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Monday, December 18, 2017

The Snokra Snake & Content Creation

Just two days ago one of the, if not the outright overall best avatar in Second Life has been released and it is an absolute joy both visually and for render freaks.

Here's why:


Snokra Snake from EpicGordon Broome @ Orange Nova Avatars

(Left) Shows the front of the avatar.
(Right) Shows the back of the avatar.


The avatar features diffuse, normal and specular maps.
It comes with Bento skeleton support and Fitted Mesh support.
It is moddable and highly detailed.
It comes with male/female version in one package.
It includes multiple sets of skin colors, eye colors and other textures.
It comes with a HUD and a lot of animations for face, hands and tail.
It comes with an applier system.
It's lightweight scripted.
It offers PSD files and Blender files for modding.
It's a cobra in disguisssssse.


It costs 1500L$ and is currently in beta.

Performance Data

(Pic) Shows the avatar in wireframe, as you can see the avatar uses triangles very sparingly and only ever uses a few more when absolutely necessary.

It's full triangle count is mere 27676 triangles. Next-gen games use 20.000 - 40.000 average, this avatar is on the bottom line of the next gen default which speaks for its well thought out mesh and quality as well as its small performance impact compared to other avatars. As comparison, the Maitreya body without hands, feet and head has 125.000 triangles. Belleza has even more.

The avatar uses a diffuse map, a normal map and a spec map, all of them twice for upper and lower body each, all of them are 1024 x 1024. Each texture is 4MB texture memory, this makes 24MB texture memory in total for the entire avatar.

The avatar uses multiple invisible states for different breast sizes, vagina states and male/female versions as well as the cobra hood, all of which can be removed if necessary. This can easily reduce its triangle count to ~15.000 triangles, that is incredibly few for such a detailed avatar.


The avatar comes with a very detailed normal map for an extreme amount of additional detail on the scales and other body parts, both when the avatar is used in conjunction with glossiness or not.


The avatar comes with freely available Blender files, with all states, all rigging, all UV maps and doesn't charge you any additional cost for it or wants you to sign some washing machine contract that is meaningless anyway.

All textures used, both diffuse as well as material textures (normal and specular) come in a huge PSD package for free editing and mod making. Again at no additional charge nor signing any contracts or administration from the creator. If you want to paint hearts all over it you can go for it.

The avatar also has full mod permissions (copy and mod), you can edit any part, any face, delink, relink, rename, add additional parts or remove them entirely.

It's shape as well as it's alpha layers are 100% full perm, you can copy, edit or transfer them.

Since this avatar supports Bento bones and Fitted Mesh you can use almost all shape sliders, even quite a few from the face section.

The avatar has a good set of Bento animations coming with it, allowing to customize its face as well as its tail and hands. It also features a bunch of default skin colors, eye colors, different eye versions (slit and normal) as well as eyelashes, all packaged into a HUD.

The HUD also allows toggling each individual face's visibility and allows toggling between multiple breast sizes (on top of changing them via sliders), allows you to change the glossiness and the groin state (whether you want male or female and/or pg or not), the face gestures, the eye/mouth openness, whether you want to use talking animations, change tongue poses or eyebrows and finally it also allows you to toggle the cobra hood. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The avatar also comes with an applier creator in case you want to make one.

What's more, due to its low poly count and high quality out-of-the-box state mods made for it are bound to be roughly equally low poly and thus very optimized and fast while retaining a lot of quality in the process.

In Conclusion

This avatar is the very thing that i've been urging and nudging people to at all times, it is the pinnacle of performance vs quality, it is absolutely top tier quality, offers 100% modability, comes with all resources and since it is going to be a very popular avatar will soon have mountains of cool content. THIS is the thing that i want to see from content creators, THIS is the very prime example everyone should be aiming for. THIS is the thing you should be paying money for. Stop paying for shit, stop paying for onion layered, overly complex, heavily scripted, lagpiles of hundreds and thousands of wasted dense polygon piles that you have to sell your soul to in order to be allowed to look at it and maybe, eventually think of modding. Stop buying Maitreya, stop buying Belleza, stop selling your goddamn soul, become a Snake today and demand better quality from your other creators, point them at this avatar, tell them how absolutely devastatingly shit their content is and together we will make Sansar look like the dumpster fire it is.

Here's my modded purple version to fit my name.


  1. really... that's freaking awesome!!!!!!

    1. His previous Avatars were similarly good but this was the perfect time to write about it.

  2. hey, how about take these bodies head on? You obviously have the talent. I'd buy your body if you put out a female body.