (one that is the same across all Viewers) makes it easier to tell them apart as special options independent of the Viewer being used. I'd like to put some more "Tools" options into the tools window however but there is really no space there and increasing the size of the window is something i don't want to do.