Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Alpha 2.3.7 - Maintenance Update #2


Today's the day of all days! nah! Just another update.

User Interface:

Biggest addition in this Update is the inclusion of the last round of missing Preferences options, most of them...if not all of them in "Display" tab. Nearly all LoD options have been added, all finetuning options otherwise only seen in an extra tab or in the Machinima Sidebar have been added to the main "Display" tab, all of them sorted and organized into their coresponding pack of options. You will find all Depth of Field sliders in the Depth of Field section, all Tone Mapping related stuff in the Tone Mapping section and so on. This Update makes the Preferences floater 98% complete, the other 2% are fixing, moving, removing, enabling, disabling or adding new options if i missed one or two out... to get an idea how many options there are just in the "Display" tab, have a look at this:

Also included, as you may notice, are "Default" buttons that will revert those slider (finetuning) options back to their Default. HURRAY!

PS: Camera Preset sliders work too ;)

Second biggest change here are the changed background textures for "Toasts". Chat messages, On/Offline notifications, Do you want to quit notification, You accepted friend request X notification etc. All these are "Toasts" and now have a greenish background image just like the "Tools" floater.

Also: Nearby Chat will no longer flash your toolbar button because you or someone else wrote in it, no matter if Nearby Chat is seperated or connected in the main CHUI floater, no more perma-flash in chatty regions!


Slight adjustments were made to my Tone Mapping and Color Correction Defaults to make the prettyness a tiny bit more colorfull and darker.


Other than that nearly invisible fixes in several places took place, nothing special or fancy, just little perfectionistic thingy, background color changes, aligning fixes and that usual stuff. You can now also change your Keyboard layout again, it needs a restart however.


Have fun,


2.3.7 Alpha

Added: Ability to revert a Debug to its default value and control Array Debugs (X Y Z).
Added: Huge amounts of missing finetuning options for Depth of Field, SSAO, Tone Mapping, Color Correction, Vignette aswell as a "revert to Default" button for each finetuning option.
Added: Ability to change Keyboard layouts. Needs Restart.
Added: Functionality to Camera Preset controls.
Added: Function to refresh all widgets after resetting them to default.
Added: Several missing misc dropdown options aswell as LoD options.
Removed: High Precision toggle and all its calls in code.
Changed: Friend online/offline notification layout slightly.
Changed: Notifications floater background to the normal floater one.
Changed: Layout and alignment for the quick "Sound Preferences" panel in Statusbar.
Changed: Wrong description for CameraOverWaterDistortion Debug.
Changed: Allow a smaller minimum height for toast floaters.
Changed: Do not flash our Toolbar "Chat" button if the received message comes from Local Chat.
Changed: Preferences layout slighty, made some adjustments and realigned all headers a bit.
Changed: Several background textures for Inspectors and Toasts to make them more fitting to the overall Theme.
Changed: Tone Mapping and Color Correction defaults slightly for a more colorfull look.
Reverted: Potential crashfix.
Fixed: Offset for Draw Distance slider panel in Statusbar.
Fixed: Some Group panel dummy errors.
Fixed: "Reset to Default" not directly applying the defaults.
Fixed: Search floater and all other web-based floaters once and for all.


  1. I have tried the version 2.3.7 yesterday and had continuously crashes. Crash while teleporting, crash during camera zoom, crash when changing rendering settings. Every time without notification from the viewer, but with the well known "Program stopped working"-message from Windows 7. Until a fix for this issues I will go back to version 2.3.6 which is running very stable on my OS.

    Another feedback:
    When I enter my password in the login screen, the XUI Preview Tool window always opens after the fourth letter and the password field resets at the same time. I could only log-in with typing my password in a text editor and then copy & paste it in the password field of the viewer.

    1. I guess you are experiencing the "(same object re-attach)" crashbug in an extreme way. A few people reported me a random crash, their logs showed me that the last message appearing is (same object re-attach) which means as far as i understood, an object was visually or maybe even practically (in inventory or via outfit) attached twice or more on the same spot, like a duplication bug. The actual crash seems to happen when the Viewer tries to "remove" that object from the body (weither it is yours or someone elses, doesnt matter). In this update i removed the "potential" crashfix i made in 2.3.6 since it proved that it doesn't fix this crash in any way. The crash first appeared when i merged RLVa and actually there is even some code changes done by Kitty in that particular place. I'm not entirely sure now what i should do since both, with and without the potential fix, the Viewer crashes for me and other people, rarely but it does it and its annoying when it happens.

      About your password problem: Not sure how that can happen but my guess is that your Alt key might be "bugged" as in, its pressed virtually but not really on your Keyboard, i'm not sure if its a real Windows problem or just my Keyboard but i had this problem with a key "freezing" in its pressed state several times even though it wasn't pressed anymore, all i have to do to fix that "bug" is just pressing that key again. This doesn't happen in SL only.

    2. You're right with the "(same object re-attach)" crashbug. The end of my last crash log shows this:

      2013-11-05T21:31:31Z INFO: LLViewerJointAttachment::addObject: (same object re-attached)
      2013-11-05T21:31:31Z WARNING: LLVOAvatar::getTargetAttachmentPoint: Object attachment point invalid: 127
      2013-11-05T21:31:31Z WARNING: LLVOAvatar::getTargetAttachmentPoint: Object attachment point falling back to : 1

      All I can say is that this has not happened with Black Dragon 2.3.6. I used this version for many hours and had not a single crash. There must have changed something since the previous version.

