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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Black Dragon Update 2.7.6: Interpolation and Position~ation?

Positionation? Really? Very bad attempt at making up words to rhyme.

So 2.7.6 adds mostly a lot of internal work, much of which you won't notice directly but you can now change the position of the pelvis bone and interpolate between positions, YAY!

You can now also set the interpolation method, either linear or spherical linear and its interpolation strength (NOT the time it takes, that entirely depends on the strength).

You can now also double click to load poses and the save button as well as name line editor has been moved to the pose tab... because it really belongs there.... load and delete are still in the other tab.


You should now also be able to save without a folder (it should create it automatically).

I snuck in some extra changes too, brightened tone mapping a tiny bit, pitch black shouldn't be completely pitch black anymore and dark/black textures should now show their details again, even in shadowed/dark places. I will most likely finetune this a little bit more.

BTW, the shortcut for locking depth of field focus has been changed and should work properly now. Can't believe i've ignored this for so long even though it was pissing me off really hard every time i used it.

Remember. Start pose, then edit the sliders, otherwise no change and whatever you do, DO NOT ever stop all animations (via the window or menu) while having the pose animation running otherwise you'll end up breaking it and need to relog to fix it. I'll be fixing that in coming updates.

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