Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Black Dragon 64x - Update 2.9.6 "New Years Dragon"

Happy New Year everyone!

Update incoming, this one contains mostly bugfixing and overhauling for consistency. It's also the last one this year.

I added a button to set the voice toggle to 'none' effectively disabling the voice toggle, it was requested, here it is.

LL's snapshot fixes were removed again because they were causing the snapshot floater to save the first snapshot as Snapshot.png instead of Snapshot_Number.png like it used to, their white alpha fix was also removed as it was causing some human heads to default to "None" alpha mode effectively breaking them... (well not really, it just showed them broken because they had a corrupt or missing alpha flag set)

Then, long awaited, it's finally here, you can now edit the position and rotation of attachments in the build window while they are worn. Hooray.

I thought it would be a good idea to add a refresh preset list button to the sky preset editor, so i ended up overhauling all windlight windows and adding refresh buttons to all of them.

At least they are smaller and consistent now.

When someone send me a texture inworld i had to face the disgrace that is the texture preview window and had to overhaul that one too.

Other than those big changes i changed the default complexity limit to 125000, down from 500000 now that these numbers are much smaller and i fixed a few tiny texture issues causing offset images and increasingly more space between tabs. It's time to fix the goddamn dropdown textures already Niran, i'll get to that at some point too.

As always you should get this update because bugfixes n stuff.


  1. Hi
    My body gets whitened after updating

    1. Can you contact me inworld? I'd like to see if i got it fixed. Thanks.