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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Black Dragon 64x - Update 2.9.5 "Christmas Dragon"

Merry Christmas everyone.

There's a present waiting for you. It's an update.

I'm sorry i was so quiet about the Viewer lately, with the latest LL merges the Viewer was simply in a state that i was extremely unhappy with, it crashed almost every day for me, at least once. Coming down from never having a crash unless it's a self-inflicted stupid reason such as setting everything so high the Viewer locks up completely (which should be almost impossible) or outright blowing up something i made and are testing right now there was never a time i had so many random 1 in a million chance crashes like i had with these "crash fixes" from LL. Every crash i experienced was a new one, it was always something else blowing up, as if they closed one hole and opened up hell in the process. Luckily with some additional patches it now seems back to the old usual never-a-crash-in-a-lifetime stability i had before. It's kinda a shame when the creator crashes every day, all alarms should go off because something is horribly wrong. Anyway.

The update comes with a good bunch of linden fixes and additions (all the latest stuff + some more), such as object count on folders in inventory and some other changes i haven't yet noticed. Apparently body physics should be smoother now, less jiggly even with low FPS... we'll see... when i drop from my glorious 70 FPS that is.

With the above fixes it seems like the texture crash that was initially plaguing 64bit builds is now fixed, which prompted me to re-enable HTTP Pipelining by default, stuff should load faster and more efficient now and performance might actually go up a bit too while stuff is loading in.

The complexity floater has been overhauled a bit with hopefully improved readability. It's still a long way until it's a super straight forward thing but oh well...

Also... this has been bugging me for a long time, years now. Appearance, specifically when you edit your shape, as soon as you make a change the back button at the top extends, overlapping with the title, man this has been driving me nuts, i finally came around to get rid of this once and for all and while i was in the shape edit window i spend some time improving the layout a bit further.

It should be slightly less obnoxious now. In the future i'll have to completely redo the entire Appearance window to match the new layout of People/Inventory, this is going to be big challenge getting it into a shape that looks uniform across all the different windows with all the different amounts of highly different widgets that are absolutely essential for the window to function properly.

Then, inventory inbox should no longer become unclosable when you drag out the last item from your inbox while its open, the button should stay visible now at all times unless it's a secondary inventory window.

Another thing that annoyed me every time i used the internal browser (rarely but i do), the refresh button overlapped with the stop button. grrgrggr. No more.

I also removed the home toolbar button and added a poser toolbar button for that quick posing ya know.

Other than those above mentioned changes there's mostly cleanup, some fixes here and there, more cleanup and some attempted fixes for crashes, see the changelog for those.

You might have read my previous post about the Snokra Snake, i felt like it was necessary to talk about it and use the opportunity to praise some good content as opposed to complained about all the shit content all the time and getting flak and counter questions asking for a good content example. I'm having a lot of fun with it as you can see, it's quite franky one of the best avatars quality wise and i wish human content creators especially would finally pull their head out of their asses and stop ripping off people with their trash tier content. If i could i would mesh a human mesh body with all the features described that makes the Snokra Snake such a godsend, mod perms, full body rig+uv file, all texture psd's and so on for free just to blow content like Maitreya and Belleza up until they learn to make better stuff and stop using excuses for their infinite stupidity as to why and how no mod is supposed to prevent copybotting and such. You may say "wow what a dick move Niran" and yes it might be a dick move offering something for free, others charge for, out of spite but my answer to that is "people get what they deserve, sooner or later" and someday someone might come around and do just that, just like i did with the Poser to put a stop to AnyPose, just like i made my own free opensource server side AO and just like i was going to write a HUD that does the 360 snapshot thing for free, that everyone has been paying shitloads of money for... if the 360 snapshot viewer didn't come around in time to stop me and offer an even better solution. If you rip off people with your shit and i can do it better and for free, you can bet i'll do it just to fuck you up because i goddamn fucking hate you if you rip off people.

Which brings me to Patreon. Funny. Coming from the guy using patron to desperately try and fund the development of the Viewer for some more time. Well, i'm going to remove the goals since they are pretty much pointless now, it's no secret anymore that Patreon basically failed at what it was supposed to do and i'll have to get a job now anyway but for all those people asking for a way to support me or "donate" i'll leave it open. I mean it's your money, you can choose what to do with it and now that i've actually gotten around to set everything up i don't want to get rid of it anymore as people are just going to ask me again how to donate and we'd be back to square one. Ugh. It's a mess right now.

Enough rumbling, enjoy this long overdue update.


  1. Sad that with your poser you cannot mod live animations anymore, as that is why I need to keep stuck to AnyPose. I use it only just to mod existing poses so they fit better for photographs.
    I wonder if Oz would accept it if you asked a question to the other person mentioning that his poses would be modified like ANyPose does.

    1. I'm unsure what you mean since you can clearly see in the above animated gif that i'm editing a live animation by adding the hand motions on top of it.

    2. But only on your person... sadly, not on another model in your picture.

    3. You can do it with any model if said model supports the bones. You just can't pose others, which you never could to begin with.

    4. You can pose others with AnyPose however.