      The problem with the password is gone today. That must have been a mistake from my side. Maybe with the tool "Phrase Express" that I use to insert HTML text via hotkey (for web design work).

  2. On this newest version, all of a sudden, i could no longer log on. crashed every time. I decided the make a back up of locals and deleted everything re install from scratch. Same results. Crash at log on. I read this comment here about the 'same object re-attach' , so i logged in via FS, and stripped my avi naked. after that, I was able to log in with Black Dragon. So it was something to do with an outfit, it appears. Maybe this info is useful for you

  3. both 2.3.6 and 2.3.7 wont let you set a different directory for chat logs.

  4. Sorry little "Bitchy" Dev, So you call yourself, you need to drop this Viewer i know you think you have done Good work, Here is some factors you never added and/or Coded Wrong or badly

    Firstly, The Radar Does Not Display a Agents Distance from the user
    Secondly, There is no Caming feature ((Which is in 89% of Viewers)
    You did not Inter-grade CHAT COMMANDS for easy use ((eg. dd - Draw Distance gth - Go To Height)
    Third From what i am Reading in the Above comments you dont erally care much for the residence and prefer to pretended to be a Developer, However ui think you need to head back over to LSL/DEV-Wiki and re-read all tyhat is there before you release junk like this,

    I had the Viewer for a whole 6 mins before i un-installed it and removed all traces of this shit from my computer
    Lets also hope for your sake it is not Back-doored

    Sorry to be so rude, But you need a blunt point of viewer before you try to "Help" Residence this is why your client is not on the approved List nor will it ever be :)

    1. Ok lets go through this one-by-one.

      Bitchy dev because i'm really bitchy at times, i like to discuss endlessly and go rage on certain stuff.

      1. It doesn't because i havn't yet implemented this feature. The old way of displaying an Agents distance uses a code part that has been rewritten a few months ago, my previous Viewer didn't use this new part since i didn't know how to properly recode it to utilize that new code, i wanted to investigate that later on again.

      2. I don't know what you mean by "Caming" feature. I guess it's one of 2 things:
      Zoom in on someone, which is not yet implemented.
      Show lookat names, which is one of those "features" i really like to rage about, short: i think showing lookat names is intrusive to the privacy and in past it caused me alot headache since alot users reported me that people started Drama at them because they "cam'd" around which is absolutely normal in Second Life.

      3. I did not implement Chat Commands since i hate these things, apart from that they are just so obselete and for lazy people. You can set your Draw Distance via DD quickslider in the topbar and you can do GTH via Navbar as example. You don't need every feature thousand times available in every place of the UI.

      4. Indeed i havn't been helpfull the last few weeks because i have been busy doing other stuff. Right now i'm rarely even looking at my own blog or checking SL out since i'm extremly occupied by Skyrim. Also you may or may not have noticed that my previous Viewer called Nirans Viewer is or was in the TPVD list (i think it still is even tho i requested it to be removed long ago since i'm now doing a new Viewer and the old one is getting...old..unsupported...)

    2. You come here, install my Viewer, start it up and use it for 6 minutes which is just enough time to watch the Video running in Login and then login and you're already having such a bad opinion about the Viewer even tho you havn't seen anything nor have you really informed yourself about it. You would have known that Black Dragon is a new Viewer made from scratch (from LL base), you would have known that i don't possess any special coding skills like other Devs do, you would have known that Black Dragon is going into the TPVD list again someday (since Oz is bumping me from time to time to do it), you would have known that i had a previous Viewer called Nirans Viewer which is/was in TPVD list, you would have known that probably 2 of your 3 mentioned features are features from Firestorm i totally disaprove to implement since i want to do a different Viewer and not just a copy of Viewer X, you would have known that i have an inworld Group which is dedicated to help people (mostly its just me helping others since most other users are only in there to get help when they need it) and many other things you would have known...like that i take privacy really serious (hence why i want LL to forbid showing names on lookat beacons) and that i would never "back-door" someone's PC (apart from the fact that i wouldn't even know how since i'm not a good coder)

      To clarify the situation with the uninstaller, as it seems like you are pointing out that it doesn't use a normal installer/uninstaller. This question has gotten often to me and it was always answered the same:

      There is not uninstaller since you don't "install" the Viewer. You just unzip a local copy of my working version which might be the reason it works better than other Viewers for some people and/or worse for some other people than other Viewers, this is also the reason something might go boom because i can accidentally forget to include a file or folder (happened already). For the normal "worst-case-stupid-user" it's somewhat complicated to remove the Viewer completely but basically all you have to do is remove the Cache (Local), Settings (Roaming) and Viewer folder. The reason i chose this type of "installation" is because i'm too lazy to make the real installer work, i also don't like it and this WinRar package gives greater transparency of its containings, anyone can just open it with WinRar and inspect it before actually installing it.

      Last but not least, since i'm here commenting now i can tell everyone this:

      Yes i have been inactive the last few days because (as mentioned above) Skyrim. I have heard your problems and crash reports and i know they exist (i'm experiencing that same object re-attach crash aswell) but i'm currently not working on the Viewer, when i do (will probably start in a few days again) this crash will be first place on my to-do list since i do experience it aswell, until then i recommend using 2.3.6 for most people since it doesn't seem to have that extreme crashy behavior 2.3.7 has.

  5. on other hand he is an anonymous troll... (well, i am anonymous here too but it's due to my lazyness =^.^= cat are lazy).

    you do great so far, Niran and i like your viewer.