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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2.3.8 Maintainance Update #3

Nothing to see here, please move along.

Let's get to the important stuff since i'm not in mood to talk around it this time.

User Interface:

I fixed the Group Info panels since the lower half of them were totally missing since the last update in which i slightly cleaned up their code a bit and i switched the Accordions to Tabs because usability you know.

I re-added the RLVa loadingscreen tip and fixed a few others because they were pointing into the wrong Preferences panels.

I made a few new loadingscreen pictures since i wanted to see something new, some old and some totally new ones were included, the style is subject to change.

I added some basic German Translation for Preferences (copied over from Nirans and fixed some overlapping and not fitting parts). Super WIP.


I fixed my Post Effects not working when Ambient Occlusion and Shadows were disabled (both at the same time), rigged alpha Meshes however are still not yet fixed.

'same object re-attach' Crash:

Temporarly fixed, absolutely not caring what could happen because of this fix.


Updated to the very latest changes.



2.3.8 Alpha

Added: 8 new Loadingscreens and removed the additional ones since they don't fit the new style anymore.
Added: Basic German Translation for Preferences. WIP.
Added: More basic German Translations for Preferences. Still WIP.
Removed: RLVa Menu doubles everywhere.
Removed: IM and Groupchat Popup options since they are now non functional and integrated into CHUI's optionset.
Fixed: Post Effects not working when Shadows and AO are disabled. Preparing shaders for another ifdef.
Fixed: Some Loadingscreen tips and re-added the RLVa one since we support RLVa again.
Fixed: Set Voice Button for German Translation.
Fixed: (Temporarly) Crash on marking an Object dead (same object re-attach)-crash.
Fixed: Lots of merge errors.
Fixed: Group Roles bottom panels beeing invisible.
Fixed: Group Info Panels and put them into Tabs instead of Accordions.
Fixed: An oversight when overhauling the Group Info Panels causing a minor error.
Changed: Only create a random number up to 7 for our Loadingscreens since we don't have more anymore.
Merged: RLVa Updates


  1. you didn't fix the "Location of your Logfile" problem!

  2. Shit. I knew i missed something...

    1. /me hugs you anyways ... "Thanks for making this better and better"

  3. I am sure you probably either don't care, or is something to be implemented later, but there seems to be an issue with frame rate, and movement. The movement, like walking is very jerky, with frame rate going up and down and 'seizing' . This is with Atmosphere shaders off, deffered rendering off, draw distance 128. I did a side by side comparision between this, then logged into the same sim on FS, and this issue is not present in FS . In fact, the frame rate (FPS) was double on FS given the same settings...relativity speaking, (FS was between Low and Mid, no Atmos shaders, no deffered rendering, 128 draw distance) it average about 30fps, standing or walking. On Nirans, the standing FPS was about 1fps, and walking fluctuates generally between 4fps and 7fps, and is very jerky

    I also been noticing the FPS drops over a period of time as i am on, even in the same place, just standing around, it slowly starts fading away. I just thought i'd mention it, not sure what is going on, maybe some my own settings,, don't know

    1. Possible causes for fluctuating FPS rates:
      Spam/Grief etc
      Inventory loading.
      Friendlist loading.
      Impostors bugging out (which shouldnt work right now anyway)

      Possible causes for permanent slow FPS or decreasing FPS over time:
      Open Conversations floater see: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-4562
      Open Local chat see above
      Screwed settings (example: OpenGL Vertex Buffers beeing turned off/on)
      Something running in background

      Note that this Viewer is not made for low-end and/or budget PC's or laptops or macs or anything non-high-end-self-build-PC. I do NOT test this Viewer with low-end hardware nor do i ever test graphic settings below Deferred Rendering. Focus of this Viewer are high-end graphics (in SL terms) therefor everything below high-end is absolutely unsupported and never tested nor designed for. That means if you turn off Deferred Rendering, Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, Depth of Field, Vertex Shader, Atmospheric Shader or anything like that you're on your own. So basically if the world turns pitch black as soon as you turn off Deferred, i wouldn't care because if i was LL i wouldn't even allow disabling Deferred, it should be default and there should be no option to go below that.

  4. Hmm, i think there a little problem on cache location setting.

    I cant change the location even set new location, but the location didn't change.

    1. Known problem, already fixed for next update.