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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Black Dragon Update 2.7.4: Bento Poser

Small update for the poser, you can now select the bones from a list via double click (sorry, single click doesn't work for some shitty UI reason) and then alter the selected bone via the 3 sliders. You should press Start Posing before you do however. I figured you wanted to know.

It also allows you to change all Bento bones. Yup, all 133 bones are now changeable.

Next up: Saving to XML. Editing collision volumes. Export to BVH (possibly). UI improvements. Usability improvements (maybe having the rotation axis circles like in Edit mode).


  1. I like the poser window. Today I tested the new version 2.0 with a Bento mesh body (demo). All the sliders for the finger bones do not work with this avatar. All other sliders I've tried are working well. Maybe you can check if there is a problem with the poser window and the finger bones.

    1. Tested, all of them are working as expected. Since all of them are directly collected from your avatar's bones it's technically impossible for any bone not working when other bones do work since they all use the same functionality -> if one works, all of them should work unless said bone does not exist or is not rigged, however if it wouldn't exist it wouldn't be listed as it only lists bones that actually exist. I assume the demo does not include Bento finger bone rigging.

    2. Okay, it's possible that the demo doesn't has rigged finger bones. I will try it again with one of the test models from the SL wiki. Maybe they have rigged fingers.

    3. With the test avatar from the SL wiki, the finger bones working correctly. Sorry for the doubts. ;)