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Friday, December 29, 2017

The Snokra Snake & Content Creation #2

Remember the first post i wrote about it here: The Snokra Snake & Content Creation?

Well today i logged in and found a message in my notification console.

Turns out this would mean i get all color variations for my Gryphon, Lamb and Sergal ontop of my Snake and Kobold, both of which contain all variations already.

You can tell me what you want but if this is what some people have been trying to sell me as "an asshole" then i'll welcome these kind of assholes all day. To me this doesn't look like the kind of money-driven asshole that some other content creators are and no i'm not talking about EA Games, they are hardly creating content and more like milking an already existing piece of content like a cashcow.

If i ever decide to touch the human content area you can be sure it will totally destroy any belief in humanity you might have had, i had the "joy" of working with LeLutka (a human head) lately, it was brief but it already made me infinitely angry. It was a head that deletes itself if you put it on the ground, even in no script zones. The demo was no copy on top of that, deleting the only piece you had if you put it on ground, forcing you to go to the store and get it again. The head obviously being no mod should already give away what i think about it. Seriously whoever you are who makes LeLutka, i read your blog and you seemed like someone with at least some technical knowledge (that or you shamelessly copied it from somewhere) but if you're going to tell me you made your head delete itself on the ground to prevent copybotting then you're just as infinitely retarded as Maitreya and Belleza. An object should never ever be no mod NOR should it delete itself if you put it on ground, especially not if said object might be no copy. I can't believe you humans seriously put up with this shit and let them do this crap.

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