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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Black Dragon Update 2.7.5: Poser Save/Load

With this update the poser is now capable of saving and loading poses into a XML file. They're listed in the new Animation tab.

I also added blending between poses and rotations, rotating bones will feel smoother now. I fixed an issue with the vector to quaternion (rotation) conversion that caused some rotations to deform the bone and all its linked bones, rotating it into random directions and inflating it in size. You may have seen it already or know the "Neil Special" animation that does exactly the same.

Fixing this issue also solved another issue with the rotations varying in strength towards the min/max value of the sliders, they should rotate uniformly now. They'll also allow greater precision due to the mentioned change requiring me to change the sliders to -3.142/3.142 min/max value to allow a full rotation.

Finally and most importantly, besides save/load, you can now click a bone once to select it, no more double click needed.

Make sure you save your poses before stopping the pose animation because you'll lose your progress.

Before i forget, you might need to create a folder at:
called poses... possibly... maybe... most likely... almost certainly, otherwise saving won't work. Haven't yet added code to do that automatically. Totes forgot about it, oh well, next version. I know i know... i always find reasons for you to update to that stupid next update... tztztz.

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